Cloud Architect

Actualize Data storage, Data sharing, Data security and Data collaboration
infrastructure transformation with our expertise to deploy and manage the
flexible, scalable and reliable cloud environment.


Our Sharpness In Cloud Setup And Maintenance Is Exclusively For,

SMEs and even large enterprises want to

» Personalize cloud experience
» Deal with business challenges
» Engage more stakeholders

Personalize The Cloud Experience With Preferred Cloud Services And Cloud Service Providers

Cloud Architect for preferred cloud service Cloud Architect for preferred service providers

» IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service):

Get servers, networks, operating systems, and storage through virtualization technology. SyS Creations manages the application, data, runtime, middleware, and OS, which are self-services in IaaS.

» PaaS (Platform as a Service):

Get cloud components to specific software. The third-party vendor manages all servers, storage, and networking.

» SaaS (Software as a Service):

SaaS is the most commonly adopted option by businesses. You get applications through the internet, which are managed by third-party vendors.

We’ve tied up with several cloud service providers such as Google for its Google Cloud Service, Amazon for AWS, Microsoft for Azure to provide you with uninterrupted and top-notch service. If you ever encounter any error, you have to contact us. Our allocated support team will solve it before it gets worse than before.

Deal With Current Business Challenges And Achieve Future Business Goals, Now


Cloud Architect For Current Business Challenges:

» Many manual processes

Employ cloud to turn manual processes into automatic event-based or if/then rules-based processes and cut down the workforce needed to run business.

» Costly infrastructure

Rather than purchasing expensive systems and equipment, use the resources of cloud computing service providers and reduce managing and maintaining costs.

» Data at risk

Cloud offers a way to restore and backup data. It is also an uphill battle for hackers to hack the cloud. Meaning, your data on the cloud is out of harm’s way.

Cloud Architect For Future Business Goals

» Exceptional customer experience

Cloud technology makes a difference in customer experience with its ability to personalize the customer experience along with chatbots and high accessibility.

» Business expansion

Are your bandwidth demands growing? Just increase the cloud capacity without investing in physical infrastructure and accommodate more teammates and customers.

» Outpace rivals

Since a cloud adapts to all new technologies very quickly, you get a competitive edge. By leveraging these technologies before your rivals, you can attract more customers, build a much stronger customer base, and give remarkable customer experience to outpace your competitors.


Engage customers and teammates in business data and business workflows instantly

Cloud Architect For Customers

To let them View

Regardless of the location and device, a user can have instant access to your services.

To let them Buy

With the constant availability of cloud and continuous backup of your data, your service is always online and the customer can be part of the sales life cycle, effortlessly.

To let them Ask

A raised query of the customer can easily be routed to a concerned person, and so, it never manages to slip away unnoticed.

Cloud Architect for teammates

To let them Store

Allow teammates to store all crucial data on a shared and secure location after giving roles-based access.

To let them Share

Teammates can share the data and effective project plans with other stakeholders and collaborate through a secure network.

To let them Study

Your business is no longer dependent on your gut feeling. Generate instant insights from data with a fully-managed analytics platform and make data-driven decisions.

Duties For Us, Cost-Cutting For You


Cloud Strategy

We consider aspirations, business position, and market landscape to draft a personalized cloud strategy for you.

Customer Proposition

We then make you familiar with the desired outcome, 360-degree view of deliverables and customer experience.


Execution Vision

We later set a vision for the execution by taking technology, user-journey, brand value, shared understanding of requirements and objectives into account.

Project Delivery

We stick to the deadlines and are always ready to go the extra mile to deliver the project without delays. We follow the agile value-driven delivery approach to make sure the quality and on-time delivery at the same time.


Customer Experience

We keep an eagle eye on customer feedback and make necessary changes without affecting your day-to-day operations.

FAQs Related Our Cloud Architect Service

What are the benefits of moving to the cloud?

Cost-cutting, high speed, back-up & restore data, automatic software integration, reliability, mobility, and unlimited storage capacity are the benefits of the cloud.

What are the factors should I consider before selecting a cloud service provider?

Customization, security, scalability, compatibility, data recovery and automatic upgrades are the major factors you should consider before selecting a cloud service provider.

What do I get in your Cloud Architect service?

You will get Cloud planning, migration, deployment, training, security and maintenance services through our single Cloud Architect service.

Who will be providing us with your Cloud Architect service?

We’ve tied up with many notable cloud service providers. Through these vendors, we will provide you with our Cloud Architect service.

Can someone hack my cloud?

We host your services and data on reliable cloud networks that are unhackable. However, you have to follow the guideline provided by the vendor.

We are using many Microsoft applications. Can you migrate these to the cloud?

Yes, we can easily migrate Microsoft applications like Skype, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Teams to cloud. With this, you can access MS Office and other Microsoft applications in the web browser.

While migrating to the cloud, will I lose my current data?

No, we understand the importance of the data. And so, we take a backup of your current data and put it on the cloud very precisely.

What kind of data can be stored on the Cloud?

You can store business applications, songs, images, client's data, videos, backups, websites, content and almost everything on the cloud.

I own a lot of data. Can I host it on the cloud?

Yes, the data storage capacity of the cloud is beyond the data you have.

Whom should I contact in case of any error?

We’ll assign a support team exclusively for you. You can anytime contact this support team in case of any error.