If you're fearful of data-loss or cyber attack because your remote and in-house teams are using devices with riskier online behaviour, secure all endpoints with industry-leading tools and manage the OS and apps of each device from a single dashboard.

Get Rid of Endpoint Management & Security Burdens

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Why should you consider Endpoint Security Management Service?

Employees use a laptop, desktop or mobile device to run crucial business operations. A single wrong click from an end-device can result in a severe data-loss event as a device is connected to the IT infrastructure of the company. In fact, endpoints are the cause of almost 70% of breaches. With businesses adopting remote work and BYOD policies, they are losing more control over end-devices.

Case Study : How did we helped telehealth firm decoded HIPAA requirements for mobile app?

Endpoint Security Management Service Offerings

Our 30 years of combined experience makes us aware of the challenges a business can encounter. We curated the endpoint protection service offerings with the highest state of awareness so that we can solve every single endpoint related challenge of small, medium and even large scale businesses.

Managed Next-Gen Firewall

    Device Health Monitoring
    Application Control
    Cloud-Delivered Threat Intelligence
    Patching and Upgrades

Managed Intrusion Prevention System

    Real-Time Traffic Scanning
    Dropping the Malicious Packets
    Blocking Traffic
    Automated Prevention Actions

Managed Endpoint Protection

    App Whitelisting/Blacklisting
    Endpoint Compliance
    Patch Management
    Incident Response

Antivirus Management

    Antivirus Software Deployment
    Scheduled Security Scans
    Signature and Software Updates
    License/Vendor Management

Reasons to Count on Us

We work with both SMEs and large enterprises. Both of them experience almost the same IT challenges but at different scales which requires a different delivery approach for the same solution. We’ve mastered multi-model solution delivery to help all businesses regardless of their business position.

Employee-Centric Solution


We do not add unnecessary policies to ensure that our endpoint protection solution does not affect the productivity of employees.

Voice/Video/Chat Support


We form a dedicated support team for you. Our support team helps you solve queries & errors in your preferred method and time.

Extensive Vendor Choice


We’ve tied up with many endpoint management & security solution providers. Thus, you can select your preferred solution provider.

Automation in Core


We don’t leave any repetitive tasks such as reporting on the team as automation increases productivity and reduces the possibilities of errors.


With several industry-leading tools and platforms, our service delivery team is managing a few thousand end-user devices. We majorly serve in healthcare, banking, IT, manufacturing, real estate and retail industries.

It helps an organization avoid cyber-attacks, data loss, system downtime and poor employee productivity. In other words, it saves the operating cost of an organization.

We have expertise in data backup and recovery. Our team can effortlessly restore your lost data, find the cause and make sure that you won’t encounter any data-loss event in future.

We’re a managed service provider. Meaning, we do not only deploy the solutions but also manage and maintain it so that you can focus more on your core business.

It includes activities and best practices to keep all end-devices updated and running, securely.

We have tied up with several computer and mobile device providers. Through them, we can acquire, configure, deploy and manage all hardware your team requires.

It does not affect the device performance. But users cannot access the website or download an application if it is blacklisted by the end-device security solution.

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