Custom Enterprise-class FoIP Service

With our knowledgeable team of FoIP Specialists and their resourcefulness
in leveraging ultra-modern FoIP solutions, revolutionize the transmission of
information through secure and lighting-fast faxes. We make a fax HIPAA,
HCISPP compliant and customize FoIP solutions according to your business
workflows to facilitate you to accelerate productivity and cost-saving by
dropping unnecessary efforts and hardware.

40+ organizations and their 30000+ stakeholders are interacting with our
deployed FoIP solutions.

With our Custom Enterprise-class FoIP solution,

  • Each organization is saving an average of 58 hours a day.
  • Each organization is saving an average of $2450 a month.

Escalate productivity with our Custom Enterprise-class FoIP service

The same FoIP solution doesn’t work for every business. Thus, we cognize the workflows of the business and customize the FoIP according to business requirements and infrastructure so that companies can derive maximum benefits from FoIP.


Business hours-based and concerned person-based fax routing

Our custom FoIP solution cuts the efforts of the employees by automatically saving faxes to a suitable location (a site folder or a user folder) after considering the site, business hours and concerned person.

For instance, if you receive a fax after your working hours, the fax is stored in a dedicated folder. (We integrate many such rare fax routing features in your FoIP system with our proficiency in Python scripting.)

A centralized fax solution for all your geographically distributed sites

With our FoIP solution which links all your remote sites with each other, you can effortlessly send and receive faxes from any of your sites. A centralized FoIP solution also provides you with instant access to faxes any of your sites have received and sent.

Zero downtime

We host your FoIP solution on the most reliable and secure cloud where continuous backup and easy recovery are the most common yet very pivotal features. With constant backup and secure recovery options, your data is very safe, and you will experience no downtime. Meaning, you can work ceaselessly toward achieving your business goals without distressing about data.

Save infrastructure and maintenance costs with our Custom Enterprise-class FoIP service

Though FoIP is by default cost-effective business faxing solution, we make sure that we customize and deploy a FoIP solution in such a way that it delivers excellent ROI.

Discard any hardware dependency

There is no need to buy and configure costly hardware as the whole FoIP system runs mainly on software virtualization technology. This technology allows different virtual machines to run on a single host computer. It is known for the most effective way to reduce IT expenses.

Proactive maintenance

You do not need to hire a workforce and pay them the hefty amount to maintain the FoIP system as we are committed to providing proactive support and maintenance service through dedicated experts.


How does FoIP work?

FoIP is nothing but the method of sending faxes over the internet. In FoIP, the transmitted data avoids the circuit-switched telephone line and reaches the destination through a packet-switched network. This method reduces the cost of transmission dramatically.

FoIP is nothing but the method of sending faxes over the internet. In FoIP, the transmitted data avoids the circuit-switched telephone line and reaches the destination through a packet-switched network. This method reduces the cost of transmission dramatically.

What are the benefits of FoIP?

  • FoIP eliminates the fax boards.
  • It reduces fax telephony costs.
  • Since FoIP runs on software virtualization technology, it reduces hardware and energy costs.
  • Fax routing feature in FoIP saves faxes straight to the concerned person's workstation, which abolishes unnecessary efforts of employees.
  • Data in FoIP is secure and easily accessible.
  • You can send faxes through the computer, and even mobile phones from anywhere in the world.
  • Admin can painlessly know the source and the taken actions on the faxes, thanks to the advanced event log feature.

Industries which can derive benefits from FoIP Solution

Regardless of the industry you serve, our FoIP Specialists customize and leverage FoIP solution that delights your business goals and makes you send and receive faxes instantly and securely. However, we have supplied our Custom Enterprise-class FoIP solution more to the following industries than other industries.


Real estate





Linking FoIP with VoIP - is it possible?

The FoIP setup has many parities with the VoIP setup. You can even send faxes using the VoIP server. However, a VoIP server doesn’t automatically accommodate the functionalities of FoIP as fax requires more bandwidth than voice. So, it requires modifications. By installing software and customizing the VoIP setup, we can enable a VoIP server to accommodate the functionalities of FoIP.


Putting your existing fax machines to good use,

Our FoIP solution supports conventional fax machines too.

We are in existence intending to help businesses reduce operating costs, and we uphold it in our every service, including FoIP.

To use FoIP, we do not ask you to buy a new fax machine. If you already have traditional fax machines called 3G, we will deploy a FoIP solution that supports that machine. Such a fax machine transfers data over the Internet using gateways between phone lines and the Internet

But when you want to skip the phone lines altogether, you have to buy an IP fax machine. In the IP fax machine, the transmission cost is negligible. Moreover, it is much faster than traditional fax machines as the data is transferred entirely via broadband channels.

Our 3 commitments enabling you to save $3 every 3 minute

Our FoIP solution supports conventional fax machines too.

We, being the top FoIP service provider in Canada, bind ourselves to real commitments and follow-through. We are always in a fit state to go the extra mile for our clients and bail them out from any unexpected and deep-rooted business challenge. The following are our top 3 commitments to every business to not only aid businesses to get out of unprofitable state but aid businesses to save a heap of money, every minute, every day.

Pre-deployment consultation: We solve every query you have. We comprehend your requirements and make you familiar with the most suitable and budget-friendly solution and its outcome.

Deployment: We customize the solution, leverage its technology and make it a perfect fit for your business. We precisely deploy the solution without affecting your day-to-day operations and historical data. We train you and assist you to go through the system transition phase effectively.

After-deployment maintenance: We proactively maintain the deployed solution for uninterrupted service. We also keep an eagle eye on the performance of the solution and update it if necessary.


FAQs related FoIP service in Canada

Can I keep my current fax number in FoIP?

Yes, you can keep your current fax number and make the transition smooth and seamless.

Can I send faxes from mobile or tablet?

If you have access, you can easily send faxes from mobile and tablet.

Who will provide us with your FoIP service?

Through our reliable vendors, we provide you with our FoIP service.

Whom should I contact if I encounter any error?

We assign a dedicated support team for you. You can anytime contact our support team if you encounter any error.

Are my faxes secure?

Faxes remain confidential and private as we use cloud services armed with multi-level security mechanisms to host the FoIP system. Faxes transferred over the internet follow all standards and best practices that provide more security.

What is fax routing?

Fax routing can be set based on time, person, and site-wise. For example, if you receive a fax out of your office hours, our routing technique allows your faxes to save straight to the concerned person's workstation.

Can I connect EMR with FoIP?

Yes, we have already linked EMR with FoIP for many of our clients. For our one of the clients who owns 8 sites across Canada, we have implemented FoIP solution in such a way that 1) FoIP connects to EMR, 2) Faxed documents are automatically attached to patient charts, 3) ‘New patient’ referrals are left untouched in the site folder, 4) Users can easily set document folder to point to their default fax storage folder.