Healthcare Compliance Consulting

Avoid healthcare compliance violation fines and protect health information.

Top PHIPA compliance, PIPEDA legislation, and HIPAA compliance consultant assisting
healthcare organizations, healthcare-focused IT firms, and startups to protect the privacy
of individuals’ medical information and quickly adopt new technologies to enhance the
quality and efficiency of patient care.

Understanding HIPAA, PHIPA, PIPEDA Canada

The federal government and state governments have imposed privacy laws in Canada and the USA to govern the collection, use, and disclosure of personal health information.


Applicable only in the USA, HIPAA establishes a national standard for safeguarding the medical information stored or shared in electronic form.


PIPEDA is one of the top Canadian privacy laws. Imposed by the Canadian federal government, PIPEDA Canada applies to all organizations that collect, use, and disclose personal information only during commercial activities.


Imposed by the Ontario state government as a privacy act Ontario, PHIPA applies to only healthcare organizations that collect, use, and disclose personal health information whether or not during commercial activities.

How does SyS Creations help with healthcare compliance?

Due to disastrous data breaches, OCR investigation, and mandatory annual security risk assessments, healthcare entities are massively keen on the concept of HIPAA compliance consulting and Canadian privacy laws.

Aiding healthcare entities as well as healthcare-focused IT companies, SyS Creations brilliantly acts as the managed service provider for,

SyS Creations Impact

When you are with SyS Creations

While our healthcare compliance experts are busy in architecture and legal work, your developers can focus on the apps’ clinical aspects and bring their innovation in UI, analytics, and workflow.

Putting technical and non-technical methods at the front, our healthcare compliance experts easily prepare security policies and procedures relevant to HIPAA rules.

You are more focused on core admin activities as our healthcare compliance experts look after all legal documentation.

You save hiring, training, and management costs by letting experts track, manage, and investigate the data breach incidents.

When you are on your own

Developers engage in architecture and legal work for healthcare compliance and interoperability overshoot the deadline and exceed the budget.

You spend extensive time with no defined goals to prepare security policies & procedures relevant to HIPAA, PHIPA, and PIPEDA rules.

You increase administrative burdens and costs to prepare and manage HIPAA documentation, PHIPA, PIPEDA training, staff legal attestation, annual reviews of policies, etc.

You hire, train, and manage the costly resources to track, manage, and investigate data breach incidents.

SyS Creations skillset - beyond healthcare compliance consulting

Our 6 years old ambition to facilitate healthcare entities to enrich patient care by leveraging technologies has intensified our skillset. We support the largest selection of infrastructure technologies and tools.



How are we supporting our customers and communities in Canada and the USA to develop healthcare applications?

We are neither limited to HIPAA compliance consulting nor limited to healthcare app development. With a well-versed team of business experts, legal advisors, app developers, app designers, software engineers, network engineers, and security experts, we push the boundaries of a typical healthcare-focused IT company.

We work closely with entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals to develop healthcare solutions while addressing top healthcare challenges. We also assist nursing homes, hospitals and small clinics to adopt new technologies.

Recently, we deployed the top virtual healthcare solution in an LTC home to streamline resident care. We even have set up network infrastructure in an LTC home remotely during COVID-19.

Why should healthcare organizations execute digital health transformation with the cloud?

The cloud plays a major role in digital health transformation. Its on-demand nature has made it the most preferred data infrastructure of healthcare organizations and startups.

Cloud enables healthcare organizations and startups to expand business potential and improve patient care through modern, streamlined, and digital workflows.

The cloud also allows healthcare providers to reduce administrative tasks, enhance security, achieve interoperability, and focus more on serving customers instead of managing infrastructure.

How much do HIPAA violations cost?

Based on the level of negligence level, the HIPAA violations cost between $100 to $50,000 per violation or per record.

How much do PHIPA violations cost?

If an individual violates PHIPA, he can be liable for a fine up to $100,000, while an organization can be liable for a fine up to $500,000.

Do you provide app development companies with healthcare compliance consulting?

Yes, we provide healthcare compliance consulting or HIPAA compliance consulting to app development companies as well as startups to enable them to focus more on app features and customer delight rather than legal norms.

Is Google Hangouts HIPAA compliant?

Google Hangouts is the HIPAA compliant video conferencing app that is suitable to use in healthcare entities. Not only Google Hangouts, but Microsoft Teams is also HIPAA compliant.

Why is it important to comply with HIPAA?

A healthcare organization stores and shares many crucial patient information which can be an easy target of cybercriminals. HIPAA was established to ensure the privacy and security of patients’ personal information. A digital healthcare solution that isn’t HIPAA compliant is considered as a vulnerable solution.

What information does HIPAA/PHIPA/PIPEDA protect?

HIPAA/PHIPA/PIPEDA protects a name, phone number, email address, social security number, medical record number, health insurance beneficiary number, account number, biometric identifiers, and full-face photographic images.

What are the privacy laws in Ontario?

In addition to PHIPA which applies to healthcare entities, Ontario has the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA).

What is PIPEDA?

PIPEDA stands for Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. It governs how private sector organizations collect, use and disclose personal information during commercial business

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