Whether you are looking for a one-on-one meeting with a virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) or an expert IT guide to accelerating your journey to the digital enterprise, our team of IT consultants prepare a comprehensive & custom roadmap to simplify budget planning and IT solution discovery & implementation.

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Why should you consider IT Consultation Service?

IT systems are complex, so do the IT challenges. These IT challenges do not only affect the day-to-day operations of the businesses but throw businesses many years behind. To avoid losing the market, businesses need to quickly discover suitable technologies and implement them to derive long-term benefits. Businesses planning to scale up the IT infrastructure or join on the digital transformation journey also require expert IT advice and custom roadmap to implementation. IT consultants enable businesses to get access to specialized skill sets that might not exist in the house. These highly specialized people work with the simple aim to solve your IT challenges within your budget!

Case Study : How did we helped telehealth firm decoded HIPAA requirements for mobile app?

IT Consultation Service Offerings

Our 30 years of combined experience makes us aware of the IT challenges a business can encounter. We curated the IT consultation service offerings with the highest state of awareness so that we can solve every single IT challenge of small, medium and even large scale businesses.

Virtual CIO

    One-On-One Meeting with CIO
    Computer Technology Consultation
    IT Management/Execution Consultation
    Suitable Technology Selection

Strategic IT Planning

    IT-Related Decision Making
    SWOT Analysis
    IT Framework Designing
    IT Budget Planning

Project Management

    IT Team Leadership and Mentorship
    Project Budget/Risk Management
    Timeline Establishment & Tracking
    Controlling Quality of Deliverables

Software Development

    Machine Learning Consultation
    Robotics Process Automation Consultation
    Artificial Intelligence Consultation
    IoT Systems Consultation

Mobile App Development

    iOS App Development
    Android App Development
    Flutter App Development
    Healthcare App Development

Knowledge Transfer

    Staff Training & IT Skills Assessment
    Training on New Markets
    Global Innovations and Collaboration
    Business Trends & Forecasting

IT Support & Staffing

    IT Staffing Augmentation
    Short Term/Long Term Staffing
    Senior Talent Acquisition
    Level 2/3 Support Engineers

Enterprise Mobility

    Intellectual Property Management
    Mobile Device Management
    Mobile Security
    IT Inventory Control

Reasons to Count on Us

We work with both SMEs and large enterprises. Both of them experience almost the same IT challenges but at different scales which requires different levels of IT knowledge for the same IT challenge. We’ve gained holistic IT knowledge to help all businesses regardless of their business position.

Dedicated Experts


We can solve your IT challenges more accurately and proactively as each of us has dedicated skills and responsibilities.

Results-Centric Approach


We do not only guide you through IT complexities but make you aware of the results you would get with the selected approach.

Tested & Trusted Solutions


We don't experiment with your business. Every IT solution and approach we suggest you is tested and trusted.

Comprehensive Guide


In addition to guiding you verbally, we prepare an extensive document with an effective implementation guide.


IT consultation is the foundation of all services. To all customers we serve, we welcome them with insightful IT consultation. In the last 6 years, we’ve worked with many Canadian businesses and saved their thousands of productivity hours (which ultimately reduced their spending) with insightful consultation.

We arrange a one-on-one virtual meeting. We even visit your site. And we even draft the IT strategy plan.

Though we are limitless, we solve cloud, server, collaboration, communication, management, staffing, app & development, robotic process automation and networking-related problems.

We are a full-fledged IT management and consulting firm. IT consulting is just one of our services. With our other services, we deploy IT solutions to solve your IT challenges. You can access the list of our other services here.

We accommodate a dedicated team of healthcare compliance professionals who can help you understand different healthcare laws and ways to develop a HIPAA/PHIPA compliant healthcare app. To know more, please visit our dedicated page.

You cannot only speed up but automate the repeating processes with robotic process automation. Visit our dedicated page to know more.

An IT security consultant assesses your whole IT infrastructure, discovers the vulnerabilities, selects the security solutions and guides IT teams to implement those security solutions. He also prepares the security policy to be followed at the company level and ensures security compliance.

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