IT Consulting in Toronto: Busting the Myths of IT Consultation

IT Consulting in Toronto: Busting the Myths of IT Consultation
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We’re Ontario-based one of the top IT management and consulting firms that practice cutting-edge technologies and accommodate Canada’s top IT experts. 

In the previous blogs, we have shared our IT services in Toronto and IT support in Toronto

In this blog, we will reveal our IT consulting in Toronto and also bust the myths related to IT consultation. 

Need for the IT consultation

Scenario 1: You are an old-school business. 

According to our most experienced IT expert, you are called an old-school business if you are performing more than 60% of your business processes manually or in an offline manner. 

When an old-school business decides to modernize their business operations, they need to adopt technologies and IT solutions. 

However, not all technologies and IT solutions are a perfect fit for all kinds of businesses. Choosing the wrong technology and IT solution not only costs you high but severely affects the already established market position. 

Here is where an IT consulting firm plays its role. It studies your business state & market condition, understands your current & future business goals, considers your budget and prepares an accurate plan for best technology solution selection and implementation.

Scenario 2: You are a modernized business.

A modernized business runs its business with a proper IT infrastructure which includes network, cloud, security solutions, automation, servers, and communication technologies.  

With every new market trend and business growth, even modernized business needs to upgrade its IT infrastructure.  And whenever they need to upgrade their IT infrastructure, many new IT-related problems pop up due to newly available technologies and challenges. 

IT consultants help modernized businesses to carry out technology assessments in order to find the most suitable technology, plan the implementation strategy and strategy to get high ROI and low total cost of ownership. They also solve business operation related problems with the brilliant use of technology to increase business productivity and efficiency.

Our IT consulting service in Toronto

The following are some of the major IT areas where we can help you with IT consulting in Toronto. 

1. Cloud Consulting Service: 

Whether you are looking for a consultation to deploy a cloud infrastructure or upgrade your existing infrastructure, we not only provide you with consultation but implement the cloud solution and maintain it. 

Our cloud consulting service includes, but is not limited to 

  • Cloud Infrastructure Planning 
  • Cloud Delivery Model Selection (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • Cloud Platform Selection (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud)
  • Cloud Deployment Strategy 
  • Cloud Migration Strategy 
  • Cloud Upgradation Roadmap 
  • Cloud Security Solutions 

2. Network Consulting Service

If you are planning to deploy an enterprise-level wired or wireless network, facing any issue in existing network infrastructure or planning to upgrade a small-office network to enterprise network, we can consult you, deploy the network and even provide 24/7 network support. 

Our network consulting service includes, but is not limited to

  • Network Assessment 
  • Network Troubleshooting 
  • Network Planning 
  • Network Hardware Selection 
  • Network Floor Plan Creation 
  • Network Deployment 
  • Network Upgradation 
  • 24/7 Network Support 

3. Server Consulting Service 

Whether you are looking for expert advice on server selection, migration & security or an instant help to fix server performance-related issues, our dedicated server engineers can guide you through server complexities and implement the server solutions. 

Our server consulting service includes, but is not limited to 

  • Server Planning 
  • Server Migration 
  • Server Maintenance 
  • Server Monitoring 
  • Server Performance Checking 
  • Server  Performance Tuning 

4. Strategic IT Planning 

If you are about to modernize your business but not sure about the right technology and ways to implement and sustain it, our most experienced IT experts can guide you from IT selection to execution. 

Strategic IT Planning includes, but is not limited to 

  • IT-Related Decision Making 
  • SWOT Analysis 
  • IT Budget Planning 
  • IT Solution Implementation Planning 
  • IT Framework Designing
  • IT Management Planning 

5. IT Project Management Consulting Service 

If you want to avoid the most common and rare goof-ups in the ongoing or future project, our IT leadership team can consult your teams to ensure the on-time project delivery within the budget. 

 Our IT project management consulting service includes, but is not limited to 

  • IT Team Mentorship 
  • Project Budget Planning 
  • Risk Identification and Management
  • Timeline Establishment and Tracking 
  • Controlling Quality of Deliverables 

6. Software Development Consulting Service 

If you are a development firm, startup, or enterprise and struggling with cutting-edge software development technologies, our well-versed team of software engineers solve each of your queries and even show you the ways to integrate those technologies in the software. 

Our software development consulting service includes, but is not limited to 

  • Machine Learning Consultation & Implementation 
  • Robotic Process Automation Consultation & Implementation 
  • Artificial Intelligence Consultation & Implementation 
  • IoT System Consultation & Implementation
  • AR/VR  Consultation & Implementation

7. Mobile App Development Consulting Service  

Regardless of the app category, our business experts and app developers help you study the market, prepare the feature set, choose the right development technology & platform, draft marketing plan, decide on the business model, and even develop the app while meeting all government requirements especially in the case of healthcare app. 

Our mobile app development consulting service includes, but is not limited to, 

Busting the myths of IT consultation 

  • IT consultants only provide consultation on the phone. 
  • Consultation on the phone is one of their consultation delivery models. They even provide on-site consultation and prepare a comprehensive document to make your understanding more clear. 
  • IT consultants charge you based on your number of questions and question complexities. 
  • IT consultants charge you on an hourly basis, like all other professionals in Canada. The number of questions and question complexities do not influence the consulting fee. 
  • IT consultants only provide you with a solution to the problem. They do not help you implement the solution itself. 
  • IT consulting firms are equipped with IT implementation and support engineers. Thus, they implement the solution and provide support too. 
  • IT consultants provide you with a temporary solution that stops letting you derive benefits after a certain time. 
  • IT consultants consider your current and future business goals. Their only aim is to let you get high ROI and experience a low cost of ownership with a future-ready solution. 

Our IT consulting is impactful. 

IT consulting is the foundation of our many other services. Through IT consulting, we do not only solve our clients’ IT challenges but promote transparency as we make them familiar with the outcome even before executing the solution. 

We’ve enabled many Canadian businesses to decode IT complexities and grow beyond it. 

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