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Meet IT Needs at Company And Individual Level

Businesses deploy IT resources at a large scale and build a robust IT infrastructure. But they struggle to meet common or smallest IT needs at the individual level. The most workable approach here is to build IT infrastructure at the individual level, satisfying the IT needs of all team members to meet IT needs at the company level.

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Whether you are planning to redirect your efforts put on IT asset acquisition and management to your core business, or planning to ease management & maintenance pains related to operating systems, database servers, and applications, we work as the full-strength IT department for your business goals.

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Why should you consider IT Infrastructure Service?


From HR operations to customer onboarding operations, IT infrastructure plays a crucial role. According to Oxford Economics, 7 out of 10 organizations believe that IT infrastructure allows them to gain competitive advantages and optimize business performance. However, there are multiple challenges associated with IT infrastructure setup and even more challenges at IT infrastructure management as an IT infrastructure consists of multiple components. A dedicated monitoring team is also required to get out an IT component from a failing state. This eventually increases the IT budget with no firm assurance for high uptime. IT infrastructure experts set up and manage the IT infrastructure without wasting any resources like an in-house team.

SyS Creations IT Infrastructure Service Offerings

Our 30 years of combined experience makes us aware of the challenges a business can encounter. We curated the IT infrastructure service offerings with the highest state of awareness so that we can solve every single IT challenge of businesses.


IT Management

Design & Deployment of New IT Systems

IT System Performance Monitoring

Define IT infrastructure Strategy

Hardware/Software Troubleshooting


Workstation Management

Endpoints Assessment

Hardware/Software Installation

Vendor Management

24/7 Dedicated Support


Structured Wiring

Structured Media Centre Setup

Data & Voice Cabling

Copper & Fiber Optic Cable Plants

Data Centres & Data Networks Setup


24/7 Remote Monitoring

24x7 Expert Monitoring

Proactive Threat Response

Multi-Device Support

Automatic Alarm Notification


Operating System Updates and Patches

Endpoints Operating System Updation

Servers Operating System Updation

Legal Licences Management

Security Assessment/Execution


System Administration

Hardware/Software Technical Support

Constant IT System Monitoring

Ongoing Data Backup Practice

Firewalls, Databases Administration


Technology Assessments and Planning

Current Operational Policies Evaluation

New/Existing Technology Assessment

Technology Implementation Planning

ROI Measurement and High ROI Strategy


Complete Reporting

Weekly IT Ticketing Status

Monthly IT Resource Reporting

Quarterly IT Challenges Reporting

Yearly Technology ROI Reporting

Reasons to Count on Us

We work with both SMEs and large enterprises. Both of them experience almost the same IT challenges but at different scales which requires a different delivery approach for the same solution. We’ve mastered multi-model solution delivery to help all businesses regardless of their business position.

Committed to Quality

Good communication, excellence, and industry best practices are our trusted tactics to deliver results with quality.

Experts Only

We aren’t a new kid to block. Each team member of our team has earned expertise in his most-loved technology.

15-Min Response

Customer support is our ultimate goal. Our support team acts professionally and rapidly in the event of an error.

Focus on Innovation

We prepare a custom delivery and support approach and customize the solutions to make it innovative and personalized.


What are the IT infrastructure components?
Hardware devices, software tools or applications, networking devices, operating systems, data centres are top IT infrastructure components. You can deploy IT infrastructure on the premise or in the cloud.
Why should my Canada-based business use IT infrastructure service?
You should use IT infrastructure service to set up IT infrastructure and maintain it proactively without having an in-house IT team and without spending huge on resources.
What are some questions to ask the IT infrastructure partner?
Getting the right IT infrastructure partner is very crucial for your business. Thus, you should ask many questions such as, How long have they been in the industry? What kind and what size of clients do they work with. Do they have any specializations? What do they offer that makes them different from the others? And, do they provide support after IT infrastructure deployment?
How much does IT infrastructure service cost?
IT infrastructure requirements for all businesses are different so does IT infrastructure service. Meaning, when there is no fixed IT infrastructure service, we simply cannot estimate the IT infrastructure service cost. The easiest way here to know the cost is to share the requirements and ask for the quote.
Do you provide endpoint hardware support? And what does endpoint hardware support include?
With an aim to simplify your vendor management, we provide endpoint hardware support which includes hardware assessment, hardware delivery, hardware configuration, installation and support.
What are the roles of a system administrator?
A system administrator has major three roles.
  • Installation and configuration of software, hardware and networks.
  • Monitoring system performance and troubleshooting issues.
  • Ensuring the security of IT infrastructure.
What are the industries you serve?
Though we are limitless, we mainly serve healthcare, real estate and manufacturing industries.
What was your most recent project for IT infrastructure service?
Let’s call it the ‘ongoing project.’ After successfully deploying robust IT infrastructure which consists of the data centre, EMR/PMS server, secure networking and hardware devices such as computers, printers, IP phones for a Canada-based LTC pharmacy, we have been providing them with remote IT support. You can read the full case study here.

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