On-Demand IT Support in Toronto to Be Two Steps Ahead of System Outage

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IT experts compare IT systems with the human body for a reason – complexity. And unfortunately, every complex thing is meant to show errors, in most cases, surprisingly! 

Not only a poorly planned and deployed IT system, but a precisely planned and deployed IT system can anytime show the errors. Such unexpected errors affect business continuity, productivity and customer/client satisfaction very severely. 

The only hope is the IT support team. However, IT support is a costly choice unless you choose the right approach. The most popular approaches to have an IT support team are in-house and on-demand. Let’s first compare both of these approaches. 

In-House IT Support vs On-Demand IT Support

In-House IT SupportOn-Demand IT Support
Cost It costs much higher to hire, train and manage the in-house  IT support engineers. It is the most affordable choice as you are only liable for the fee of support service from experts and not their hiring, training and management costs. 
Service Quality Service quality is inconsistent as they lack experience and require proper training. Service quality is superior as they are IT support experts and trusted by many other business owners like you. 
Response Time Response time is within 5-minute as it is the in-house IT support team. Many IT support service providers in Toronto offer a 5-minute response to errors. 
ROI It does not guarantee a high and quick ROI. You will get ROI within hours or days as they act quickly & professionally and do not eat up your resources. 

Our IT Support Engineers Keep Your Whole IT Infrastructure Running, Uninterrupted! 

An IT infrastructure which is the backbone of your business is made out of many IT systems. What makes it a complex task to solve errors of these IT systems is the fact that they all show different errors and it requires different expertise to solve these errors. This is the reason why we offer IT support in Toronto with a full-strength team.  

  • Hardware Support 

Hardware support team regularly checks the performance of each hardware device including PCs, laptops, printers, and IP phones. If they find failing hardware, they coordinate with hardware vendors and either repair it or replace it without affecting your day-to-day operations. 

  • Network Support 

A dedicated network support team setups network monitoring tool and analyzes the real-time network data gathered from the network monitoring tool. If they find any unusual behaviour, they quickly find the cause of it and fix the issue. 

The network support team also acts on the alerts the network monitoring tool generates. To increase the response time, they configure the network monitoring tool in such a way that the tool automatically sends them the alert in case of unexpected events. 

  • Cloud Support 

The cloud support team has mastered cloud migration and management. According to your request, the team either scale up the cloud infrastructure or scale it down rapidly. The team also ensures the cloud security and solves your any query related to the cloud. The cloud support team can provide support for a hybrid cloud as well. 

  • Server Support 

The server is the most complex component of the IT infrastructure. But the server support team eliminates its complexities by detecting and solving server errors proactively. This results in high data availability. They also address the server security needs and issues to avoid disaster. 

Choose Your Preferred IT Support Delivery Approach In  Toronto 

Considering the different needs and budgets of different enterprises, we offer multiple IT support service delivery approaches. 

  • Urgent IT Support (Remote)

To solve single or multiple errors urgently, you can call us anytime on +1 905 635 7574 and one of our IT support specialists will guide you on the phone. 

  • Urgent IT Support (On-Premises) 

If it is not feasible to solve your IT problem on call, we drive to your location for on-premises IT support. Our headquarter is an hour’s drive away from downtown Toronto. 

  • On-Demand Support (Remote) 

You can seek expert support on-demand and the IT expert guides you on the call. This approach is most suitable for businesses that need to have IT support experts beside them all the time but have a limited budget. 

  • On-Demand Support (On-Premises)

If you encounter any major system error, you can ask support experts for on-premises support and pay a single time fee. This is the most affordable on-premises IT support approach. 

  • Ongoing IT Support (Remote) 

You can hire a dedicated support team that provides you with ongoing support remotely. It is like having a virtual IT support team, fully dedicated to your business.  

  • Ongoing IT Support (On-Premises) 

Large organizations can hire a dedicated support team that provides proactive on-site IT support. This delivery approach ensures the fastest ever response time.

These Are the Guaranteed Benefits: 

We offer result-oriented IT support services in Toronto. Meaning, we share the results you would get out of our efforts before putting the efforts! 

  • Minimum Downtime 

Our support engineers work with the ultimate aim to reduce downtime by more than 90%. They go the extra mile to solve your system error and keep our word!

  • Reduced Cost 

We let you get rid of accommodating your own IT support team which is a costly choice than switching to on-demand IT support service providers. 

  • High Productivity 

Needless to say that staff having a seamlessly working IT system can work productively than staff having a slow or crashed IT system.  

  • Avoidance of Security Breaches

Our IT support team does not only aim to keep your system uptime high, but they also aim to keep your IT system safe. They identify IT system risks and implement risk mitigation techniques. 

  • Remote Monitoring 

Without affecting your day-to-day operations and without eating up your resources, our IT support team remotely monitors your IT systems, thanks to precisely deployed IT sensors that alert team admin in case of an error. 

We Have Saved More Than 20000 Productivity Hours of Canadian Businesses! 

Whether you are looking for IT support in Toronto or IT services to deploy the network, cloud infrastructure and business collaboration infrastructure, we satisfy all of your IT needs with a full-strength team. 

Our team accommodates hardware technicians, software engineers, network engineers, security experts, cloud specialists, business analysts and compliance consultants. 

Many Canadian businesses are deriving multiple financial and operational benefits from our versatile team. You can validate it by reading our case studies.  

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