' IT solutions and services for manufacturing companies in Canada

IT solutions and services for manufacturing companies in

Optimize operational processes, accelerate production cycle, reduce labour
costs, and shape new business models with automation, intelligent tools,
and connected ecosystem.

When it comes to moving toward Industry 4.0, IT solutions and services are more meaningful.

Digitization of manufacturing, machine intelligence, and rich data storage are the first a few steps to move toward Industry 4.0. Smart factories, minimum labour, automatic orders, advanced goods tracking, and the easiest raw material discovery are within the bounds of possibilities in Industry 4.0.

With groundbreaking IT solutions and services, SyS Creations enables businesses to implement changes today to prepare for the future where data will lead the business profitability.

Forming a result-oriented alliance with industry-leaders

IT solutions and services for manufacturing companies in Canada

We design and set up a robust IT infrastructure to streamline the result-driven business processes from raw material ordering to production to delivery of produced goods. We aim to make smart machines smarter to make them less wasteful.

IT solutions for the manufacturing companies to be Industry 4.0 compliance

Mobile supply chain system:

Through a cloud-based mobile app, make every raw material and produced goods you have in the warehouse trackable. Keep an eagle eye on the remaining stock. Never do end-time hustle to get raw material ready for the production team.

Smart order management system

Keep a step ahead of the production cycle. Order goods and raw materials automatically or manually from the centralized system. Track every order and plan production cycle according to it to avoid any unexpected and costly delays.

Winning production strategies

Make data-driven decisions. Forecast the demand and do not pile up the unsold goods. Allocate only required workforce on each stage of production. Analyze the performance of the production units and find ways to enhance performance.

Control field service operations

Give access to connected machinery to field engineers but control and manage their activities. Enable them to observe and alter machine performance remotely. Change access anytime, easily.

AR-based remote assistance tool

In case of machine failure, do not halt operations until technicians visit your site. Collaborate with remote technicians through interactive live streaming to solve errors your machines are showing within minutes.

IT services for manufacturing companies to address challenges of Industry 4.0

Challenge: A secure network and connection to other sites

Our Service as Solution: Network engineering

Create a secure virtual workplace where all of your employees and stakeholders can share and store data of operations and stock. VPN lets you establish a secure connection with other sites. And firewall safeguards your whole network.

Challenge: Fast application response rate, easy data storage, and sharing

Our Service as Solution: Cloud Setup

Ensure the high availability of data. Reduce the system downtime by hosting all connected machinery and business software on the cloud.

Challenge: Keep all stakeholders in the communication loop

Our Service as Solution: VoIP

Store contact details of all your partnered businesses, employees, technicians at one place. Place and receive calls from anywhere on the earth through mobile phones, telephones, and even computers. Route incoming calls to the concerned person automatically or manually.

Challenge: Send/receive faxes having confidential details securely

Our Service as Solution: FoIP

Receive and send bills, quotes, images through Internet-enabled fax, securely. Advanced routing feature saves the faxes directly to the concerned person’s folder and saves many productivity hours.

Challenge: Prevent unauthorized users from accessing data, connected machinery

Our Service as Solution: Security As a Service

Deploy a zero-trust security model to make sure no unauthorized user can get access to connected machinery, business software, and business data.

A free tool can save your millions - AR-based Remote Assistance tool (Free till 30th April 2020)

An AR-based remote assistance tool which you can use from a mobile phone, tablet, and smart glasses turns your surrounding into an interactive realm. With the AR-based Remote Assistance tool, you can connect to remote technicians and share your machine surroundings which helps them to understand the error. They can later guide you visually with 3D Annotations to solve the errors quickly.

You can also utilize the AR-based Remote Assistance tool to provide instant remote support service for your products. This tool reduces travel time and travel costs significantly.

Considering the current situation created by COVID-19, we are making this tool available for free of cost till 30th April 2020.

  • Work faster
  • Solve your facility’s floor problems
  • Cut down on maintenance time and cost
  • Train staff more effectively
  • Minimize the production downtime

Check out the FAQs

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 refers to a new phase in the Industrial Revolution that focuses heavily on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data.

What do we need to make our manufacturing business an Industry 4.0 compliance?

Industry 4.0 puts emphasis on data, connected machinery, and smart manufacturing. To actualize this, you first need different software and hardware which establish a connection with machinery and collect its data. And to support these software and hardware, you need proper IT infrastructure which includes cloud, network, and cybersecurity.

Will you help us to modernize my small scale manufacturing business?

Regardless of the scale, SyS Creations modernizes all manufacturing businesses.

Who will provide us with your services?

Through our trusted vendors, SyS Creations will provide you with IT solutions and services for manufacturing companies.

Whom should we contact if we encounter any error?

We form a dedicated support team. You can anytime contact this team if you encounter an error.

What are the future trends of the manufacturing industry?

Connected machinery, machine intelligence, real-time data, and remote & smart diagnosis are the top future trends of the manufacturing industry.

How can we get your free AR-based remote assistance tool?

You can download the mobile app from the Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore, but to use it, you’ll need credentials which we will provide you once you provide us with your name, email IDs, device type, mobile number for registration, and company details.