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Self-sustaining Network Engineering

Cost-effective, flexible, and modular Network Engineering service for SMEs and large
enterprises to minimize the business complexity, enrich agility, and reduce costs.


A network is the means of collaboration, global reach, availability, and performance for your business. It creates a secure virtual workplace where all of your employees and other stakeholders can seamlessly share & receive data and collaborate. You can monitor the entire network including the overall performance and health of the network,through a very straightforward dashboard.

SyS Creations ensures that our networking solutions provide you with the higher network capacities and the multiple monitoring sensors at the lower costs that facilitate you to shift from a reactive approach to a proactive one, efficiently.

Successfully designed and deployed
enterprise networks

Offered consultation to 500+ organizations

networking technologies

downtime hours

Reduced company’s costs and efforts by

Network Engineering standard services

Regardless of your business scale and the industry you serve, we actualize the sturdy network architecture which provides you with secure network connectivity, greater insights into user activities, and bottommost downtime risk.


Network Assessment

SyS Creations undertakes an exhaustive assessment of new networks and a regular assessment for the already deployed networks to gather the required information and to confirm the state of the network.

  • Infrastructure analysis
  • Network schematics
  • In-depth security review
  • Licensing compliance
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Software & firmware update requirements

Network Architecture

Our proficiency in architecting networks leads you toward accomplishing a dynamic and agile enterprise network.

  • Access Network (to connect employees within an office building)
  • Network for Data Center (to connect servers that host data & applications and make them available to users)
  • WAN (to connect users to applications over long distance)

Network Connectivity

With us, it is unchallenging to discover the most reliable and cost-effective way to route users to internet applications and control traffic flow based on endpoint health, geographic location, and latency.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

We deliver dominant VPN solutions to prevent unauthorized people from eavesdropping on the traffic and allow the user to conduct work remotely.

  • Remote Access VPN: To connect a device outside the corporate office.
  • Site-to-site VPN: To connect corporate office to branch office over the Internet.

Network Security

We employ both hardware and software technologies to protect the usability and integrity of your data and network. Access Control, Data Loss Prevention, Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Email Security are the major types of network security we practice.

Migrations, rollouts, and maintenance

We migrate your existing data on a new network precisely. We roll out a new network while making sure the smooth transition. Even after rolling out, we keep an eagle eye on it and maintain it regularly.


Features ‘Network Engineering standard services’ deliver

The security solution, VPN solution and other networking solutions we set out, are armed with many groundbreaking features. These features provide quick installation, easy provisioning, easy troubleshooting, and network monitoring which eventually simplify the management and reduce costs.

General monitoring features

Know connected networks and data usage of each network


Every single network activity is logged

Avoid downtime with automatic email alerts of potential issues


Security and advanced monitoring features

Know top sources of threats to your networks


Identify the most affected network

Impose content filtering to restrict users from opening inappropriate or harmful content

Give special access to computers based on departments and identity


Network Engineering advanced services

At SyS Creations, we accommodate a team of well-versed Network Specialists who have been working ceaselessly to master cutting-edge networking technologies. As an upshot, we are now proudly providing these cutting-edge networking technologies to enterprises to meet the complex networking requirements even with the strict budget.

Wireless mesh network

Easily, effectively and wirelessly connect the entire organization using inexpensive, and existing technology. In the wireless mesh network, the network connection is spread out among many wireless mesh nodes that establish a connection with each other to share the network connection across a large area.


Software-defined networking

Software-defined networking modernizes the network. It automatically reconfigures the network for the new workloads and business conditions based on the traffic. It reduces hardware costs and provides a central point of control.

TLS (Transparent LAN Service)

With TLS, it is possible to link remote Ethernet networks together. Meaning, you can access the Internet to multiple sites from the single ethernet network. It reduces network complexity, significantly.


Features ‘Network Engineering advanced services’ deliver

Whether it is a wireless mesh network, software-defined network or TLS, you will be rewarded with some ultimate features that save your cost, provide dynamic self-configuration, adaptation, fault tolerance, and robustness.

With a wireless mesh network, create the least possible interface and greatest possible coverage area which eventually results in a high level of throughput.


Software-defined networking guarantees seamless content delivery. It directs and automates the data traffic and improves network responsiveness to implement quality of service for multimedia transmission.

Since TLS links remote Ethernet networks together, you can eliminate the network management issues. You can also reduce costs and get WAN throughput at LAN speeds.


Action-oriented network monitoring and automated incident response


We monitor networking components like routers, switches, firewalls, and servers for fault & performance. We evaluate them actively to optimize their availability. And if they cause downtime, we quickly solve the network errors and maximize the uptime.

Detecting hidden errors in a network with intuitive workflows

We count every unusual behavior as an error to not let an error evolve without getting detected.

Dashboard to keep an eagle eye on network health and each component

Multiple monitoring sensors showcase a detailed picture of network health and state of each component.

Automated incident response

You don’t have to call us when the error event triggers. We receive network alerts through our deployed network monitoring software.

When experts are on work, benefits are business-centric

Gain immediate ROI

Your staff does not need to manually dig into network performance. They can focus more on more critical projects and a team of experts keep you ahead of network outages.

Manage growing, changing networks

Connect new IoT devices and wireless devices with the same deployed network with growing business footprint.

Identify security threats

A network monitoring tool offers tier 1 security for strict budget holders. It protects against data breaches.

FAQs related our Network Engineering service in Canada

What are the hardware and software components you use to create an enterprise network?

We use hardware components like a switch, router, firewall, network interface card, and server along with many software components like a local operating system (LOS), network operating system (NOS), management & monitoring software and firewall software.

Who are the top network equipment providers you are working with?

Considering the different requirements of different enterprises, we have tied up with Cisco, Palo Alto, and Fortinet to deploy reliable, premium as well as affordable network equipment.

Whom should we contact if we encounter any error?

We assign a dedicated team for you. You can contact this team anytime if you encounter any error.

I am owning a big office and getting a weak WiFi signal in many cabins. Can you solve this problem?

Yes, our Network Specialists visit your office to carry out WiFi assessment. They then prepare a detailed report. This detailed report includes solutions along with the cost to implement suggested solutions and its outcome.

I want to actualize WiFi guest access with a splash page. Can you do it for me?

Yes, our knowledgeable team can easily implement identity-based and time-specific WiFi guest access with a splash page.

Which are the factors that can affect my network performance?

Number of users, type of transmission medium, hardware and software affect the performance of your network.

Which are the factors that can affect network security?

Unauthorized access and viruses are the major two threats to the network. But with the firewall and other security solutions, you can prevent unauthorized users and viruses from entering into your network.

When should I opt for a peer-to-peer network?

When you want to connect more than two computers and share resources without going through a separate server computer, you should opt for a peer-to-peer network. It is easier to set up and less expensive.

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