Whether you are looking for IT break-fix, helpdesk, 24/7 IT support or managed IT services at a flat rate, we address your requirements on-demand with a pay-as-you-go pricing model and with either remote or on-site technical support.

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Why should you consider On-Demand IT Service?

Once an enterprise deploys the IT infrastructure, it is vitally important to keep it running uninterrupted. If it shows an error, the quick response is crucial. So, to set up the IT infrastructure and achieve high system uptime, enterprises need to hire dedicated experts by signing a months-long contract and paying high hourly wage even for their ideal hours. Such practice ultimately increases the total cost of IT service acquisition and ownership. The new on-demand delivery model of the IT services enables you to hire dedicated IT experts for both fixed or variable work for either a short period of time or a long period of time. The fusion of on-demand IT service and pay-as-you-go pricing model reduces the total cost of IT service acquisition and ownership by 54% as compared to the legacy IT service delivery model.

Case Study : How an LTC Pharmacy reduced transcription errors by 80%?

On-Demand IT Service Offerings

Our 30 years of combined experience makes us aware of the IT challenges a business can encounter. We curated the on-demand IT service offerings with the highest state of awareness so that we can affordably solve every single IT challenge of small, medium and even large scale businesses.

IT Break-Fix & IT Maintenance

    Workstations Break-Fix & Maintenance
    Network Break-Fix & Maintenance
    Database Break-Fix & Maintenance
    Security and Backup

IT Helpdesk Services

    First-Call Resolution
    Instant Messaging Service
    Issue Tracking
    Root Cause Analysis

Remote IT Support

    Remote System Monitoring
    Automatic Error Notification
    Telephone/Online Support
    AR-Enabled Assistance

On-Site IT Support

    24/7 Availability of Field Technicians
    Servers, Network Maintenance
    Workstations Maintenance
    Software Errors and Malfunctions

Move & Relocation

    Transfer of Equipment
    Hardware Procurement
    Service Reactivation

Flat-Rate Managed IT Services

    Weekly or Monthly Fee
    No Additional Expenses
    Scope For More Assistance
    Cost Predictability

Contractual Resources

    Industry-Specific Expertise
    Skilled Technology Resources
    On-Site or Remote Assistance
    Short & Long-Term Contracts

On-Site IT Service

    Same Day IT Service
    Network Setup, Troubleshooting
    Security Assessments, Solutions
    Endpoints Management

Reasons to Count on Us

We work with both SMEs and large enterprises. Both of them experience almost the same IT challenges but at different scales which requires different levels of IT knowledge and delivery models. Thus, We practice custom on-demand delivery models and gain holistic IT knowledge to help all businesses regardless of their business position.

Support All Canadian Time Zone


We work in all the time zones of North America. Meaning, you can get access to our support service anytime on any day.

No Hidden Costs


We promote transparency by not adding any hidden costs. We aim to solve any payment dispute or query within minutes.

Budget-Oriented Services


We don’t ask you to increase the budget. Instead, we enhance our skillset to meet your requirements within your budget.

Most Talented Team


Our talent revolves around the network, server, cloud, security, app development, web development, and automation.


We’ve been serving Canadian industries for around 5 years. So far, we have worked with many businesses operating in healthcare, manufacturing, real estate and tourism industries. We helped them save more than 10,000 productivity hours and reduce system downtime by 89%.

We are providing networking, cloud, server, security, app development, web development, business process automation, business collaboration related services. You can know more about our services here.

Yes, we put server and data engineers to work to restore your lost data securely and to enhance your organization’s data backup plan to not lose the data in the future.

To solve your network errors, we either guide you on the phone or provide on-site support. However, if you are far away from our headquarter, the only feasible solution is remote support. In the case of remote support, we utilize AR technology to easily guide you and solve your network error instantly.

We are providing our on-demand IT service and IT support nationally in Canada. However, if you are situated far away from our headquarter (Burlington, Ontario) and seeking instant support, we can only provide you with remote support until we assess the error and fly to your location.

On-demand IT service is one of the offerings of our managed IT services. Other offerings include IT Infrastructure, Server Management, Networking, IT consulting, Data Centre & Storage, Backup & Recovery, and Endpoints Management. Click here to know more.

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