How to Provide Online Pet Care or Online Veterinary Services with Telehealth for Pets?

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It took a year and $10,000 to diagnose! 

After Emma Harris’s dog had a rare lung infection called lungworm, she spent 1 year terribly – booking appointments with vets, taking her dog to them, and paying hefty visit fees. 

After surviving 1 year successfully, she finally realized that half of those medical bills were not a medical necessity. That inspired her to start online pet care to provide online veterinary services. She started Healthy Pets

Currently, when telehealth for humans is already becoming the buzzword, telehealth for pets is also showing a prominent future in entire North America. 

Almost 35% of Canadian households own dogs and 38% of Canadian households own cats. The majority of these pet owners are millennials who prefer to have instant access to pet care services rather than wasting time and costs in an in-person meeting with a vet.  

This is where the business opportunity of online veterinary services lies.

What is online pet care or online veterinary service?

Online pet care or online veterinary service is nothing but the delivery of veterinary services using telecommunication technologies such as voice calls or video calls. The use of such technologies to provide care is called telehealth. 

However, in order to provide online veterinary services, both a vet and pet owner need to have important telehealth resources such as an uninterrupted internet connection, telehealth tool, app or software, and mobile or computer devices such as a tablet, smartphone, computer or laptop. 

Who can provide online veterinary services and how? 

1) Animal Hospitals/Clinics 

Animal hospitals and clinics can provide online veterinary services to improve customer delight, reduce staff burden and provide personalized, rapid and remote pet care. 

To provide online pet care, animal hospitals can, 

  • Develop a telehealth app for pets and use it within the staff and their customers only. 
  • Develop a telehealth app for pets and use it within their clinic as well as make it publicly available for other vets and pet owners. 

2) Entrepreneurs 

Entrepreneurs can provide an online platform for vets and pet owners to connect with each other. It is the same as ‘telehealth apps for humans’ where patients pay a virtual visit fee to get themselves treated by a registered doctor and the app owner takes commission out of the visit fee.  

To provide online pet care, entrepreneurs can, 

  • Develop a telehealth app for pets and make it available for pet owners and vets. 

What are the resources required to provide online veterinary services?

We’re a full-fledged healthcare-focused IT firm. Our business experts have studied the business nature of pet care and listed out the resources you need to provide online pet care services. However, it largely depends on your business role. 

1) Animal Hospitals/Clinics 

Animal hospitals and clinics require more resources than entrepreneurs. 

  •  Telehealth app for pet care
  • Telehealth hardware devices 
  • Uninterrupted internet 

How do we help Animal Hospitals/Clinics?  

Since we are a full-fledged healthcare-focused IT firm, we accommodate healthcare app developers, designers, telehealth hardware installation, configuration, & support team and network engineers.  With these teams, we can help you, 

  • To develop telehealth app for pet care (Our developed telehealth app’s success story)
  • To install, configure and maintain telehealth hardware devices (tablets, tablet arms, styluses, laptops, PCs etc)
  • To set up a wired or wireless network 

Read this case study to know how we deployed a network remotely in LTC home during COVID-19.

2) Entrepreneurs 

Entrepreneurs require very few resources because of the refined business model. 

  • Telehealth app for pet care

How do we help entrepreneurs?  

In the last 6 years, we have worked with many Canada-based entrepreneurs to turn their vision into reality. 

We can help entrepreneurs, 

  • To analyze the market and prepare a roadmap
  • To develop the MVP version of telehealth app for pet care
  • To develop a feature-pack telehealth app for pet care 
  • To build a strong user base 
  • To meet healthcare compliance

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How much does it cost to provide online veterinary services in Canada? 

Needless to say that the cost to provide online veterinary services in Canada largely depends on your business role and resources associated with it (which we just discussed). 

However, it is worth noting that it is not possible to estimate the accurate cost. But by listing out resources you need and calculating the cost of each individual resource, you can easily estimate the cost to provide pet care services in Canada. 

How to make money with the telehealth app for pets?

After having a glimpse of capital funds you require to provide virtual veterinary services in Canada, you must have already started finding out the ways to generate revenue to quickly hit the break-even point. 

The following are the top ways to make money with the telehealth app for pets. 

  • Charge pet owner per visit 
  • Charge different amount  for the visit on weekdays and on weekends 
  • Charge different amount for the day visit and night visit 

You can take your online pet care business to the next level by adopting pet care eCommerce and pet food delivery business models. 

If you have any such idea, you can talk to top business experts absolutely free and validate your pet care business idea and even get the roadmap to execution. 

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Which are the veterinary services you can provide online using telehealth? 

  • Pet Health: Help pet owners to ask primary health-related questions of their pets and get treatment suggestions from a registered vet. 
  • Pet Behaviour: Help pet owners to ask questions related to strange pet behaviour and know causes & treatments. 
  • Pet Nutrition: Help pet owners to prepare and validate a pet diet plan with a registered veterinary nutritionist. 
  • Pet Care: Help pet owners to ask general pet care-related questions to the registered vet. 

What are the top online pet care services providers? 

To come up with a better pet care app idea and understand the market trend, you need to precisely study already thriving online pet care services providers. 

Online Pet Care Provider
  • A complete solution for pet owners. 
  • It delivers dog food. 
  • It supports dog food subscription service and virtual care.
  • Free shipping 
  • No Mobile App 
  • 24/7 online service 
  • App available 
  • No instant visit 
  • No video calling with a vet
  • 24/7 online service 
  • No charge if the vet can’t answer 
  • Affordable first visit  
  • No video calling with a vet
  • Costly follow-up visit 

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