All-purpose IT solutions for real estate businesses in Canada

Digitalize the most labour-intensive business to manage labour productively
and to enable buyers to get the virtual 3D experience of the property remotely

Legal documents, labour, ongoing construction, buyers, lease, agents - you have a lot of things to handle, manually ……. without our IT solutions!

Every business process involved in the real estate business revolves around a large sum of money. Manual business operations that promote only dysfunctional business process management lead you toward money-loss.

Our IT solutions are all-purpose because they modernize the ways you manage documents, labour, agents, buyers & lease and enhance the outcome for all stakeholders.

Our solutions let you store, share, and access crucial business, lease, and buyer data from anywhere in the world. Our solutions also facilitate you to generate money-making business leads through the mobile app.

Forming a result-oriented alliance with industry-leaders

Our all-purpose IT solutions for building an artwork out of concrete, geniusly

Make land acquisition smart, save all legal documents safe, and finish the ongoing projects before they become liabilities.

Smart land acquisition

Find government-approved land, close deals with landowners, share and receive documents through a secure channel, and store all legal documents on a reliable cloud storage where data backup and military-grade security mechanisms safeguard your data.

Collaborative structure architecture planning

Enable your architects to design floor plans with a customer-first approach by collaborating with other architects remotely. Let them create virtual 3D surroundings to experience the outcome before even executing the plan.

Intensive labour management

Manage and monitor every worker. Take their attendance, note down their working hours, store their documents, release salary and breakdown labour costs through a single integrated dashboard.

Ongoing construction management

Feed floor plan to construction management tools. Decide a deadline and monitor the ongoing project progress. Make data-driven adaptive decisions and complete the construction work before the deadline to save millions.

Our all-purpose IT solutions for selling out properties quickly, with profit

After building an artwork out of concrete, you need to sell it. Sell it quickly by giving digital access to your property to buyers and by capturing & tracking the lead status.

Robust mobile app

Leverage buyers’ interest by giving them personalized buying experience. Develop a mobile app from where buyers can get all information about the property including its surrounding areas and amenities.

Virtual 3D property experience

Simplify and modernize the buying experience of the buyers by allowing them to take a 3D virtual tour of your property from mobile phones and tablets. This will put your 'art' in the right form to people!

Lease management

Manage a different aspect of your business differently. Store every single detail of the property you have leased such as documents, lease amount, and lease validity online. Set automatic reminders and even automatic processes to manage leased properties with less workforce.

Agent management

Provide tech-enabled help to agents to sell your property quickly. Register agents and give them the partial or full access to lead generation tools. Supervise their performance and lead conversion rate.

FAQs related IT solutions for real estate businesses in Canada

What are the future technology trends of the Canadian real estate industry?

Adoption of groundbreaking technologies like AI, predictive analysis, blockchain, cloud, AR, and IoT will define the success of real estate companies in Canada.

What are the benefits of bringing IT solutions to the real estate industry?

Only IT solutions can enable real estate business owners to store and share crucial business data, land data, customer data, and property data securely. This data can help business owners to define winning strategies and save millions. Business owners can also manage the labour, agents, and buyers very effectively, thanks to IT solutions.

I am running a small real estate business, can you help me to digitalize my business?

Regardless of business scale, we provide our all-purpose IT solutions to all real estate businesses.

Who will provide us with your IT solutions?

Through our trusted vendors, we, SyS Creations, provide you with our IT solutions.

Whom should we contact if we encounter any error?

We allocate a dedicated support team for you. You can contact this team anytime when you encounter any error.

What does it require to offer virtual 3D experience to users?

By implementing AR technology, you can offer the virtual 3D experience to users. This technology lets buyers explore your property without visiting your site. But to deliver the virtual 3D experience to users, you need a digital medium that supports AR technology.