Security-as-a-service (SECaaS)

An around-the-clock managed and monitored security service isolates crucial
business data and enables you to bring data-loss risk to bottom with strategic
advisory consulting, penetration testing, roles-based access control, incident
response and risk mitigation strategies.

Cybercrime Will Damage $6 Trillion By 2021.
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  • Confirm vulnerabilities with Security Assessments
  • Shield the network with Security Services
  • Sustain it for round-the-clock Security Watch

Confirm Vulnerabilities With Security Assessments

Due to a poor initial design in your security strategy, threats are hiding everywhere on your network. Security Assessments uncover the vulnerabilities your network has. The results of Security Assessments help Security Specialists to draft an impactful security strategy.

Cybersecurity Audit

It evaluates your network and demonstrates compliance with some specific regulatory requirements like PCI-DSS and HIPAA.

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Vulnerability Assessment

It is a technical assessment designed to yield vulnerabilities in the network. It does not only put emphasis on vulnerabilities finding, but it also aims to quantify and prioritize the vulnerabilities.

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Software and its configuration assessment

Our Security Specialists validate your business apps and software with a goal to distinguish unusual configurations of those apps and software. They eliminate the bad program configurations which contribute to vulnerabilities.

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Penetration Test

It is a technical assessment carried out to accomplish a specific goal, e.g., to change roles, to steal customer data or to modify the sensitive data.

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But remember, hackers can also carry out the ‘assessment’ and discover the loopholes in your network! This is why Security Services are significant.

Shield The Network With Security Services

Do not be an easy victim. Employ next-gen multi-purpose security services to identify, unmask and terminate the cyber-attack before it even appears. SyS Creations deploys a very serviceable security mechanism that strengthens the security defence of networks and systems within your IT infrastructure.


Threat monitoring

We bring the latest security tools and technologies into service and safeguard the easy entry points. If any entry point witnesses the unauthorized entry, security tools alert the admin. These security tools are so advanced that they automatically block the entry of unauthorized users. But when security tools cannot block intruders automatically, our response team takes control.

Incident Response

There are many ways to cope up with a single attack. Our Incident Response team quickly takes control over your IT infrastructure and employs many manual and automatic security tactics to stop security attacks on its track. Our Incident Response team is always on standby and so well-versed that they can tackle multiple attacks at the same time.


Managed Security Services

By bringing all deciding security services under one roof, we are reducing your costs and making ourselves smarter and responsive.


IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)

An AI-enabled IPS defines rules based on the latest dataset and compares every incoming package over the network with those defined rules to predict the attack. With time and data, it becomes smarter and predicts more precisely.

IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) executes multiple tasks like,

  • Identify suspicious activity
  • Log security events
  • Attempt to block intruder
  • Report intrusion attempts

Firewall deployment and maintenance

We do not only deploy customized and robust firewalls but follow the best deployment practices which result in flawless firewall deployment. After deployment, we keep an eagle eye on its performance and update it if necessary.

Through the dashboard, you can comprehend the overall health of your corporate network along with much pivotal information such as the status of different networks you have deployed, incoming traffic, real-time threats & attacks, and suspicious payloads.


Security Intelligence Analyst

A senior Security Intelligence Analyst is always available for you to know more about security technologies, trends, laws and actual threats to your company.

Endpoint security

The connection of wireless devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones to the corporate network creates easy attack paths. Endpoint security management is a software approach to identify and control the endpoint devices’ access over the corporate network. It enables the Network Administrator to restrict the use of sensitive data and certain website access.


Network Admission control

Network Admission Control (NAC) restricts access to the network based on identity. If your network device is configured for NAC, it asks the user or even a machine to prove identity before getting access.

BBut remember, you need to sustain the utilized security solutions by updating them with new technologies and maintaining them to ensure immutable watch.

Sustain it for round-the-clock security watch

Since hackers are changing attack patterns every other day, the ‘deploy and forget’ approach doesn’t ensure the security of your network in the long term. You always need to keep security solutions up-to-date so that security solutions get the latest attack patterns and easily identify the attacks. Moreover, you also need to maintain security solutions to make sure the uninterrupted service.


1. Up-to-date security solutions

We keep you one step ahead of attackers. We feed new attack definitions to security solutions. With up-to-date security solutions, even an attack carried out with new patterns can easily be avoided.

2. Proactive maintenance

To receive consistent performance, it is crucial to maintain security solutions. We perform many maintenance tasks without affecting your day-to-day operations and enable security solutions to deliver consistent performance.


3. Security monitoring

Security monitoring is the hardened service which includes generation of alerts based on automated recognition, the delivery of critical alerts, and the means for security specialists to investigate logs.

We Guard The Whole IT Infrastructure And We Mean It.


In an IT infrastructure, many devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and VoIP, are interconnected which communicate over the internet and contribute to vulnerabilities. Here, the major challenge is that many devices are not under corporate control but these all devices require access to the corporate network. So, how do we provide a complete security solution which safeguards every device, server and attack path?


Understand your IT infrastructure

Our network engineers and security specialists understand the IT infrastructure of your enterprise. They study it aggressively to perceive every connected device, which path it uses, who interacts with that device, different servers you have, what kind of data each server stores, remote entry points, and on-promises entry points.


Carry out security assessment

Once we understand your IT infrastructure, we carry out security assessments and find out the vulnerabilities each connected device and each server contribute. We find the loopholes in every network and prepare a comprehensive report.


Make you familiar with a value proposition

Before deployment of the security strategy, we make you familiar with the benefits you get and how impactful our security strategy can be.


Security Strategy deployment

We finally deploy the security strategy which includes the implementation of security solutions to eliminate the vulnerabilities of your whole IT infrastructure.


Security solutions maintenance

We regularly maintain the deployed solutions and update them with the latest technologies and attack patterns.

We exercise only trustworthy security solutions provided by Cisco, Palo Alto, Fortinet

Considering the different requirements of different organizations, we do not only exercise premium security solutions provided by Cisco, but also exercise affordable security solutions provided by Palo Alto and Fortinet. Security solutions provided by Palo Alto and Fortinet execute all necessary tasks and guard your IT infrastructure. However, security solutions provided by Cisco are more reliable and can easily hold the complex IT infrastructure of large enterprises.

Our consultant will take your budget and business requirements into account and suggest the best suitable security solution.

Cisco security products we leverage and put to good use:

    Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

  • Cisco AMP Virtual Private Cloud Appliance
  • Cisco AMP for Endpoints
  • Cisco AMP for Networks

    Cloud Security

  • Cisco Cloudlock
  • Cisco Secure Sign-On
  • Cisco Umbrella


  • Cisco 3000 Series Industrial Security Appliances (ISA)
  • Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Security Appliances

    Email Security

  • Cisco Content Security Management Appliance
  • Cisco Email Security Appliance
  • Cisco Registered Envelope Service

    Firewall Management

  • Cisco Firepower Management Center
  • Cisco Security Manager

    Network Visibility and Segmentation

  • Cisco Cyber Vision
  • Cisco ISE Passive Identity Connector
  • Cisco Identity Services Engine
  • Cisco Security Analytics and Logging
  • Cisco Security Packet Analyzer

Check out the FAQs

What are the benefits of cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity protects your company’s IT infrastructure against worms, viruses, spyware and other unwanted programs. It also provides protection from data theft and protects the system from hacking.

Should a small and medium-sized enterprise invest in cybersecurity?

If the small and medium-sized enterprise is using the internet to communicate and save & share data, they should invest in cybersecurity.

Is my network vulnerable?

Every network is vulnerable unless you have employed security solutions. The vulnerable network has many easy entry points from where intruders can get into your network and steal confidential information.

What are the services I get through SyS Creations’ SECaaS?

We identify the vulnerabilities within your network. We offer in-depth advice and deploy security solutions to terminate those vulnerabilities. We also keep deployed security solutions up-to-date. Our dedicated support team is always available for you to solve any security error your system gets or any query you get.

Do you provide customizable security solutions?

After security assessment, when we come to know vulnerabilities your IT system has, we evaluate them and find the most suitable security solutions. If necessary, we go the extra mile and customize the security solutions.

Do I need to pay extra for the security tools?

No, you only have to pay the fixed amount for our SECaaS which includes consultation, security assessment, security solutions deployment and maintenance.

Whom should I contact in case of any error?

We assign a dedicated support team for you. You only need to contact this team in case of any error.

Can you make my IT infrastructure unhackable with your SECaaS?

Yes, we can make your IT infrastructure unhackable with proven techniques and groundbreaking technologies. However, you are required to follow the guideline provided by the vendor.