In 2020, Albertans see the doctors the same way it was performed 50 years ago! Alberta is the western province of Canada with many remote and small towns. Residents of these remote areas find it very difficult to get timely access to healthcare. They have to travel many miles to see the doctors. Such scenarios worsen the situation of elderly people and people with mental illness. We created a game-changing telemedicine software solution that lets patients talk to an online doctor and get prescribed within minutes, without stepping out of the home.

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Patient App Features

  • Doctor’s appointment in seconds
  • Consult doctors online and virtually
  • Encrypted instant messaging
  • Medical history in your pocket
  • Online prescriptions & sick notes
  • Automated appointment reminders (Email and SMS)
  • Rating & Review 
  • Payment (for users not covered by the health plan

Physician App Features

  • Get new patients every day virtually even if you are out of Canada
  • Consult patients online and virtually 
  • Chat with a patient 
  • See the medical history of a patient
  • Prescribe medications on the app (PHIPA compliant e-Faxing integrated)
  • Automated appointment reminders (email and SMS)
  • Appointment dashboard 
  • Earning dashboard 

Kids Debate iOS vs Android, Entrepreneurs Get a Multi-Platform App

With a multi-platform app, you have the opportunity to cover up the entire market (2.5 android users and 1.4 billion iOS users).

  • Android App
  • iOS App
  • Web App (If required, can be customized)

Easy Patient-Doctor Collaboration

The telemedicine app is all about collaboration. For every API integration, you need to pay a fee. When possible, we make it free for you, i.e. video API. 

  • Video Integrations with Mesibo (HIPAA & PHIPA Compliant)
  • Chat Integrations with Sendbird (HIPAA & PHIPA Compliant)
  • SMS Integrations with Vonage (HIPAA & PHIPA Compliant)
  • In-App Notifications Integrations with Amazon SNS (HIPAA & PHIPA Compliant)
  • Payment Integrations with Stripe

EMR or EHR Integrations

Give doctors automatic access to the clinical information from sources within and outside the health systems with EHR integration. 

  • Telus PS Suite
  • Oscar EMR
  • Accuro EMR
  • Cerner EMR
  • PointClickCare EHR
  • MED e-care EHR

Avoid Fine up to $500,000 With Compliance & Security

Since we’re well aware, we put emphasis on compliance readiness with in-house compliance consultants. 

  • PIPA, HIA and FOIP Compliant
  • HIPAA Compliant (BAA Agreement Executed by Vendors)
  • Vendor Compliance
  • 2 Factor Authentication for Patient & Physicians
  • Administrative Controls
  • Encrypted PHI

State-of-the-Art Technologies Making Clinics Online

We form a results-oriented partnership with industry leaders. Our versatile partnership model enables our clients to deploy both premium and affordable IT hardware and software solutions while meeting their budget requirements.

  • 01
    Small Investment
  • 02
    Customizable to Your New Ideas
  • 03
    Customize Branding for a Professional Experience
  • 04
    Well-Tested and Market-Ready

Why White-Label? Buying Apples & Telehealth is Similar!

Spend less, launch fast, go easy, unleash potential - the perfect sequence to success! Would you rather pay a huge to apple farm owner to cultivate the apples dedicatedly or buy the already cultivated same apples instantly with 80% less cost?​

It’s Not What You Pay, It’s Your Investment

Your investment = best telemedicine product in Alberta + healthcare expertise + zero compliance violations possibilities

White-Label WNSC

With No-Source Code

White-Label WSC

With Source Code

White-Label WCS

With Full Customization


Doing This for You! Our Help Goes Beyond App Delivery (Included in the Fees)

You’ll never go through a rough time alone. We will always be there, standing beside you with a solution to your challenge!

Custom Onboarding
Setup of Virtual Care, Clinics or Services
24*7 Support & Training
Compliance Support Executing BAA
Internationaliz ation
Backup Strategy / Implementation

Onboarding Process

We’re with you from ashes to beyond your journey to glory!

    • Check off your specific needs and use cases
    • Create a customized structure/workflow to suit your telehealth needs
    • Ensure you have the services, specialization and province-covered billing code setup for your use case 
    • Receive a personal demo centred around your use case and training agenda
    • Demonstrate workflows, as well as features your users/team will be using
    • Answer any questions to ensure you're totally comfortable using our telehealth solution
    • Ongoing consultation to answer any additional challenges you have
    • Ensure you're finding success with our telemedicine solution in meeting all of your needs
    • Help in building new or changing existing workflows to suit changing needs

Use Cases of Telemedicine for Doctors

It is for every medical specialty, and if you can’t find it feasible to your practice, challenge us to customize it!

Sleep Disorders Specialist
Otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat specialist)
Sports Medicine Specialist


There are many cities or towns in Alberta that fall under tier 2 and tier 3 categories. In these cities, there is limited access to healthcare services as compared to other cities of Ontario and B.C. Additionally, there are many remote towns in Alberta. Residents of these remote towns have to travel far to get access to quality healthcare services. A telemedicine app that lets patients talk to doctors within minutes is a very convenient way of seeking healthcare services for people living in small remote towns. 

Imposed by the Alberta state government as a privacy act, PIPA (Personal Information Protection Act) applies to private healthcare organizations and startups that collect, use, and disclose personal health information. 

If you are a public entity such as a hospital, the FOIP (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy)  does apply to you. 

There is one more law called HIA (Health Information Act) imposed dedicatedly to govern data in the healthcare industry. 

The government-funded AHCIP is available in Alberta. Like Ontario and B.C., the AHCIP in Alberta does cover televisits. Meaning, the government pays the televisit fee on behalf of patients.

The operating cost includes app maintenance, APIs fees, customer service, ongoing marketing and staffing cost.

You can ask users to pay per visit with an additional fee for follow-ups.
You can ask them to pay a bit more for televisits after midnight, on weekends and on national holidays. 
You can also introduce a subscription or membership plan for regular users. 
You can also tie-up with employers to provide televisit coverage to their employees. 

With your custom branding, we will deliver the app within a week. If you ask for extra features, we will take a few more days to implement custom changes in the app and test it before delivering it.

That’s the major drawback of PIPA. It only asks entities to safeguard PHI but does not suggest the ways to safeguard PHI.  Thus, it is up to you if you want to encrypt the PHI. But you must secure the PHI of patients anyhow and there is no better way than encryption.

PIPA does not ask you to have a signed contract between you and IT service providers.

Telemedicine is the subset of telehealth. Unlike telemedicine which is only used to provide online healthcare services, telehealth also includes many non-clinical uses.

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