VoIP Happiness

Control calls and sessions in a most rewarding way. With our VoIP Happiness
service, enforce collaboration infrastructure that brings all of your business
stakeholders together through unlimited calling, conferencing and automatic
call recording, happily.

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Productivity
  • Save Money
  • all at once

The 4-Step Journey Toward Economizing Business Telephony Costs

Prompt set-up

Get rid of the bulky hardware which is time-consuming to set up. A lightning-fast and unpuzzled cloud enables you to spread happiness among stakeholders from anywhere in the world by deploying our VoIP solution promptly.

Know Estimated Deployment Date
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Painless monitoring

By using an easily accessible on-screen dashboard, add users and see detailed usage reports, which eliminate the opinions and set in data-driven and strategic decisions.

Discover Dashboard’s Features
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Profitable integration

Integrate VoIP with CRM, ERP, Helpdesk solutions, email tools, and other business apps to actualize better tracking and informed conversations, which eventually cut the efforts of the employees and result in a more productive workforce.

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Proactive maintenance

We assign a dedicated team to ensure the uninterrupted service. Our regular maintenance does not affect your day-to-day operations. You can focus on your other profitable projects while we manage the communication channel you require to deliver results, happily.

Our Maintenance Practice
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Do you need our VoIP Happiness service? Evaluate now.

Evaluation criteria

Evaluation sentence

» Build a happy customer base

With skills-based call routing and clear voice quality, provide excellent customer service to the customers and build a happy customer base

» Pull more business

By integrating VoIP with other cloud-based business apps, get the broader view of the internal and external factors influencing the business

» Escalate productivity

Enable employees to accomplish a job in record-breaking time by letting them fetch data, arrange meetings, talk to other stakeholders, and work from anywhere, effortlessly.

What We Have Served To SMEs And Even Large Enterprises?

We cleverly leverage VoIP solutions for all businesses, regardless of the scale. We also make sure that a business does not require to spend more on VoIP even after its expansion. We work with SMEs and even large enterprises.


Small-scale business

How do we meet the requirement?

To meet the requirement of the small-scale businesses, rather than employing a dedicated VoIP solution, we employ a cloud-based PBX system. While offering the same features like VoIP, cloud-based PBX saves costs. To save more, we host it on the cloud.

Case study

A Mississauga-based travel company wanted to employ a VoIP solution to streamline the business calling but they fell short of budget. We offered them the cloud-based Microsoft PBX. With integrated call control service in Office 365, they have been placing and receiving calls, transferring calls, and muting or unmuting calls, effortlessly. By simply clicking a name on the address book, they can easily place Teams or Skype for Business Online calls to that person. To place and receive calls, Phone System users can use their mobile phones, a headset with a laptop or PC, or one of many IP phones that work with Teams and Skype for Business Online.

Medium-scale business

How do we meet the requirement?

Here, we deploy the dedicated VoIP solution but decide the number of PRI (Primary Rate Interface) precisely. If you own 1 PRI in your VoIP solution, you can make 23 calls at the given moment. Because of this, businesses can continue using and paying for the same keenly-priced VoIP system even after expanding their business.

Case study

Back in 2016, a Burlington-based Pharmacy company that owns multiple sites across Canada wanted to link all stores with the centralized VoIP system. With only 1 PRI, we implemented the VoIP and they have been happily using it, even after expanding business from 16 employees to 150 employees. They are still paying the same amount for a VoIP solution they used to pay when they had only 16 employees!


Large-scale business

How do we meet the requirement?

Before deployment of the VoIP, we precisely study their requirements, visit their sites, create an execution plan, and even customize the VoIP solution.

Case study

A London, Ontario-based real estate company, having international footprints wanted to implement a VoIP solution that can bring all of their international sites under the one calling system. They wanted to actualize seamless and secure international calling. Working closely with the client, we created the execution plan. And after testing, we successfully deployed a straightforward VoIP system for their complex business architecture. With our straightforward VoIP solution, their all remote teams can remain in the loop and communicate with stakeholders sitting in another country, painlessly.

Comprehend The Working Of VoIP And Where We Are Helping You


A VoIP system consists of three major components - PRI or SIP, IP phone, and conventional telephones.

PRI line is the end to end digital circuit which enables traditional phone lines to carry voice, data and video traffic, among others. With 1 PRI line, you can make 23 calls at the given moment. The company which provides you PRI line charges you monthly, based on the number of lines.

However, SIP has emerged as a more affordable and reliable solution than PRI. Businesses nowadays prefer SIP over PRI. SIP is a way to deliver voice via the Internet. Since SIP trunks are virtual, they don’t require additional hardware to deploy. SIP can deliver multiple voice lines to a single organization.

We deploy the Cisco IP phone and configure it according to your requirements. Based on your business goal and current business infrastructure, we suggest and deploy different models of Cisco IP phones.

We later connect every conventional telephone of your enterprise with the Cisco IP phone. And now, one can easily route the call manually or automatically through the Cisco IP phone to all conventional telephones. We also enable you to talk to other stakeholders through a web-based solution, Cisco Jabber.

Our commitments

SyS Creations, the top business VoIP service provider in Canada, remains transparent and does not deliver false promises. We perform our tasks with the highest level of dignity, which makes us feel good and makes you work well!


We generate a bill every month with no hidden and extra costs. Throughout the term, you have to pay the decided amount.


We customize the VoIP service according to your needs as a personalized solution offers you more benefits than the common solution.


The whole world is within your reach. Sitting in your Toronto office, it is easy to talk to stakeholders, sitting in Sydney.


We deploy a multiskilled VoIP solution, which allows you to manage communications across Phone, Facebook, Slack, Web, SMS etc.

Notable vendors

We’ve tied up only with industry leaders, who have already established themselves as the game-changing VoIP service providers.

One-stop support

We keep it on our shoulders. We allocate a dedicated team that stands beside you all the time to provide rapid and reliable support.

Check out the FAQs

What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice Over IP) is nothing but a method and a group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over the Internet.

What is FoIP?

FoIP, also called IP faxing, is the method of sending faxes over the Internet.

What are the advantages of VoIP?

Lower costs, increased accessibility, complete portability, higher scalability, and clearer voice quality are the top advantages of the VoIP system.

Who will be providing us with your VoIP Happiness service?

Through our reliable partners, we, SyS Creations, provide you with our VoIP Happiness service.

Whom should I contact in the case of any error?

If you encounter any errors, feel free to contact us. Our support team will solve your issue at a surprisingly fast pace.

Can you migrate our old data to the new VoIP system?

Yes, we can easily migrate your old data to the new VoIP system without even losing a fraction of your old data.

Can someone hack my VoIP network?

By auto-generating thousands of calls, using compromised phones, and changing the routes of the calls, hackers can steal the information and disable the server. But with our multilayer security mechanisms, we create an unhackable network.

If I lose power, will I still be able to make phone calls with VoIP?

All VoIP systems work over the internet. So, in the case of power failure, if you do not have a backup power supply to keep your router on, you cannot connect calls.

What is the voicemail-to-email feature?

When you get the voicemail, the VoIP system converts it digitally into .WAV file and automatically sends it to your email address.