IoT App Design: Benefits, Challenges, Testing, & Free Template

1 month ago

IoT has the enormous potential to change the world, just as the internet did or maybe even more!

The ability to gather and share real-time data is opening a new door for healthcare, logistic, and automotive industries to thrive at a rapid pace.

And IoT apps are playing a significant role in that.

But IoT app design or IoT UI/UX design is a roadblock for many designers as it is a more complex and tedious process than a common web and app design.

In this blog, we are going to cover everything regarding the IoT health app design and also will share the IoT app template that is created by our UI/UX designers.

First, Let’s Understand the Significance of IoT App Design or UI/UX

The cut-rate UI/UX design of the IoT app poorly impacts the business in several forms.

Let’s understand this with a quick example of IoT health app design.

A health tech startup has ignored the UI/UX design of its IoT health mobile and web app.

Here is what will happen in the near future.

Impact on the User:

  • Poor customer satisfaction and experience
  • Users will leave the website in less than 10 seconds
  • Users will uninstall the IoT app in less than a week
  • Lowers the users’ trust

Impact on the Business:

  • Decreases the customer retention rate
  • Will reduce the productivity
  • Downfall in the revenue 
  • Increases the development cost

In simple terms, a poor UI/UX design of the IoT app means a collapse of your business goals.

Thus, it is essential to focus on the IoT app design in order to,

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Saves time and money
  • Can conquer the competition
  • Increase customer retention and revenue
  • Build a better brand building

Okay. But There are Obstacles in the IoT App UI/UX Design Process

IoT health app design is vastly different from the common mobile and web app UI/UX design.

The target audience here is patients and healthcare professionals who enjoy a simple and easily accessible app.

Poor accessibility increases the complexity of the IoT app functionality and usability which directly influences the user experience of the patients as well as care providers.

Last but not least, offering a consistent user experience is also a challenging aspect as it connects with a vast number of devices.

So, for a successful IoT app UI/UX design you must surpass these obstacles.

Remember, Usability Testing is the Most Essential Aspect of the IoT App Design

Usability testing is important in order to understand how your IoT app will perform in the market.

It is the approach to testing the product design with the help of real users, in real scenarios, using state-of-the-art technology.

Here are the aspects that showcase the importance of usability testing while designing the UI/UX of the IoT app.

  • To identify the users’ needs 
  • To create a more interactive design for the IoT app 
  • To analyze the accessibility
  • To enhance user experience and satisfaction
  • To ensure whether the IoT app will perform in a market or not 

Despite the Consequences, IoT Health App Design is a Catwalk for Us!

As a healthcare-focused IT company, we have been performing IoT health app design since our inception.

Meaning, we comprehend the significance of the interactive UI/UX of the IoT app.

So, here is how we design IoT apps.

#We Design for an Aesthetic Glimpse

We always look forward to delivering value to the users in the true sense.

Thus, we produce an attractive and pleasing design for the IoT app that gives an aesthetic look to the users while at the same time making it more accessible for them.

#We Focus on the Simplicity

We avoid complexity in the IoT app design and make it simple for the users.

Our UI/UX designers team focuses on the minimalistic approach and highlights the key components of the IoT app along with a pleasing user experience.

#We Never Dodge the Usability Testing

We perform manual, tool, and online usability testing to make sure that your UI/UX design has no flaws.

Explore the IoT App Templates that are Designed by Our Healthcare-Specific UI/UX Designers

1. Dashboard:

  • Minimalist design
  • Highlighted key features
  • Take quick actions
  • Appointment reminder

2. My Health:

  • Choose an IoT device from the list
  • Measures the vital body signs
  • In case of emergency, call directly from the app

3. Real-time Alert:

  • Notification when the measurement crosses the normal range
  • Call directly from the app
  • Allows to measure the one more time for the confirmation

4. Telemedicine Visit:

  • Secure communication in a telehealth visit
  • Record the call
  • Share the health data with the healthcare professional
  • Provide feedback after ending the call

We Offer More than Just a Design Solution

Based in Ontario, we are a healthcare IT company.

Talking about an IoT app, we do not just offer a UI/UX design but also provide comprehensive solutions for the business, app development, and compliance needs.

For that, we have a dedicated team of 50+ healthcare IT professionals that includes – app developers, UI/UX designers, QA engineers, compliance specialists, business analysts, and AI & ML experts.

What makes us special from the rest is that we have an exhaustive experience in IoT app development and integration.

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