On-Demand Nurse App Development: A Comprehensive Guide to Technical, Business & Compliance

5 months ago

Want to build an on-demand nurse app?

Or just want to grab some awesome knowledge regarding the uber for nurses concept?

This blog has everything you need for it – from technical to business and compliance!

But why should you prefer this blog?

We are an Ontario-based healthcare-specific IT company.

We have been proactive in almost every healthcare market for the past 8+ years.

And being only a healthcare-focused IT company, we have extensive knowledge and ultimate expertise in an on-demand nurse app or any other healthcare app.

When we say ‘healthcare-specific’ – we also mentioned our 50+ business, technical and compliance experts.

It includes – UI/UX designers, web and app developers, compliance specialists, business analysts, QA engineers, integration experts, RPA engineers, and AI & ML specialists.

So, with our 3Es – experience, expertise and experts; we have written this blog in order to help you build the best Uber for nurses in Canada, the USA, the UK or any other market!

How does an on-demand nurse app work?

It works similarly to other on-demand apps available in the market.

Where a user can book any service and receive it from the service provider in almost no time.

For example, Uber for taxis that provides taxi services within minutes – at any time, from anywhere.

Similarly, in the uber for nurse app, patients or healthcare facilities can book services and nurses can then provide the services as per their needs; within minutes.

How nurse app works?

And the following is a complete workflow for it.

1. For patients

  • Book an online nursing service
  • Manage appointments
  • Track services
  • Explore nurses by their expertise 
  • Pay online through multiple channels
  • Real-time chat with a nurse
  • Connect over video conferencing
  • Give ratings and feedback

2. For healthcare facilities

  • Put job opportunities with a description
  • Fill open shifts in no time
  • Access nursing credentials and documents
  • Nurse schedule management
  • Connect with nurses in real-time over the chat
  • Track nurses in real-time
  • Same-day payroll

3. For nurses

  • Set the availability that suits the lifestyle
  • Accept services or shift that fits the schedule 
  • Manage credentials and documents in one place
  • Manage payments

This is how an on-demand nurse app offers convenient solutions to patients and healthcare facilities in real-time.

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A guide to on-demand nurse app development

It’s not rocket science.

What you need to do is – crack down on technical, business and compliance challenges.

For that, here is the comprehensive guide to it which is prepared by our expert team!

Business guide:

Right now, there is almost no competition in the market for a concept like Uber for nurses.

Besides, if you see, there is a huge nursing staff shortage in Canada and the USA.

Nurse shortages in USA

Meaning, this is the best time to invest in on-demand nurse app development.

What you need to do is –

  • Help patients get in-home nursing care solutions.
  • Help nurses find the most appropriate care job.
  • Help healthcare facilities to get on-demand nurse services.

With the Uber for nurses app, you can target almost every healthcare facility such as –

  • Large-scale hospitals
  • Long-term or senior care facilities
  • Acute care facilities

However, if you want to add an extra layer of convenience with high revenue and profitability, here is the great idea.

1. Telehealth for nurses:

The telehealth market is skyrocketing right now due to the rising demand for virtual care solutions.

By implementing this feature, you can easily help nurses to provide virtual care solutions at anytime, from anywhere.

North America telemedicine market

(Pro tip: Always hire healthcare-specific business analysts as they have a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of the healthcare industry.)

Healthcare business analysts

Technical guide:

The best on-demand app for nurses is all about having – powerful features, reliable functionality, appropriate workflows and user-friendly design.

And for that, there are 3 main development methods.

1. Custom app development

It is the process to develop the entire app from scratch (a login page too).

Custom app development is the best solution if you have unique requirements and want more flexibility and scalability.

But it should be noted that it requires high capital to invest as it takes a long development time and needs to build everything from scratch.

2. Clone app development

This is the best solution if you have low capital to invest and want to launch the on-demand nurse app in the market in less time.

Because it is the development process that is inspired by the original app with some unique functionality and features.

Meaning, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. 

3. MVP app development

This app development is widely famous among startups.

Because it allows you to launch the app in the market in less time for your early-stage users (but with some basic features).

Then, as per the feedback from users, you’ll need to improve the app – features, performance, usability, functionality and UI/UX.

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(Pro tip: Hire healthcare-specific developers as they have extensive knowledge of healthcare usability, workflows and functionality requirements.)

Why hire healthcare-specific developers?

Compliance guide:

There are multiple data privacy and security laws which vary by country and region.

For example,

  • HIPAA applies in the USA
  • GDPR applies to 27 member countries of the European Union (EU)
  • PIPEDA applies in Canada (while PHIPA is for Ontario province)

And it’s important that your Uber for nurse app must be compliant with these data privacy and security regulations.

Because these laws make sure that your app has no vulnerabilities and security loopholes which might put patients' personal, clinical and financial data at risk.

But if your app is not compliant with data privacy laws – there is a high possibility of data breaches which can result in hefty fines from the federal government!

(Pro tip: To avoid that mess, make sure that you hire compliance specialists who have hands-on experience and ultimate expertise for any compliance needs.)

Top features you can include in the on-demand nurse app development

To sustain a powerful market presence, your app features play a big role.

So, with the help of our healthcare-specific business analysts, we have listed some of the most important features of the Uber for nurse app.

For patients:

  • Patient profile or dashboard
  • Book service
  • Track services
  • Treatment history
  • Real-time chatbot
  • Communication via chat, voice and video conferencing
  • Medication tracker
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Reviews and feedback
  • Technical support

For nurse:

  • Nurse profile
  • Appointment management
  • Accept or decline the service
  • Set availability
  • Find the job as per the requirements
  • Document management
  • In-app, SMS or email reminders for upcoming appointments
  • Connect via chat, voice and video conferencing 
  • Billing and invoicing 
  • Daily, weekly or monthly reports
  • Track earning
  • Technical support

For healthcare facilities:

  • Put nursing jobs
  • Manage job requests and profiles
  • Explore the nurse's profile
  • Schedule nurse appointments
  • Real-time tracking
  • Access nurse credentials and documents
  • Contract management
  • Same-day-pay roll
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Technical support

This is how you can develop a user-friendly, powerful and profitable on-demand app for nurses.

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand nurse app?

The truth is – there is no fixed amount for it.

Because it totally depends on your development requirements and its complexity and the number of hours it takes.

And we don’t want to give you a false number and mislead you about the cost.

However, there are several aspects that influence the development costs and time.

  • UI/UX requirements
  • Features and functionalities needs 
  • Workflow requirements and their complexity
  • Technology stack
  • Compliance needs

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Nurse app development process