How Does Patient Referral Management Software Help You Reduce Referral Leakage up to 60%?

2 weeks ago

Without a doubt, a patient referral is frustrating.

For the medical team sending the referral, for the medical team receiving the referral and for a patient too.

The reason is – they all get stuck into the loop of documentation which has no time limit and no real-time visibility.

But thanks to the patient referral management software which brings peace of mind and transparency to everyone with its centralized referral tracking system.

What is patient referral management software?

It is a powerful system that simplifies referral communication between consultants, healthcare providers, care specialists and patients.

In addition, it automates your referral tracking practices along with giving you real-time visibility that eventually promotes continuity of care and reduces revenue leakage.

The medical referral tracking system is totally suitable for –

  • Community clinics
  • Small, medium and large hospital networks
  • Specialty clinics
  • Medical universities
  • Medical imaging centers
  • Other healthcare systems

How patient referral portal makes the outbound referral process simpler?

There are so many time-consuming and error-prone barriers in the outbound referral process.

From insurance authorization to updating the information back into the EMR/EHR.

But patient referral management software streamlines this entire loop.

What you need to do is – create a referral order in the EMR/EHR by adding details like reasons, priority, insurance authorization number, diagnosis code etc.

After that, just leave it to the patient referral portal.

1. The software automatically syncs data from the EMR/EHR

Patient referral software syncs data from EMR

2. Insurance authorization

There is no need for the insurance provider to fill out a referral form as the software automatically created the referral order.

So, they just need to validate all the information and place the pre-authorization with the help of a referring consultant.

Insurance authorization in patient referral app

3. Referral consultant choose the right care specialist

Now, the referral tracking system helps the referral consultation (RC) to analyze all the care needs of patients.

And with the intelligent care provider search, they can choose the right care specialist.

4. Share the patients’ documents securely

Once the RC finds the right care specialist, they can send a referral request to him or her along with the necessary documents.

Submit referral with necessary documents

5. Automated notification

This is one of the best features of patient referral management software.

Because it helps in reducing the no-show rate of the patient.

Not only this, but it also sends an appointment reminder to the care specialist.

This helps them in scheduling their appointments more efficiently without missing out on other responsibilities.

Automated reminders in medical referral tracking system

6. Real-time updates to RC

The patient referral system also allows the care specialists to update referral status.

And as per the referral status, the app automatically sends reminders to RC.

What’s more, it also allows RC to track the referral status in real-time along with the outcome of the care.

Real-time updates to RC

After that, the medical referral tracking system automatically sends all the referral information into the EMR/EHR or any other integrated health tech software.

And here is how this entire referral cycle looks like!

Outbound patient referral management
Source: HealthViewX

How medical referral tracking system makes the inbound referral process efficient?

Healthcare organizations receive two types of referrals.

  • In-network referral
  • Out-of-network referral

And it’s important to manage all these referrals with high operational efficiency and cost-effective manner.

However, it is quite challenging to do, especially when there is a lack of real-time visibility.

But patient referral management software has all the solutions to it.

It not just streamlines all your inbound referral workflow but also helps your medical staff to focus more on patient care which eventually increases the care experience and revenue and strengthens your referral network.

And here is how it helps.

1. The software automatically picks up the referral order and places it into the queue

Patient referral app picks up the order & places it into the queue

2. Referring consultant communicates with the referring provider to validate all the information via chat

Validate & connect with the referring provider

3. Referral provider helps the RC choose the right care specialist

Referral provider helps the RC choose the right care specialist

Now, the process is the same just as the outbound referring approach.

  • A referral is submitted to the care specialist with the necessary documents
  • The system automatically sends the reminder to both patients and the care provider
  • RC gets referral updates and can analyze the care outcomes 

And here is how the entire inbound referral cycle looks like.

Inbound patient referral management
Source: HealthViewX

How does the patient referral management software reduce referral losing up to 60%?

If you see, the patient referring process is time-consuming due to the documentation process, accepting referrals over the call and no real-time information access to care providers.

But with a patient referral portal, you don’t need to be stuck in such a mess.

Because it gives complete control over the entire referral cycle from one single place.

This helps healthcare organizations to –

  • Reduce operation costs
  • Reduce revenue leakage
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Eliminates the miscommunication
  • Lower the documentation time and procedure
  • Real-time visibility over the referrals
  • Improved care quality
  • Allows to spend more time on patient care needs

These all benefits help the healthcare organization to reduce their referral loss without putting in any extra effort.

Top features you must consider for the patient referral app

  • Centralized referral dashboard
  • Inbound and outbound referral management
  • Automated insurance pre-authorization
  • HIPAA-compliant document management
  • Real-time referral tracking and status update
  • Schedule management
  • HIPAA-secure messaging and notes (for internal and external users)
  • HIPAA-compliant data exchange for documents, medical imaging etc.
  • Automated reminders via SMS and email
  • Task management
  • Integration with EMR/EHR and other health tech software

So, if you are looking forward to using the medical referral tracking system for your healthcare organization, we have something for you!

Our modern approach to delivering a patient referral management software

We are an Ontario-based healthcare-focused IT company.

And with our 2+ years of hardcore coding and 30+ healthcare-specific IT professionals onboard, we recently built a powerful base for referral tracking software.

It comes up with flexibility and compatibility like a custom solution.

And talking about its affordability, well, it's game-changing!

Here is how!

Since the base is ready, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

What you need to do is – share your unique branding, workflow and usability requirements.

We will work as your extended team and do customization on top of the existing base.

(In case, if you have an in-house development team, you can purchase our patient referral management base and code on top of that.)

Because if you see, almost 90% of patient referral management software have common features like sign-in, document management, referral notes etc.

With our development approach, you don’t need to spend your time and valuable money on it as we already added these features to our base.

This way you’ll save,

  • 2000+ development hours 
  • $200,000 on cost

A few benefits of it that just gives peace of mind!

  • It’s HIPAA-compliant.
  • No monthly or yearly fees. Just a one-time licensing fee and get lifetime usage rights.
  • An unlimited number of users can access it.
  • It has a multi-user architecture (a separate portal for patients and internal and external users).

In case you’re wondering, explore the real-screen images of our patient referral management software.


Still confused?

Get a live demo!

(Note: These are not the final images of the software. Because we customize it as per the unique workflow needs of the clients.)