How to Start Virtual Dental Clinic with Teledentistry App?

1 year ago

“COVID-19 outbreak declared at the dental clinic in Waterloo.” - GlobalNews on Oct. 14, 2020. 

“COVID-19 outbreak declared at Pembroke, Ont., dental office.” - CBC News on Dec. 30, 2020. 

Yes, the threat is real. 

Despite all efforts made by dental clinics, they can’t avoid virus transmission. 

And that’s only because of the close contact between dentists, patients and other staff members at the dental clinics. 

While many clinics are still busy finding the alternative, many have successfully deployed teledentistry programs and started virtual dental clinics. 

So, how can you start virtual teledent dental services with a teledentistry app or website or software in Canada? 

Let’s understand. 

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How does a virtual dental clinic operate with the help of a teledentistry software or app? 

Resources required:

  • Telemedicine for dentists software or mobile app 
  • Internet connection 
  • Mobile, tablet or computer 

Care delivery workflow of the virtual dentist clinic: 

1. Online dentist appointment 

  • Patients can book the online dentist appointment from the telemedicine app or software - without calling anyone. 
  • Dentists can book the appointment on behalf of their existing patients. 

2. Patient onboarding 

  • On the scheduled time and date, the patient gets the reminder for a virtual dental consultation. 
  • In his appointment dashboard, he finds a pre-visit medical test uploaded by the dentist. 
  • Once the patient fills in his medical details, he can join the video call with the dentist. 

3. Video consultation

  • The dentist and patient can talk via secure video call, chat or voice call. 
  • The dentist can ask patients to upload pictures to examine the oral issues easily. 
  • The dentist has easy access to patient’s medical historic data, thanks to pre-visit medical tests and EHR/EMR integration with teledentistry solutions. 
  • The dentist can write the medical note simultaneously - which gets saved automatically under the patient's profile. 

4. Medical and lab referral 

  • If specialized care and lab testing are required, the dentists can refer patients to labs, secondary care providers or hospitals for more specialized care. 
  • Here, the app reduces burdens for dentists by auto-filling 80% of details in referral notes and ensuring it is error-free. 

5. Prescription 

  • The dentist can explore the drug directory and write the prescription for the patient from the app itself. 
  • The app generates the PDF version of the prescription and saves it under the patient profile. 
  • The app shows patients the list of nearest or partnered pharmacies and asks patients to select a preferred one. 
  • Once the patients select a pharmacy, it asks patients to select between ‘home delivery’ or ‘pick up’. 
  • Once selected, the app automatically sends a prescription to the pharmacy and the patients get a notification when the prescription is ready to pick up or delivered at the doorstep. 

6. Billing & Reimbursement 

  • Dentists can charge patients on the basis of pay-per-visit and the different fees for the first visit and follow-up visits. 
  • With a built-in payment module, patients can pay the fee using several payment methods. 
  • If a patient is insured under any private insurance (government insurance doesn't cover dental care), he needs to add his insurer details. 
  • The built-in billing module enables dentists to submit the claim to the insurer from the app itself. 

How teledent dental services benefit dental clinics during the pandemic? 

  • Contactless and safe dental care delivery 

Dentists have to check the patients very closely which increases the risk of transmission. 

But in online dental consultation, there is no such thing as it happens entirely online or virtually. 

Of course, dentists can’t consult every patient online. But a teledentistry solution surely reduces the patient footprints in a dental clinic which reduces the risk. 

  • A more affordable care 

Dental care in Canada is a high-priced healthcare service. 

And what makes it even costlier is the fact that primary dental care is not covered by government health plans in Canada. 

Additionally, during the COVID-19 time, many dental offices are charging extra for disinfection measures and PPE. 

But with telemedicine for dentists solutions, there is no such extra cost. It also saves travelling time and cost for both patients and dentists. 

  • The fastest access to care 

Using a telemedicine solution, the patients can book an appointment within minutes and see the dentists without leaving home. 

Such a care delivery method is game-changing for countries like Canada which has a large geographical area and not each area has high accessibility to healthcare.  

The biggest challenge you will face on your way to start virtual dental services in Canada is:

Compliance or addressing Canadian data privacy laws is the biggest challenge. 

Since a telemedicine app or software handles crucial personal and medical information of the patients, there are many privacy laws applicable to it. 

For instance, if you are running your virtual practice in Ontario, PHIPA applies. Same way, in Alberta, PIA applies. 

And at the federal level, PIPEDA applies. 

These laws have several technical and operational requirements which you have to address to be compliant with these laws. 

If you fail to comply with applicable privacy laws, you will become liable for the hefty fine. 

Thus, it is very important to hire a local technology partner who has exceptional knowledge of Canadian data privacy laws. 

Expert guidance on how to use telemedicine for a dental practice in an optimal way 

There is one really bad thing about technology. If you don’t use it the right way, it won’t benefit you

So, while switching from in-person dental services to teledent dental services and beyond, there are some points that you have to consider for ultimate outcome. 

The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario has documented it in a nice way. 

So, we are just sharing the link here for your education. Check it out from here.

About Connect2D Teledentistry and Opencare - Most popular among Canadian dentists 

Since Zoom and Skype aren’t compliant with all Canadian data privacy laws and do not have dentist-specific features, dentists in Canada require dedicated software. 

Connect2D Teledentistry is Canada’s first dedicated virtual care software for dentists. 

It connects licensed dentists and patients via secure messaging and video calling. 

Talking about features, it surely lacks some of the features. But the features they are offering are really valuable. 

  • Treatment planning 
  • Consultation 
  • Professional advice 
  • Prescription 
  • Follow-ups 
  • Dental goals 

We recently gave prestigious place to Connect2D Teledentistry in our hand-picked list of top 10 Canadian healthcare startups

Talking about Opencare, it is a dentist marketplace where patients can find the nearest dentists or dental clinic and book an online dental appointment. 

Additionally, a startup named Grin which provides comprehensive digital orthodontic platform also raised $10 million.

So far, we have discussed telemedicine software. Now let us explain how we can help you to start a virtual dental practice in Canada with such software. 

First of all, 

Who are we and how qualified we are to help you? 

We are an Ontario-based team of healthcare app/web/software developers, designers, business experts and compliance specialists. 

Yes, we are healthcare-specific and we only utilize our mind in healthcare. 

And that’s why there is nothing in healthcare which is impossible for us! 

We have worked with healthcare professionals, startups and even enterprises and solved their rarest challenges with our expertise in the Canadian healthcare sector. 

We provide IT consulting, develop telemedicine and other healthcare apps and software and even assist with healthcare compliance. 

Check out our epic case studies to validate our mastership. 

Case study 1: How did we build a HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant telehealth app? 

Case study 2: How did we execute PIA on a healthcare project? 

Case study 3: How did we eliminate 47 security issues from a telehealth app? 

We can integrate EMR/EHR with your telemedicine software or app 

By integrating top EHR/EMR such as Telus PS Suite, Oscar EMR, Accuro EMR, Cerner EMR, PointClickCare EHR, MED e-care EHR, we enable dentists to get instant access to crucial information of the patients from the telemedicine app itself. 

And yes, we only know how to develop a compliant telemedicine app/website/software 

With our in-house compliance experts, we ensure your app follows all data privacy laws and has zero privacy vulnerabilities. 

Once the app has been developed, we carry out TRA (threat and risk assessment) to find if there is any privacy gap and once we know the privacy gap, we solve it!

This way, we avoid your visit to the office of privacy commissioner! 

We can develop the following types of telemedicine app for dentists 

Based on different requirements and investment caps of dentists or healthcare startups, we provide different types of telemedicine solutions. 

  • Custom telemedicine app/software: 

Here, we follow the complete software development life cycle and develop the product from scratch while addressing your unique needs and clinical workflows. 

  • Clone telemedicine app/software: 

We find inspiration from top telemedicine apps such as Maple, Babylon and build telemedicine solutions similar to their UI and app features. 

  • White-label telemedicine web/app solution: 

We offer an affordable and ready-to-use telemedicine white-label solution - developed by our Canadian developers for the Canadian healthcare system. 

It is compliant with all data privacy laws and equipped with all common and advanced features. 

Check out the screenshot of our white-label solution. 

Please note, this is the common version. We will customize it for you so that we can address your unique needs and you can get a high ROI. 

Because, in healthcare, a one-fits-all approach does not work! 

And who knows healthcare better than you and us?! 

So what about having a discussion? 

That would be like - Elon Musk having a discussion with NASA!