Why Should You Invest to Make Physiotherapists Online?: Telemedicine for Physiotherapists

2 years ago

Let us assume that you are reading this blog because you are planning to opt for telemedicine for physiotherapists app or platform for your physiotherapy clinic.

But if you’re struggling to navigate telemedicine or telehealth technology complexities and high cost, this blog is a great help.

What is telemedicine for physiotherapists?

It is nothing but the remote delivery of physiotherapy services using telecommunication technologies such as voice calls and even video calls.

To provide virtual physiotherapy service, a physiotherapist and patient both need to have a few important telehealth resources such as an uninterrupted internet connection, telehealth app, and mobile or computer devices such as a tablet, smartphone, computer or laptop.

Who can provide virtual physiotherapy services and how?

  • Physiotherapy Clinics:

Physiotherapy clinics can provide virtual physiotherapy services to enhance patient delight, attract new patients, and reduce staff burden.

To provide virtual physical therapy, you have two options.

Option 1: Develop your own telemedicine for physiotherapists app

Option 2: Deploy a publicly available virtual physiotherapy app

  • Individual Physiotherapists:

Individual physiotherapists can provide virtual physiotherapy services to offer rapid & remote services and treat more patients in a given time.

Option 1: Develop your own telehealth for physiotherapists app and use it in your clinic as well as make it publicly available to make money out of it.

Option 2: Deploy a publicly available telemedicine app for physiotherapists.

  • Entrepreneurs:

Entrepreneurs can provide online physiotherapy services to make money!

Option 1: Develop a telehealth for physiotherapists app, make it available publicly for both patients and physiotherapists and take your commission out of a patient visit with a physiotherapist.

Why should you provide physiotherapy services with telemedicine for physiotherapists app?

There are mainly two reasons and both of these reasons are significant ones!

Reason 1: Market Demand

Due to COVID-19, people have changed their ways to get healthcare services. This requires healthcare providers to change the healthcare delivery model.

People are now avoiding hospital or healthcare centre visits because of the COVID-19 fear. They are finding virtual visits with doctors more convenient, safe, reliable and affordable.

To address this newly developed patient behaviour, you need to put a legacy healthcare delivery model to an end and adopt a trending healthcare delivery model - telehealth!

Reason 2: Operational and Financial Benefits

Having a telehealth tool with uninterrupted internet access and proper telehealth hardware devices makes you derive many operational and financial benefits.

Operational benefits include high productivity, reduced paperwork, rapid care, remote care, desired patient outcomes, automated tasks, fewer errors, and personalized care.

Financial benefits include less resource utilization, personalized offers, and extensive reach.

How can we help you deliver physiotherapy services remotely?

1. Physiotherapy Clinics & Individual Physiotherapists:

  • To develop your own telehealth for physiotherapists app
  • To install and maintain telehealth hardware devices
  • To set up the wired or wireless network
  • To meet HIPAA/PHIPA/PIPEDA regulations

2. Entrepreneurs:

  • To carry out market analysis
  • To develop the MVP version of the virtual physiotherapy app
  • To develop the full-fledged virtual physiotherapy app
  • To build a strong user base
  • To meet healthcare compliance

You can read this case study to validate our mastership in healthcare laws.

Our telehealth for physiotherapists app costs $25000+

  • It is a HIPAA/PHIPA/PIPEDA compliant app.
  • It lets you make unlimited video/phone calls with no extra charges.
  • You can integrate your custom workflow into it.

In case you are interested, the following are some of our telemedicine for physiotherapists app screenshots.

  • Landing Window:
  • Personalized Window:
How to Develop a Telemedicine App in 5-10 Days Within $25,000?

  • Activity Window:
How to Develop a Telemedicine App in 5-10 Days Within $25,000?

  • Chat Window:
How to Develop a Telemedicine App in 5-10 Days Within $25,000?

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