Why NOT Hire Freelance Healthcare App QA Testers? (A Red Flag Warning Ahead!)

11 months ago

It is too good to be true! 

That’s how the freelancing industry for healthcare app QA testing runs. 

No, we are not against all of them.

Many independent QA engineers are working with quality and standards. 

But finding genius and reliable QA engineers from any freelancing platform is like finding a needle in a haystack. 

And if you end up hiring the wrong freelance healthcare app QA testers, your healthcare app or software reaches the hands of your users with lots of bugs in

  • UI/UX
  • Functionality
  • Performance
  • App security

Following are some solid reasons why you must not hire freelance healthcare app QA testers. (And what’s an alternative?)

1. Your app idea at risk!

It is very common in the startup ecosystem to steal app ideas. 

Thus, a major concern for app owners is to protect their app ideas, mostly while the app idea is going through the production and QA phase. 

To deliver you a firm promise, professional QA testing companies sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with you. 

But not all freelance QA testers sign NDA which leaves you with no legal guarantee and also leaves freelancers with no legal obligation for keeping the app details private. 

And if it gets shared/leaked knowingly or unknowingly, your all investment, vision, time and efforts will go into vain. 

2. Short term commitment

Freelance healthcare app QA testers work with so many clients at the same time. 

They always want to complete a project as quickly as possible to move on to the next project. 

And that’s why, after completion of your QA project, you will mean nothing to them unless you pay them extra. 

If your app shows some bug after the completion of QA work, they will not be responsible as they in the majority of cases do not provide long-term commitment.

Lack of long-term commitment highly affects your time and cost as you now need to re-hire the same freelance app QA tester or someone new to solve a newly emerged issue with your app. 

3. Lack of healthcare-specific expertise

Healthcare is a very unique industry.

Here, app UI, functionality and app security are very different from other industries.

For example, while carrying out QA of healthcare app, testers need to put more emphasis on security testing and carry out QA concerning regulations of applicable data privacy laws.

Hence, the QA team must need an on-ground understanding of all applicable data privacy laws. 

QA testers having healthcare-specific expertise can do QA of healthcare app 10 times better than other non-specific QA engineers.

But unfortunately, it is not easy to hire such healthcare-specific QA testers from freelance marketplaces. 

4. Huge uncertainty with cost

Freelancers are independent skilled workers.

They work on their own time and with their conditions. 

They do not follow any SOP while defining project costs.

They sometimes charge a little, while sometimes very high. 

If the project deadline extends for some reason, they increase the cost overnight.

And you don’t have any choice as the project is already half-done. 

Trapping yourself into such a mess is really something you would never expect.

Dealing with them also becomes very difficult in such a situation as they do not belong to any company that cares for its market value and reputation. 

Case study: How did we test the telemedicine app 5X faster?

5. Your app code will be in danger! 

We have a very honest question for you. 

Would you be confident enough to share your app code with independent QA testers who do not associate with any registered company with a genius track record? 

Of course not!

Because app code is a valuable asset and needs to be handled with responsibility. 

However, when you hire any freelance healthcare app QA testers, you don’t have any choice but to share your app code with them because they need code to run tests on it. 

And in a worst-case scenario, if they misuse or establish wrong ownership of code, you will be in big trouble.

We know the possibilities for such an incident are very low but it is not a rational idea to take a chance when freelancing platforms aren’t responsible for such a misshape.

(Understand the fact, that freelancing platforms are the marketplaces, just like Amazon or any other e-commerce website. Not everything you see and read is genius. You only get to know the reality when you experience it by yourself. But by then, it would be too late!)

We Don’t Ask You to Skip Them. We Only Want You to Understand that You have Another Choice too!

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On the closing note, we would like to share our very valuable resource: Healthcare App QA Testing Guide With a Checklist