SyS Creations FAQs

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Where is SyS Creations headquartered?

SyS Creations is headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. For in-person meetings, you can visit us at 1409-2093, Fairview St, Burlington, ON L7R 0B4.

Which are the services SyS Creations provides?

SyS Creations is the leading managed IT service provider in Ontario. In addition to providing managed IT services, SyS Creations provides,

  • Cloud services - Cloud migration, setup, maintenance
  • Networking services - Network setup, network monitoring, network support
  • Managed security services - IPS, firewall, endpoint device security, incident response
  • Business telephony services - VoIP and FoIP
  • Healthcare compliance consulting - PHIPA, HIPAA, PIPEDA consultation
Which are the industries SyS Creations serves?

SyS Creations mainly serves the healthcare industry. However, SyS Creations team has expertise to solve business problems of manufacturing and real estate industries.

In the healthcare industry, what types of healthcare entities SyS Creations is working with?

SyS Creations is working with almost all types of healthcare entities including LTC homes, retirement homes, pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, healthcare startups, healthcare-focused IT companies, and even cannabis companies.

Which are the IT solutions SyS Creations provides to LTC homes?

SyS Creations provides LTC homes with EMR and virtual healthcare solutions.

Does SyS Creations provide on-site support?

If the system error can not be solved on the telephone or through AR-based remote assistance tools, the support team flies to the client's location to provide on-site support.

How many specialists does SyS Creations accommodate in its team?

Since SyS Creations is not limited to only one or two services, it accommodates multiple specialists such as network engineers, database specialists, VoIP/FoIP engineers, server specialists, security experts, cloud experts as well as healthcare compliance specialists.

Does SyS Creations provide healthcare app development?

SyS Creations has mastered the healthcare app UI, workflow, interoperability as well as compliance. Thus, SyS Creations provides its earned knowledge in a form of consultation to healthcare startups & IT companies and also develops healthcare apps and digital healthcare solutions.

What is the best way to talk to the SyS Creations team?

There are multiple ways to talk to the SyS Creations team.


Call: +1 905 635 7574

Is your shared data with us safe?

We never share client data with anyone. In fact, we do not save client data unless the client allows us.

Who will provide us with SyS Creations services?

SyS Creations team provides you with SyS Creations services through the network of IT vendors.

Whom should we contact in the case of error or any query?

SyS Creations assigns a dedicated support team for you. You can anytime contact our support team if you encounter any error.

How did SyS Creations help LTC homes during COVID-19?

SyS Creations has set up a network in the LTC home during COVID-19 to support online senior care in order to reduce administrative burdens and enhance the outcome of senior care.

SyS Creations has also deployed a virtual healthcare solution Writi in an LTC home to actualize virtual visits between physicians and residents during this challenging time.

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