Server Management Service

Next-Gen Storage Environment to Manage Data-Growth Now, In Future

Businesses have adopted new ways of operations. They are now more dependent on data and accommodating remote teams. The new era of business operations needs a next-gen storage environment. It reduces complexity, costs and underutilized assets. Our server engineers design, setup and manage scalable servers to meet your current and future needs.

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Whether you are planning to set up the wired or wireless network or planning to upgrade your legacy network to an advanced, secure and resilient network, our dedicated team of network engineers and security experts not only plan, deploy and manage the network infrastructure but ensure the network security with ongoing network monitoring and incident response.

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Why should you consider Server Management Service?


With data becoming a valuable business asset, not only large enterprises but SMEs are adopting servers to manage data seamlessly and enable remote & in-house teams to access data securely. Advancement in server technology such as cloud server infrastructure and server virtualization is facilitating businesses to keep pace with market demand very economically. However, it is worth considering that the server is one of the complex components of the IT infrastructure. It requires ultimate mastership in server setup and management. Server deployment and management specialists are trained to not only deploy and manage the server but to let you claim high ROI and avoid server downtime with human intelligence and server monitoring software.

SyS Creations Server Management Service Offerings

Our 30 years of combined experience makes us aware of the challenges a business can encounter. We curated the server management service offerings with the highest state of awareness so that we can solve every single server related challenge of small, medium and even large scale businesses.


Server Setup

Bare-Metal/Cloud/Hybrid Server Setup

Data Migration

Backup Installation and Maintenance

Proactive Server Support


Server Updates & Patching

Weekly Server Update Assessment

Regular Server Software Updation

Server Hardware Upgradatio

New Application Software Installation


Server Monitoring

Server Uptime Monitoring

CPU/Network Bandwidth Monitoring

Rapid Incident Response

Weekly Performance Report


Server Virtualization

VMWare, Hyper-V Server Solution

Server Virtualization Implementation

Virtual Server Migration

Server Virtualization Support

Reasons to Count on Us

We work with both SMEs and large enterprises. Both of them experience almost the same server challenges but at different scales which requires a different delivery approach for the same server solution. We’ve mastered multi-model solution delivery to help all businesses regardless of their business position.

Broader Skill Set

We’re limitless. Our team has 30 years of combined experience that can address your cloud, on-premises and hybrid server requirements easily.

Results-Oriented Service

We don’t run a blind race. We first define the goal and then act on it. We even evaluate efforts aggressively to ensure desired results.

Remote/On-Site Support

A server downtime costs significantly high. We avoid such financial and operational disasters with a proactive remote or on-site support team.

Future Goals Entertained

We deploy servers considering your future goals so that you don’t have to spend again on servers in the future with the new business position.


What are the top types of servers?
There are major three types of servers - on-premises servers, cloud servers, hybrid servers. Businesses are opting more for cloud servers due to reliability, affordability and security.
What is the total cost of server ownership?
The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of the server depends on many factors. However, the major factor is the type of server you choose to deploy. For instance, the monthly cost of cloud server ownership is almost 60% less than on-premises servers.
What happens if I lose everything on the server?
A server disaster is not a rare thing. Due to human error or cyber attack, every data stored on the server can be wiped out. However, thanks to disaster recovery techniques and the server support team’s quick response, you can easily retrieve the lost data and find the cause of data loss to avoid the same incident in the future.
How to measure server performance?
To measure the server performance, you need to consider many performance metrics such as throughput, data in and data out, average response time, peak response time, hardware utilization, thread count, uptime, and HTTP server error rate.
What are the key hardware components of the server?
The key hardware components of the server are the motherboard, CPU, RAM, hard drive, network/port, and GPU.
Which is the best server operating system?
There are multiple server operating systems. However, Microsoft and Ubuntu are the most-used server operating systems.
What is the major function of the server?
Though the server performs many important tasks, the major task of the server is to get a user request and process it. It also saves heaps of crucial data.
What are the best security practices to secure a server?
  • Use a Secure Connection
  • Use SSH Keys Authentication
  • Use FTPS
  • Use VPN
  • Monitor Login Attempts
  • Manage Users
  • Set Password Requirements
  • Keep Software Updated

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