Everything You Need to Know to Build a Website for Pharmacy: Types, Features, Cost

10 months ago

Brace for the eye-opening experience. 

Because trust me, you are only 1% aware of pharmacy website development.

Yes, we know this is a bold statement. But that’s what an honest blog intro is called! 

How does a website for your pharmacy benefit your business? 

You must already have an idea. So, we are keeping this short and straightforward. 

  • Online presence 24/7 
  • Information sharing (opening hours, contact details, services, etc)
  • Marketing for your pharmacy 
  • Advertising 
  • Competitive edge 
  • Market expansion 
  • Business credibility 
  • Increased sales 

But what actually is a website and how does it work?

I know this is a bit technical, but if you’re planning to build a pharmacy website, you must have basic knowledge of its working and other technical things. 

A website is a bundle of web pages that users can access via any web and mobile browser but only when their devices are connected to the internet. 

To let users access your pharmacy website, you need to host it on the server via any hosting service provider. (You can also host it on your own server, but it costs you a lot.)

Each website has an address which is called a domain name. For example, www.yourpharmacyname.ca.  

You need to purchase this domain via any of the domain name providers. The best example here is, GoDaddy. 

So, if we conclude, your pharmacy website needs a domain name and you need to host your website on a server via a hosting service provider to make it discoverable on the internet. 

Now, when any reader types your domain name (yourpharmacyname.ca) on any browser or clicks on the result shown by search engines, the browser sends a request to the server on which your website has been hosted. 

The server processes the request and shows the HTML code in the webpage format on the browser to the user or reader. 

Top use cases of pharmacy website

Well, a website serves several purposes. If you create a website for your pharmacy to satisfy any of these purposes or use cases, we can guarantee you a high ROI. 

  • Sharing information about your pharmacy services and offerings 
  • Sharing information about your pharmacy such as timing, location, contact, etc
  • Getting new customers who are searching for nearby pharmacies online 
  • Sharing resources and content with your customers and readers 

Cost to build a website for your pharmacy 

There are several free pharmacy website templates and readymade websites you can buy online. But we are not talking about such types of websites as they do not deliver any value. 

We are talking about a professional website, built dedicatedly for your pharmacy by experts. 

So, to build such a custom and premium website for your pharmacy, it costs as low as $5K and as high as $50K - depending hugely on your requirements. 

Yes, the difference is huge, but that’s the most practical way the global development industry works. 

If you want to add advanced features to your website with a feature-rich admin panel, developers need to invest more hours which of course increases the cost. 

And if you want to own only a basic website, it is very pocket-friendly. 

Why is website security vital for your pharmacy website?

1. Protects sensitive information

Pharmacy websites collect sensitive information such as personal and medical details of patients, credit card information, and other private data.

Website security measures such as SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and firewall protection can help protect this information from hackers and cybercriminals.

2. Builds trust and credibility

A secure website sends a message to potential customers that you take their privacy and security seriously.

This builds trust and credibility with your audience, which is especially important in the healthcare industry where people expect the highest levels of security and confidentiality.

3. Prevents website downtime and loss of revenue

A security breach can lead to website downtime, which can cause significant losses in revenue and customers. 

A secure website can help prevent downtime by detecting and mitigating potential threats before they cause damage.

4. Protection against cyber threats

Cyber threats such as malware, viruses, and phishing attacks are prevalent and can cause significant harm to your website and your customers. 

A secure website with up-to-date security measures can help protect against these threats.

If you’re already planning to make a pharmacy website, you must think of a pharmacy web app

What is a pharmacy web app? 

A web app is an advanced version of a website.   

It is either an entire software or a piece of software which is accessible via web browsers.

Unlike websites, a web app can support more advanced features such as, 

  • User authentication/user sign up 
  • User profiles 
  • Prescription order 
  • Prescription renewal request 
  • Tele consulting 
  • Online chat 
  • Rating and review 
  • Kroll or any other PMS integration  

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What can you do with a pharmacy web app which you can’t do with a website?

  • You can solve any age-old challenge of the pharma industry 
  • You can actually deliver your pharmacy services online 
  • You can accept new prescriptions order online directly from a doctor or patient
  • You can accept prescription renewal requests online 
  • You can virtually connect pharmacists and patients via chat, voice call, and video call
  • You can streamline entire pharmacy management workflows 
  • You can add new prescriptions details directly to Kroll or any PMS due to Kroll integration with your web app 
  • You can save a lot of time and deliver an outstanding experience to your patients 

We’re local Canadians, who build both pharmacy websites & web apps with our 8+ years of healthcare IT experience  

Why are we bizarre in a good sense … 

  • Because we only serve the healthcare IT industry. 
  • Because, our developers, designers, and business analysts have only been working on healthcare projects since the first day of their professional careers. 
  • Because we accommodate dedicated healthcare compliance specialists. 
  • Because, we solve technical as well as business and compliance challenges of healthcare providers, startups, and organizations. 
  • Because, we have an on-ground understanding of how healthcare, billing, and compliance work in Canada and the USA. 
  • Because we always deliver peace of mind as extra project deliverables!