Develop App like Akira in Ontario and Actualize Remote Care in 2021

4 years ago

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the world is changing, so do the people. Stepping out of home has never been this dangerous. People are nowadays adopting a new lifestyle to execute all necessary tasks without leaving home.

This is the best business opportunity for entrepreneurs. By providing essential services especially healthcare on-demand through mobile apps, entrepreneurs can help humanity while earning money! 

On-demand doctor apps or telehealth apps enable people to get world-class healthcare services without visiting hospitals and becoming the easy victims of coronavirus.

Through telehealth apps, patients can connect to doctors via voice call, video call, or chat. 

Considering the current market opportunity, if you are planning to develop a telehealth app in Ontario, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will make you familiar with the best telehealth app available in Canada which is Akira by TELUS Health.

We will share its features, user groups, and many other crucial things that you should know to develop an on-demand doctor app or develop a telehealth app like Akira in Ontario. 

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Get insight into Akira telehealth app 

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In 2019, TELUS Health acquired Akira Health which is the provider of the virtual healthcare services. Ever since then, TELUS Health and Akira have been collaboratively securing opportunities and brought mental health and diagnostics to the virtual care platform. 

Talking about TELUS Health, TELUS Health, formerly known as Emergis was acquired by TELUS in 2007. TELUS serves in the healthcare industry with its one division named TELUS Health.

It also serves in the real estate and financial industries with its other two divisions named TELUS Assyst and TELUS Financial Solutions.

Akira telehealth app is one of the most promising products of TELUS Health. It owns many other products like Akira.

In 2018, TELUS Health has tied up with British digital healthcare service provider Babylon Health to launch a telehealth mobile app specifically designed for the Canadian market. 

Akira telehealth app is Canada’s most advanced virtual care platform. It is the product of over 3 years of research and development. You can download it from Google Play Store and Apple App Store

How does the Akira telehealth app streamline healthcare services? 

The Akira telehealth app makes healthcare easily accessible. Users can trigger a chat with licensed doctors instantly. The app also supports video calls. Meaning, patients can talk to doctors via video call. 

The app module of the doctors is equipped with a digital clinical toolkit. This clinical toolkit allows doctors to write the prescription and even medical notes.  

The app follows all government rules related to the patient’s data storage and usage, imposed under PHIPA act. It also encrypts the messages. 

Akira claims that over 50% of medical issues that would take users to the clinics can be treated on the app. These medical issues include, 

  • Cold and Flu 
  • Mental Health
  • Skin Concerns 
  • Reproductive Health 
  • Sexual health
  • Travel Vaccinations 
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Acid Reflux  
  • Eye issues
  • Sinus infections 

Top user groups of Akira telehealth app or app like Akira telehealth 

If you are planning to develop telehealth app like Akira in Ontario, you should identify the user groups to identify their specific needs and ways to satisfy those needs. 

The following are the top user groups of the Akira telehealth app. 

  • Organization 

Akira ties up with startups and enterprises to effectively provide on-demand doctor service and telehealth services to their staff members. 

  • Individual sick people  

Individual sick people who are seeking care are Akira’s another major user group. 

  • Parents 

A large number of parents seek care for their children through the Akira telehealth app or app like Akira.

  • Mental health patients 

Since Akira accommodates psychiatrists to cure mental health issues, mental health patients are also its major user group. 

Top features you have to consider to develop telehealth app like Akira in Ontario


Deciding the feature set is a vitally important step toward developing the telehealth app which attracts the users and addresses their every need. 

The following are the few top features you have to integrate in your telehealth app like Akira. 

Telehealth user app features: 

  • Sign up/log in/authentication 
  • AI-enabled chat-style symptom checker
  • Browse doctors 
  • Doctor profile 
  • Book appointment 
  • Built-in communication method (chat, voice call, video call) 
  • Storage options to save medical note, sicknote, prescription 
  • Call recording options
  • Notifications 
  • History 
  • Payment 
  • Rating & review 

Telehealth doctor app features: 

  • Sign up/log in/authentication
  • Profile 
  • Calendar 
  • Task Scheduling 
  • In-built chat, video call, and voice call options
  • Call recording
  • Notifications
  • Medical prescription 
  • Dashboard and analytics

Top alternatives to Akira telehealth app or app like Akira telehealth in Ontario 

The Canadian telehealth app market is intensified. Many telehealth apps like Akira offer purposeful medical services. You should know about each of these apps to understand the market landscape to come up with the best telehealth app. 

Following is the list of top alternatives to the Akira telehealth app or app like Akira 

  • Maple: Maple is a Toronto, Canada -based company which has developed a telehealth platform named Maple. It connects patients with doctors within 2 minutes. To know its pricing models and develop telehealth app like Maple in Ontario, read our dedicated blog. 
  • Babylon: TELUS Health has tied up with British digital healthcare service provider Babylon Health to launch a telehealth mobile app specifically designed for the Canadian market. To know more about Babylon by TELUS Health and develop telehealth app like Babylon in Ontario, read our dedicated blog.  
  • Ask a Doctor: Ask a Doctor is the telehealth or telemedicine app with basic features. It only supports chat messages between doctors and patients. To develop telemedicine app like Ask a Doctor in Ontario, read our dedicated blog.

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On the concluding note, we would like to share our most recent case study on telehealth app development.