How to Develop Women’s Health Tracker App like Flo?: A Complete Roadmap to Build the Best Women’s Health App

2 years ago

The successful women’s health tracker app development is about taking inspiration!

And that's why we picked the Flo app for it.

This single mobile app is used by 230 million women around the world! 

Isn’t this something every entrepreneur dreams of? 

That’s the power of a successful women's health app. 

Flo app

It targets the real pain of a specific user group - women! 

Flo promotes itself as the No.1 women’s health app that focuses on period tracking,  ovulation tracking and pregnancy tracking.

But when we explored its features, we found it is the most feature-rich and the best women’s health tracker app we have ever seen.

Therefore, if you are planning to develop a women’s health tracker app, the Flo app is the best place to take inspiration.

And in this blog, we will make you aware of all its features that you should also consider for your women’s health app development. 

After all, features are the only thing that fuels the success of the Flo app! 

How to develop a women's health tracker app like Flo?

Three factors define success for any mHealth app development.

It's – business, technical and compliance!

However, it’s not easy to crack it down, especially when it's about addressing a problem for a specific gender.

But there is no worry. 

Because the planning and strategy we have listed are created by our healthcare-specific business, technical and compliance experts who have more than 250 years of experience together.

So, let’s get started!

Step-1: Define your goals and do a competitive analysis

First, it’s important to identify what problem you want to address.

For example, you want to build a period tracking app or want to develop a pregnancy and birth control app.

You first need to define your goal.

Once it’s done, do a comprehensive competitive analysis.

Meaning, identifying what other women’s health apps are offering and how you can outsmart them.

Clue, Eve, Flo and Natural Cycles are popular apps in the market which you should consider for competitive analysis.

Step-2: Create a plan for the tech stack, features and functionality you want in the women’s health tracker app

Your app needs to be fast, relevant and easy to use.

To earn that, you must focus on the app – tech stack, features and functionality.

And here is the strategy for it.

Tech stack:

If you want to build an iOS app – choose either Swift or Objective-C language.

If you want to build an Android app – choose either Java or Kotlin.

And to get a clear understanding of it, explore our definitive overview of selecting the decent technology stack for healthcare apps.

For features and functionality, let’s take inspiration from the Flo app itself.

First of all, a feature is nothing but the solution to the users’ problem. 

For instance, if a user has the challenge to make an online payment, you would integrate a payment feature.

If a user has the challenge to search for products online, you would integrate a search feature with filters.

Meaning, the more problems you want to solve, the more features you would require for women’s health tracking app development.

Flo is doing the same. It solves all the problems of women related to self-care with some of the greatest yet simple features of the healthcare industry. 

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1) A Goal-Based Personalized User Experience 

There was a user experience. Then it came to a personalized user experience. And now there is a goal-based personalized user experience.  

Here, in a goal-based personalized user experience, the app asks the goal of the user for using the app. 

Based on the user's selected goal, it optimizes the content, features and UI of the blog for a personalized user experience. 

For instance, 

When a user opens the Flo app for the first time, the app asks the user to select one from three goals. 

Select three goals in the Flo app

From these 3 goals, if a user selects goal 1, the Flo app shows only goal-related information and features to the user such as, 

Period tracker

By doing so, the Flo app makes sure that a user does not get engaged in unnecessary information & tasks and gets frustrated by not finding what she is looking for.

2) Change Goal Any Time 

The Flo app offers a great level of flexibility. It lets users change the goal anytime by just opening the sidebar and selecting the new goal. 

As soon as the user selects the new goal, the app presents only that new goal-related content and features to the users. 

Profile management in the Flo app

3) Multi-Purpose Home Screen or Dashboard

The best home screen or dashboard is one that contains maximum useful information for that user only without making the home screen congested. 

Flo’s home screen has been designed very intelligently. A single screen solves multiple purposes of the users. 

Here is how: 

Ovulation day reminder
  • Users can find all notifications from this home screen. 
  • Users can track ovulation and know the chances of getting pregnant. 
  • Users can add their symptoms for today. 
  • Users can track weight, sleep and water consumption. 
  • From the home screen only, users can find different learning resources. 
  • Users can even jump into a secret chat feature to get or read answers related to female health. 

4) Learning Resources 

Every woman would love to learn more and more about the different ways to carry out self-care with minimal effect and within budget. 

The Flo app has a dedicated feature for learning resources. 

Here, users can read blogs, and small articles, watch videos and even listen to podcasts on different topics related to women’s wellness. 

Curated articles, videos etc.

The reason why this feature is very significant for Flo is because it is a revenue source for Flo. 

Flo follows the freemium model and only offers a limited number of features and resources free of cost. 

To read, listen and watch all resources, the user should buy a subscription to Flo. 


While deciding the feature set, you should decide which features are so useful and unique that people would be interested in subscribing to. 

This will create a revenue source for your app!

5) Secret Chat (in the true sense) 

It is always great to get answers from multiple other people going through the same situation. 

The Flo app allows users to answer and read others' questions anonymously. 

Users can also follow interesting topics to keep updated with all questions and answers related to that topic only. 

Secret chat in Flo app

6) Graphs and Reports 

Everyone loves to see data in a graphical representation. 

Also, when there are multiple data from multiple days, only a graph justifies its clean and understandable representation. 

The Flo app lets users see graphs and reports of several different factors such as weight, nutrition, activity, sleep duration, water etc in a very clean format. 

Graph tracking and reporting in the women's health tracker app

This way, the Flo app does not limit to only the period tracker app, but it is a complete women's health tracker app solution. 

Step-3: Hire a healthcare-specific IT professional

Healthcare apps are totally different from the rest of the apps.

Because it comes up with so many challenges in workflows, usability, UI/UX and the list goes on and on.

Healthcare-specific IT professionals are the only ones who have that much of experience and expertise to address these challenges without increasing the time-to-market and development costs.

And here is why you should hire healthcare-specific IT professionals to develop a women’s health tracker app. 

Healthcare developers v/s non-healthcare developers

Step-4: Review the app design and functionality

The aim is to help women track their health more effectively and efficiently.

And it is only feasible when the app is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

To achieve that, review the app design and functionality of the app throughout the development cycle.

Step-5: Compliant with all the data privacy laws

This is one of the most crucial steps for women’s health tracking app development.

Because it’s important to protect the data of each woman from cyber attacks.

And to do so, your app needs to be compliant with data privacy and security laws.

However, these laws vary by country and province.

For example,

  • HIPAA is applicable in the USA
  • PHIPA applies in Canada
  • PIPEDA applies in the Ontario province
  • GDPR applies to 27 member countries of the European Union (EU)

In case – if your app is not compliant with federal government laws, the possibility is higher of cyber attacks.

This might put users’ data privacy at risk which can result in hefty fines from the federal government.

Hence, do the comprehensive compliance audit with the help of highly-skilled compliance experts!

Step-6: Launch your women’s health tracker app in the market

Once you built an app with these above aspects, submit your app to Google Play and App store.

This process is quite intimidating and time-consuming.

And if you want this process smooth and trouble-free, then allocate at least 1-2 weeks for the app submission process.

Once the app is available in the app stores, now it’s time to celebrate.

But don’t forget to keep monitoring and upgrading your app performance, usability, functionality and features.

This will help you stay ahead of the competition with the highest ROI!

How much does it cost to develop a women’s health tracker app like Flo?

Generally, developers around the globe charge on an hourly basis. 

And the features you select to add to the app influence the development hours greatly. 

Meaning, the features you want to add to the app = the budget you require! 

But there is one more factor that influences your budget and it is the region where you outsource your project. 

In many Asian countries, developers charge a very nominal hourly fee and thus, the budget you require is just under $15000. 

However, many developers from Asian countries lack knowledge of the North American healthcare system and most importantly healthcare compliance. 

Many of them (not all) also do not concern themselves with quality work. 

Additionally, they fail to understand the North American market and user persona.  

As a result, you would receive an app with bugs, poor UI, and privacy & security issues - if you end up hiring an inexperienced app agency. 

Thus, it is always advisable to hire North America-based developers to develop the app for people belonging to North America. 

They will charge a slightly higher fee which requires a budget of $30000+. 

But they will work with Canadian standards of quality and always prefer to develop a compliant mobile app while addressing all data privacy laws.  

A few more women’s health app development ideas

Targeting women's wellness and healthcare challenges with an app is the best thing you can do for women in this modern world - while also making money!

So, here sharing some more epic women's wellness app ideas.

  • Women-specific wellness eCommerce app
  • Women-specific weight management app
  • Women-specific mental health app
  • Women-specific yoga app
  • Pregnancy tracker app
  • Women-specific virtual primary care app
  • Telehealth app for birth control
  • Women health tracking app

We follow a 17-step approach to develop the best women's health tracker app like Flo 

We are an Ontario, Canada-based team of app developers, app designers, business experts and even compliance consultants. 

We spend 8 hours each day working on game-changing healthcare technologies and bringing them within the budget of our clients. 

We have worked with 100+ healthcare providers, startups and organizations. 

With our unique 17-step app development approach, we develop the app Canadians have never used before! 

We strongly believe a great idea is just an unfulfilled dream without perfect execution. 

Custom healthcare app development process

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