Women Health App Development Opportunities for Canada in 2022

1 year ago

When it comes to health and wellness, there are gender-specific complications and needs. 

With a general-purpose mobile app or platform, you can’t address challenges a specific gender is facing. 

Thus let’s aim to address women’s health and wellness challenges with a women health mobile app development! 

Pandemic and women health: Challenges and opportunities   

During the ongoing pandemic, physicians in the USA and Canada have reported fewer visits of patients who are fearful of catching coronavirus from the clinic. 

A large percentage of women patients skipped regular medical consultations for the same reason. Many women diagnosed with breast cancer also missed very critical cancer screenings as there had already been a long wait time and the pandemic made it worse. 

In many developing countries and even in some poor regions of developed countries, a very high COVID-19 mortality rate among pregnant women has been reported.  

On April 2, 2021, CTV News published a finding based on 40 studies. Rates of stillbirth and maternal deaths increased by around a third during the pandemic as a result of worse pregnancy outcomes for both babies and mothers. 

Lack of access to birth control and fertility treatment has also been causing several unwanted healthcare and wellness complications to women during the pandemic time. 

Pandemic also left several women unemployed. This resulted in awful mental health among a group of women who are responsible for the survival of their kids. 

Overall, from physical health to mental health, wellness and finance, the pandemic has been impacting women on a larger scale. 

However, several femtech startups have been helping women to overcome all challenges with the help of mobile apps. 

Using women health mobile apps of different categories such as sexual health & wellness, reproductive health, nursing care etc, women can easily achieve desirable health and wellness targets even during the pandemic. 

These apps enable women to seek medical consultation virtually without stepping out of the home that leads women to live a healthy lifestyle full of joy - they deserve. 

Why do women prefer to use apps to manage their health and wellness? 

If you are wondering, femtech is a billion-dollar industry with millions of women using mobile apps to manage their health and wellness on the go. 

According to reports, the global market size of the femtech industry is more than $18 billion and developed countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, UK are top contributors. 

Following are the top reasons why women opt-in more for femtech apps and why you should opt it for women health app development. 

  • Privacy

Many women do not feel comfortable while having in-person medical consultation with a clinician for a sexual health and wellness complication. 

But a mobile app enables women to seek medical consultation with a clinician privately through chat and voice call options. 

Several apps even offer flexibility to women to not reveal their identity at all. 

  • Easy tracking 

The majority of all femtech mobile apps working as women health tracking app allow women to record and track every parameter of their health & wellness from menstruation cycle to diet, workout and pregnancy period. 

  • Affordable and rapid care 

Femtech mobile apps facilitate women to talk to clinicians within minutes without travelling to the clinic and waiting in the queue. This not only saves time for women patients but also saves their travelling cost. 

  • A personalized care 

Femtech mobile apps equipped with sophisticated AI technology understand the health & wellness goal of a female user and guide her with the personalized care plan and resources so that she achieves what she wants to! 

Top women health app development opportunities for Canada in 2022  

Are you planning to go for women health app development, but not sure which type of femtech app will work best in Canada and other North American markets, this list is for you.

  • Period and ovulation tracker app

Several women prefer to use period and ovulation tracker apps as it influences their wellness to a great extent

Based on user goals, the app suggests several steps to ensure women are able to track their period and ovulation cycle not to just keep a record but to either avoid pregnancy or embrace pregnancy. 

Flo is the most popular period and ovulation tracker app - being used by more than 150 million women around the world! 

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  • Pregnancy app 

Women going through pregnancy experience several physical health, mental health and wellness-related challenges

With a pregnancy mobile app, you can empower pregnant women with the right tools to let them enjoy all the extras of a great pregnancy period. 

By integrating telemedicine capabilities, you can also allow them to talk to their clinical team remotely for regular medical consultations throughout the pregnancy period. 

Sprout Pregnancy is the most popular pregnancy app. It is equipped with several unique features. 

For instance, pregnant women can see lifelike interactive movements, kicks, and heartbeats of what’s happening right inside that growing belly.

Another useful feature is a journal in which women can record photos, thoughts and every other pregnancy moment. 

  • Personal care app (skin & hair care) 

What all women are most concerned about are their skin and hair. With a mobile app, you can let women look after their skin and hair in a modern way. 

Hers Health is a USA-based unicorn startup - doing exactly the same. It facilitates women to receive skin care and hair care easily from its intuitive online platform. 

It also sells skin care and hair care products through its online platform and even lets women talk to medical specialists for more specialized hair and skin care.  

  • Birth control pills delivery app 

A mobile app makes it very easy for users to order FDA-approved birth control pills from the comfort of their homes. 

Features like birth control suggestions, online live tracking, easy online payment and ePrescription make the customer experience more personalized and private. 

You can also tie-up with insurers to benefit users financially without losing anything from your pocket.

Pill Club is a game-changing birth control delivery startup that recently raised $42 million. 

The most popular business model of women health and wellness apps 

If you are planning to go for women healthcare app development to develop a women wellness app or to build a women health tracking app, you must be worried about your revenue. 

So, let us show you the profitable ways all popular femtech apps are making money. 

  • Freemium model 

This is the most tested and trusted way to make money with any type of app. Under the freemium model, you allow your users to use a certain number of basic features for free and to use all features including advanced features, your users need to pay a fixed monthly or annual fee. 

  • Pay-per-visit 

Almost all femtech apps allowing women to virtually talk to clinicians charge them a fixed amount for each virtual visit. 

Many charge a lower amount for follow-up visits. Many charge a higher amount for virtual visits after midnight and on weekends & holidays. 

  • Subscription plans 

To offer more value to your users at the lowest possible price, you can launch several subscription plans for different user groups. 

For instance, you can launch a skin & hair care subscription plan under which users receive products according to their skin and hair care goals on a regular basis. 

How do we build the best women healthcare and wellness app that users have never used before? 

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