Why Use Node.js and Hire Node.js Developers For Your Healthcare Project?

11 months ago

As people, we are always presented with choices in our life.

Don’t worry, this is still a healthcare blog.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

So when you get an opportunity to make a healthcare web app, hire node.js developers.

But why exactly did Node.js become a great choice for healthcare web app development?  

Almost 75% of the Canadian and US inhabitants scroll over the internet for their health-related questions and queries.

For developers creating web apps for healthcare businesses, Node.js has been shown to possess an ideal framework. 

This well-designed technology improves the experience and contentment of both professionals and patients while lowering the overall cost of treatment.

The Purpose and Framework of Node.js as Backend Development for Your Healthcare Project

The APIs in Node.js, are excellent for back-end development.

With support for file systems, HTTP requests, streams, and child processes, providing you with greater access and enhanced speed and functionality for your healthcare web application.

  • Its robust and scalable nature allows it to create real-time applications.
  • The framework is well-known for its portability, quickness, and security. As a result, it is widely used in numerous industries today.
  • The framework provides a cross-platform and open-source runtime environment.
  • With no explicit difference between javascript used in browsers and javascript used in node.js thus the cross-functionality between them using the same language in front and backend web app development, it provides a great boost to your server technology.
  • In healthcare, smooth, efficient, and faster functioning is of utmost importance. You don’t want to be hung up because the traditional web-serving methods require the creation of a new thread for each new connection, which places a significant strain on a system's RAM. 
  • Node.js in healthcare could be reused and shared in both the frontend and backend of your application to accelerate development. Node.js keeps everything operating well with just one thread, as long as the queries aren't too demanding.

In the 2021 stack overflow survey, Node.js booked the 6th spot and Javascript ruled at the top.

When you hire node.js developers like us this global language is known to our front-end and back-end developers like the palm of their hand.

As a result, switching to Node.js in the backend is considerably easier for developing your healthcare web application.

By now you might be wondering why a healthcare tech company like us who have been developing web-based healthcare applications for many Canadian and US-based healthcare entrepreneurs and start-ups emphasizing using node.js.

Let us tell you a tale of data tangles in outer space and how node.js came to the rescue.

“Big data is brought to the cloud using Node.js, allowing astronauts to live and work in space.

When NASA encountered a data issue, the team devised an end-to-end system providing data on the whole lifespan of spacesuits.

They picked Node.js because of its quicker execution time and lower cost.

The team uses Node.js to build an API-driven Node.js corporate architecture that can transfer data to the cloud without incurring additional contract costs”.

Why Hiring Node.js Developers for a Healthcare Project Will Be the Best Decision You Ever Made?


Yes, we are trying to tell you that you should hire Node.js developers like us for your healthcare web application backend development. Because we know what it can do for you. 

Especially, in the healthcare industry, there exists a strong need to leverage the authority of Node.js.

With Node.js, you can be confident that the information is safe and accurate, making the treatment dependable and simple.

The chances of patients missing their treatments due to data loss and improper data are second to none.

Web Apps' built-in Node.js framework also protects your clients by delivering real-time information to your website.

This enables them to make the best decision at the appropriate time.

When you hire node.js developers for your healthcare project, the development of the web app is in such a way that the medical professionals always stay ready and alert all the time due to the robustness and scalability. 

The Top Use Cases of Building a Healthcare Project with Node.js

1. Faster access to clinicians and doctors

Node.js works wonderfully in real-time web apps.

Working with NoSQL databases for swifter processing of results, using MongoDB for query processing and JSON-stored data allows Node.js to run seamlessly without impedance clashes or data conversion.

Making retrieval of doctors faster for patients to get consultation and treatment more quickly.

2. Emergency aid, video conferencing

The architecture of low-level sockets and protocols is an impediment, making it difficult for patients to connect with clinicians on virtual platforms. 

Because Node.js is built on an event-driven JavaScript framework, the synchronization process will be much faster, allowing developers to create a seamless connection between doctors and patients in critical situations. 

At the same time without overloading the server and the local PC, or laptop Node.js is the best option for live streaming apps as it uses native Stream API.

3. Tools for real-time collaboration

In healthcare database management, pharmaceutical applications, HMS, and many other non-medical real-time integration are required.

This is possible in real-time using Node.js making your web healthcare application accessible to co-browsing,  audio conferencing (VoIP), scheduling, application sharing, collaborative document editing, and other features.

4. Streamlined user experience

The major components are interactive UI and speed optimization, and an application built with Node.js provides a seamless user experience to patients accessing various web application functions. 

The web healthcare applications are developed on SPAs and the browser and node.js share the same framework of Javascript. 

If you are looking to develop something on similar lines, hire node.js developers like us who understand the importance of backend development and its crucial role in real-time data exchange and sharing. 

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What Do You Get When You Hire Node.js Developers Like Us Who Are the Best in the Healthcare Business?

Top healthcare companies like Talkspace, Flatiron Health, Simplifeye, Pager, and Tempus all use the Node.js framework for their healthcare web apps. 

Hiring node.js developers for your healthcare project can be a tricky turn when you do not know the way. 

We are an Ontario-based healthcare IT company that has navigated numerous web app development projects with the help of our highly qualified node.js developers. 

What makes us so confident and rollicking as Node.js developers are our decade-long experience in catering to only healthcare-specific IT needs. 

And combining the expertise of our tech team and efficient management workflows with in-house compliance specialists.

We very well know the ability of Node.js to take the healthcare sector to the next level. 

So without further ado, if you feel the urge to hire Node.js developers for a healthcare project,  my friend, you are in the right place.