Start Virtual Clinic With Lessons Learnt From Carbon Health

2 months ago

One thing we learnt in our 6 years of journey in the Canadian and US healthcare market is if you can’t adopt change, patients don’t adopt you! 

Yes, we are talking about clinics and hospitals. 

The entire decade-old healthcare ecosystem got an overnight makeover due to the virus. 

Everything from appointment booking to care delivery models to prescription delivery needed to be quickly optimized for people concerning more about their health and seeking comfort, convenience, safety, reliability and affordability while being engaged with healthcare providers.

A few providers achieved it successfully by adopting change with technology, while a few providers happily let healthcare startups acquire their patients!

Carbon Health is one of the healthcare settings which has successfully aligned its healthcare and wellness offerings with the modern needs of modern patients. 

And as a result, it has recently raised a whopping $350 million and become the largest primary care provider in the USA. 

Carbon Health is the best source of business inspiration to start virtual clinic

Eren Bali and Caesar Djavaherian had totally different opinions on healthcare.

While most of the healthcare providers in the USA were busy arguing about Medicare and how difficult it is to run a medical business with Medicare rate as this government-run program pays less, Eren Bali and Caesar Djavaherian successfully figured out issues with an outdated system using old technology. 

According to Bali, the major problem is the underlying technology infrastructure. Doctors are always busy with administrative work, rather than care delivery. 

Disorganized medical records eat up their crucial clinical hours and make their situation even more miserable. This even affects the patient outcome.  

Bali had a complete roadmap to build a modern healthcare company on top of innovations and technologies. But he was looking for clinical knowledge which he later found in cofounder Caesar Djavaherian, 47, an emergency medicine doctor. 

Because the fusion of technical knowledge and clinical knowledge always does wonders! 

Carbon Health has provided healthcare and wellness services to more than 1 million patients with its advanced and modern healthcare approach. 

Carbon Health mobile app is also very popular among patients as it is the easiest way to seek healthcare and wellness services. 

In the Q1 of 2021, Carbon Health has generated revenue more than the last all years combined. 

It even has recently raised $350 million at a valuation of $3.3 billion. 

Isn’t this an inspiration? A primary and urgent care provider with brick-mortar clinics like many thousands of clinics and hospitals across the USA and Canada is valued at $3.3 billion! 

But how? What makes Carbon Health so unique and successful? 

Healthcare technology + innovation = Success recipe of Carbon Health 

Every healthcare provider must be thinking I’m providing the same services as Carbon Health, then why don't I get more patients and good revenue? 

Well, it is not about which healthcare services you provide. It is about how you provide those healthcare services. 

Here are the all healthcare services Carbon Health provides and how.

  • Primary care 

It offers smart and hassle-free primary care. 

Patients can priorly book an appointment for visit to any of its brick-mortar clinics. This saves patients’ time and assures a nicer patient experience. 

  • Virtual primary care 

Carbon Health charges $69 per virtual visit which can be executed on the same day. Patients can use its web platform or Carbon Health mobile app to virtually connect to doctors. 

  • Virtual urgent care 

In the case of any urgent medical requirement, Carbon Health enables patients to see a doctor virtually within minutes. 

  • Virtual mental health 

Patients can virtually talk to therapists about several mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, stress and behavioural health. 

Carbon Health also offers women health and wellness services in the same modern ways. 

Patient convenience is key to success in healthcare ecosystem 

We always ask our healthcare clients to put themselves in the place of patients. Today, we are asking you the same. 

Are you comfortable with struggling to book a simple appointment? 

Are you comfortable with a long wait time? 

Are you comfortable with travelling to see a doctor? 

Are you comfortable not being aware of your care plan? 

Are you comfortable with the care that does not assure any outcome? 

Of course, you never were and will never be. Same with patients. They don’t want to see you again if you don’t provide convenience and a good patient experience. 

Carbon Health seems aware of exact patient needs. Thus, it always attempts to make patients feel special and surprise them with the care delivery and best-ever patient experience. 

We have something to show you to explain how Carbon Health cares for its patients. 

When patients log into their accounts, they can get access to every little information related to their health. 

It even allows patients to link their devices with Carbon Health’s platform and monitor health vitals from the patient dashboard. 

This is the extreme level of a personalized user experience that leads to the best overall patient experience.  

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Technologies and innovations Carbon Health is utilizing for the success you only dream of 

Since its inception, Carbon Health has been very clear. It wants to save clinical hours, empower clinicians with the right tools and offer healthcare and wellness services in patient-centric and modern ways. 

To achieve it, Carbon Health has put several technologies and innovations to good use. Following are some of them. 

  • Machine learning technology for accurate and rapid diagnosis 
  • In-app messaging to get second opinions
  • Virtual care technology for remote, rapid and secure care 
  • Integration with electronic prescribing and labs
  • Detailed analytics for every step of the patient and doctor interaction

This entire blog is a business lesson for you. But if you need a specific one, here it is … 

The only practical way to conquer the healthcare market is the use of technology in every possible clinical and administrative workflow of your clinic or hospital. 

Indeed, your clinical knowledge and our technical knowledge will do wonders for your clinic/hospital! 

We’re an Ontario-based healthcare-focused IT company - has been solving healthcare challenges with our technical and compliance knowledge and firm mindset.  

Whether you want to build an app like Carbon Health, provide virtual care like Carbon Health or utilize any of the technologies Carbon Health is using for your healthcare entity, we can brilliantly help you with Canadian quality of work and American standards of innovation! 

We only serve the healthcare industry and that’s why we are always able to deliver patient-focused innovation and results to our healthcare clients. 

We’re so healthcare-specific that we only invest in those resources who have only worked for the healthcare industry or have healthcare-specific experience only! 

Meaning, the teams that will be working on your healthcare project know healthcare - may be more than you know! 

So, it will be fun and exciting to work together!