Telemedicine Web App Development: A Comprehensive Guide to its Custom & White-label Solution

11 months ago

This blog is specifically curated for, 

  • Those looking for an alternative to costly telemedicine mobile apps. 
  • Those who have enough capital funds, but want to choose a risk-free approach by building a feature-packed telemedicine platform. 
  • Those who believe that their users would prefer to use a telemedicine platform on a browser rather than downloading a telemedicine mobile app.

If you are one of them, you’ll get the answer to your every question in the next 3 minutes.

From how to build a telemedicine web app to its types, examples and cost.

And as a bonus, at the end of the blog, we have shared real-screen images of our white-label telemedicine web app along with links to its live demo!

A Quick Guide to Building a Telemedicine Web App

We have been developing telemedicine mobile and web apps for the past 8+ years.

Since then, we have built more than 30 telemedicine solutions for healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, organizations, and startups.

Each time, we have successfully helped our clients achieve their business, technical, and compliance goals.

Without compromising development time and cost.

And for that, our 17-step healthcare app development process played a crucial role.

So, if you want to build a telemedicine web app from scratch, you just need to follow the below steps.

Telemedicine web app development

Once you develop a telemedicine web app, it’s time to focus on growth.

A Complete Growth Plan for Your Telemedicine Web App

Telemedicine web app growth plan

Types of Telemedicine Web Apps You Can Use for Your Online Healthcare Platform

These types depend upon the investment you have to make in your telemedicine web app.

To know how much you will invest, you first need to decide the services & features you want to deliver remotely. 

Once you have done it, factors like your healthcare niche and permissions also play a big role.

Depending on such factors, there are various types of telemedicine web app solutions that you can benefit from.

1. Interactive telemedicine

It is the most basic and commonly used type of telemedicine platform. 

Through interactive telemedicine solutions, a clinician and doctor can extend medical expertise remotely through audio and video consultation. 

Cases where interactive telemedicine works best:

  • CBT and mental therapies
  • Post-injury monitoring
  • Nursing consultation
  • Post-discharge follow-ups

2. IoT and RPM-based telemedicine

Not all patients require or necessarily need to be within the healthcare system environment to get care delivered. 

Using Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) clinicians and caregivers can input, store, and analyze patient data outside of healthcare systems. 

For patients, using an RPM-based telemedicine web app is quite beneficial as it can be customized to automatically and manually input data, and update medical records.

Furthermore, doctors and nurses can be aware of subtle changes, and identify patterns that affect patients' health in the long term. 

And remote access reduces unnecessary laborious movements for both caregivers and patients. 

3. Click & Send Telemedicine

Telemedicine platforms do have great benefits.

However employing all sets of features can be expensive, especially when you are starting in the healthcare business or for specific niche healthcare providers.

For example, dermatologists.

Barred from features like video conferencing features, but allows your patients to send queries either using a photo or in a recorded video format. 

Using the click-and-send telemedicine web app format, doctors and clinicians can go through reports and offer medical remedies instantly.

On the other hand, patients can save money in terms of consultation charges and ER visits.

Why is Your Investment in Developing Telemedicine Apps Safe and Fruitful?

In the last 8 years, as a top telemedicine web app development company, we have had many productive discussions with healthcare providers and entrepreneurs who have invested huge amounts of capital in building a telemedicine web app and gained unbelievable ROI. 

However, in the beginning, they all had asked us how safe their investment in telemedicine would be!

We answered the same to all of them. 

And what we answered was, 

In the healthcare ecosystem, convenience and clinical value are something patients are always looking for.

But unfortunately, our healthcare system has never been focused on other driving factors beyond just care! 

The gap between patients’ expectations beyond care and the healthcare experience our existing healthcare system is offering – has been ever-evolving since the pandemic. 

This gap is where healthcare entrepreneurs can generate millions by offering what patients are looking for – convenience and clinical value! 

A telemedicine platform is equipped with several hand-picked features.

It simplifies the patient journey from appointment booking to medical consultation and prescription and addresses all non-emergency clinical needs of the patients. 

This means telemedicine is exactly what patients are looking for!

A telemedicine web app is more convenient and easy to use than a mobile app for a large percentage of patients and clinicians.

Because it can be accessed from any web browser without downloading anything, unlike a mobile app which needs to be first downloaded. 

So, due to the convenience, clinical value, and ease of use it offers, your investment in telemedicine web app development is completely safe and even fruitful! 

Why Can't We Develop and Deliver a Telemedicine Web App Within 30 Days? 

What we learned way before starting the healthcare-focused IT company was that

Developing a successful mobile and web app is just 10% of coding! 

The rest 90% includes important factors such as

  • Workflows
  • Documentation
  • UI/UX
  • Prototype
  • Testing
  • Compliance audit
  • Piloting

This means what you know as telemedicine web app development is a complete lifecycle for us.

This lifecycle helps us to deliver epic and future-ready products to our clients. 

We define workflows based on user persona, their intent and user journeys to ensure users get everything they are looking for with a minimum number of clicks. 

We also document everything from a feature set to technologies to user journeys in a well-organized document to define project scope, find risk, plan risk, and migration strategies and keep all teams on the same page.

As a result, it helps us avoid any unprecedented challenges during project execution.

We further follow each phase of the project lifecycle – and not directly code the platform blindfolded – which results in a quality telemedicine web app. 

Because there may be shortcuts to developing and delivering web apps. 

But there isn’t any shortcut to developing and delivering a telemedicine brand that is capable of delivering value in the true sense!

How Does a Telemedicine Web App Save Your Operating Cost?

Operating cost is nothing but the money you spend to keep your telemedicine platform running. 

The major operating cost of any telemedicine platform is its video calling API monthly fees. 

To enable seamless video communication between patients and providers, you must integrate a video calling API such as Twilio or Vonage. 

These APIs charge you monthly. 

They generally charge you based on video calling minutes :– $0.0015 per participant per minute.

But if you build web apps, you have a great free alternative to these paid video calling APIs. 

WebRTC is a free video and voice communication method supported by all the latest browsers.

Using WebRTC, developers can add video calling features to telemedicine web apps and since WebRTC is completely free, you don’t have to pay anything to anyone for video calling. 

This saves you a large amount of operating costs!

However, WebRTC lacks advanced user and analytics features. 

But it serves the purpose in the best way! 

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Telemedicine Web App?

To be honest, there is no fixed cost.

Because it totally depends on your requirements.

For example,

  • Features 
  • Functionalities
  • Time to market
  • Workflow 
  • Resource requirements
  • Compliance 

Without knowing it, can't tell you how much amount you need to invest in telemedicine web app development.

Also, we don’t want to give you any random numbers and mislead you.

So, the most feasible solution here is, just tell us your unique requirements.

Our healthcare-specific business, technical and compliance team will go through it and provide you with a free cost estimation.

Top 3 Telemedicine Web Apps in Canada and the USA

If you still have doubts about telemedicine web development services, the following list can inspire you. 

1. Tia Health 

Tia Health allows patients to talk to healthcare providers through its website which is a web app.

The most interesting part is that a patient can see the provider in just 5 steps. 

In addition to this, they can also select preferred healthcare providers by searching them based on appointment type and medical specialty. 

Tia Health

2. Maple 

Maple is Canada’s most popular telemedicine startup founded by a physician himself.

It enables users to seek virtual care using its mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices. 

It also offers flexibility to users in order to receive virtual medical consultations from the web browser itself using its telemedicine web app.

If the web app wasn’t useful for telemedicine business growth, Maple would never have invested in it!


3. Teladoc 

Teladoc facilitates patients to schedule virtual appointments with Canadian physicians with its intuitive web platform.

It claims to let patients talk to clinicians within 1 hour!


Want to Save 2000+ Hours and 70% Cost on Telemedicine Web App Development? Check Our White-Label Solution!

We launched a white-label telehealth app.

It is a HIPAA, PHIPA, and PIPEDA-compliant web app.

What’s so special about that?

You can customize it according to your unique needs.

And following are the real-screen images of it.

We have also shared the links to its live demo which you can access as, a super admin, a provider or a patient.

1. Super admin

Admin section in telemedicine web app
Live demo of admin panel

Log in credentials:

  • Username: 
  • Password: Admin@123 
  • OTP (2-factor authorization code): 123456

2. Patient

Patient section in telemedicine web app

3. Provider

Provider section in telemedicine web app
Live demo of telemedicine web app

We’re With You Throughout Your Telemedicine Growth Journey as Tech, Business & Compliance Experts

We are Ontario-based local telemedicine tech, business, and compliance experts.

What we deliver you is peace of mind with our healthcare developers, designers, business experts, and compliance specialists.

We solve all of your challenges, be it technical, business, or compliance.

A major reason we can deliver growth to our healthcare clients is our North American healthcare-specific knowledge of clinical workflows, clinical protocols, billing structure, and on-ground requirements!

We are known for delivering Canadian quality of work with US standards of innovation. 

And yes, being a Canadian company, we understand the gravity of compliance. 

Thus, we only build a compliant telemedicine platform. 

On a concluding note, we would like to share a quote that always inspires us, 

Escape competition through authenticity!

To get a better understanding of our ready-to-use platform, explore our resource on white-label telemedicine mobile/web platform.