Resist the public health crisis with our healthcare IT solutions, support, and consulting services in Canada

Install digital health hardware and software solutions with a human-centric
approach and actualize connected care where medical history-based care,
e-prescription, telehealth, and collaboration between different healthcare
entities are within the bounds of possibilities.


Put an end to fragmented care. We are actualizing connected care in,

Long-term care homes

Remodel the resident care practice. Arm DOC (Director of Care), nurses, RN, RPN, physicians, and pharmacies with virtual healthcare tools. End results would be medical history-based care, online prescription, telehealth, and time-saving collaboration between pharmacies and long-term care homes.

Our healthcare IT services do not only facilitate you to save and shield the patient data but they also facilitate you to improve outcomes by breaking the traditional boundaries and by adapting new breakthroughs dynamically.

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Retirement homes

Provide a tech-enabled safe, comfortable, and home-like environment to patients. Meet all 13 care services set out in the Retirement Homes Act through our simplified IT solutions for retirement care. End results would be easy data-keeping, extensive care management, and collaborative medication authorization.


Get prescriptions through eFax. Automate many labour-intensive processing jobs and save thousands on the workforce. Form a money-making alliance with nursing homes and retirement care and build a resilient IT infrastructure to rebrand your ‘service delivery identity’.


Keep a track of your patients. Save their medical history and deliver effective care. Take online appointments for visits or televisits and prescribe more patients. And most importantly, submit “invoices” of who you saw and what you did to the ministry of health as our solution supports the OHIP billing report.

When it comes to ‘quality care’, there is always room for breakthrough.

The first step a healthcare organization can take toward achieving a cut above patient monitoring, snappy service delivery, and effortless collaboration with other healthcare entities is having mobile access to patient data.

Our healthcare IT services do not only facilitate you to save and shield the patient data but they also facilitate you to improve outcomes by breaking the traditional boundaries and by adapting new breakthroughs dynamically.

Breakthrough for Canadian COVID-19 testing facility

Our commitments to healthcare entities

  • Consultation from industry experts
  • The complete IT solution for patient-centred care
  • Affordable hardware and software from industry leaders
  • Zero trust security model
  • Solutions that respect government policies
  • A sustainable digital healthcare ecosystem
  • Proactive IT support without exception

Forming a result-oriented alliance with industry-leaders

Broaden healthcare system threshold with our healthcare IT solutions, support, and consulting services

We aim to solve healthcare challenges of the year 2020 while preparing healthcare entities to adapt the changes healthcare digital transformation is about to bring in upcoming years. Through our healthcare IT services, we bring clinics, physicians, pharmacies, allied healthcare professionals, and health authorities under the same roof virtually and give them mobile access to crucial data which eventually broadens our healthcare system’s threshold.

Digital health hardware to achieve efficiency and improve patient outcomes

We deploy a range of medical-grade devices which are designed for durability in the healthcare environment. We carry out the assessment and find the best options that meet your facility’s unique requirements.

  • Point of Care
  • eMAR
  • Mobile computing carts
  • Nurse call systems
  • Staff attendance system

Robust healthcare software to actualize connected care

Before putting software to good use, we leverage the technology and customize the software to address your unique requirements. With customized software, we bring your healthcare system to fruition.

Action-oriented support service to minimize the downtime

We do not keep the most resource-heavy and burdensome tasks on your shoulder. Our dedicated team always remains online and provides you with support service anytime, anywhere. We either solve your system error through an AR-based remote assistance tool or fly to your site. Both are brilliant ways!

  • We form a dedicated support team
  • A team accommodates many specialists
  • A support team is just a call away
  • Support team is well-aware of your business operations
  • Support team is well-equipped with support tools
  • Support team is authorized to fly to your location

Insightful consultation to define workable IT strategies

Having a team of experts beside you makes a whole lot of difference. Our consultation team directs you to seize the right opportunity at the right time by implementing the right solutions and the right technologies. Their ultimate goal is - defining workable IT strategies and keeping you away from expensive goof-up.

  • A dedicated consultation team, having many years of industry experience
  • A results-oriented consultation for most workable strategies and technologies
  • A goal-centric consultation to meet your different goals
  • A data-driven consultation to combat health crisis like COVID-19
  • We make you familiar with the outcome before executing strategies

Uniting our other IT mastership with healthcare IT services. Results are mesmerizing.

SyS Creations isn’t just restricted to healthcare IT services. We proudly and brilliantly provide cloud, networking, business telephony, and security services. And when we unite these services with healthcare IT services, the outcome you get would be mesmerizing.

Network Engineering

Create a secure, agile, and durable network to share and store data securely and put an end to slow application response.

  • Network connectivity (WiFi)
  • VPN (Remote Access VPN, Site-to-Site VPN)
  • Firewall
  • TLS (Transparent LAN Service)
  • WiFi guest access
  • Content Filtering

Cloud setup and maintenance

Actualize Data storage, Data sharing, Data security and Data collaboration infrastructure transformation to,

  • Store patient data on cloud, securely
  • Access data anytime from anywhere
  • Easily restore and backup data
  • Engage more stakeholders
  • Turn manual processes into automatic event-based processes

Security as a Service (SECaaS)

Isolate crucial patient data and bring data-loss risk to bottleneck with an around-the-clock managed and monitored security service.

  • Confirm vulnerabilities in network
  • Healthcare software’s configuration assessment
  • IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)
  • Endpoint security
  • Network admission control
  • Incident response


Control calls and sessions in your healthcare organization in the most rewarding way. Call patients, staff, and other partnered healthcare entities directly from mobile phones, telephones, and even computers.


Send and receive faxes which include patient prescription and other important documents and images over the Internet. Fax routing feature routes the incoming faxes directly to the concerned person’s folder.

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FAQs related Healthcare IT services in Canada

I am running a small hospital in Canada. Can you establish an IT infrastructure for me?

We establish the IT infrastructure for all kinds of hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, medical research centres, and drugs development centres.

Which are the major components involved in the IT infrastructure for healthcare organizations?

There are many components involved in IT infrastructure for healthcare organizations. These components are generally divided into software and hardware components. Hardware components consist of computers, IP phones, routers, modem, etc. Whereas software components consist of Medical Diagnosis Software, Imaging and Visualization software, EMR etc.

Who will provide us with your healthcare IT services in Canada?

Through our trusted vendors, SyS Creations provides you with the healthcare IT services in Canada.

Whom should we contact if we encounter any error?

We form a dedicated support team for you. You can anytime contact this team if you encounter any error in hardware or software.

What is the use of an AR-based assistance tool in healthcare?

An AR-based assistance tool assists healthcare professionals by delivering all the essential information like the location of body parts and organs, vein-meshes, and quick medical reports.

How healthcare IT services can help authorities to combat COVID-19?

Healthcare IT services can modernize the COVID-19 testing facilities as well as hospitals. It lets healthcare organizations save and share patient data including COVID-19 testing data to authorities. The better tracking of patients and their data can help authorities to combat COVID-19.