Build Prescription Platforms like Felix Health to Start Your Own ePrescription Services

9 months ago

Want to build a prescription platform like Felix health?

This blog has covered everything you need to know about it – from technical and compliance to its profitable business strategy.

And at the end of the blog, we have shared the real-screen images of our white-label product with links to its live demo!

A Business Strategy to Build Prescription Platform like Felix Health

We have done thorough research on Felix Health.

And the thing that makes it the best is, it focuses on the patient care experience!

Here is how you can do the same by following the business, technical, and compliance strategy of Felix Health.

1. Focus on Simplifying the Patient Care Journey

The easier and faster the care journey of the patient – the more you’ll be able to provide the ultimate care experience!

As an ePrescription app, Felix Health does the same.

It helps patients to access online prescription solutions in just a few simple steps.

And here is the entire workflow of Felix Health.

Online prescription app workflow

Step-1: Complete the online visit

First, patients need to submit an online visit.

For that, he or she will need to provide the medical history and symptoms along with allergies and their reactions.

The patient’s visit will be reviewed by the certified doctor within 24 hours.

Felix Health

Step-2: Get prescription

Here, the patient can communicate with the doctor via a secure messaging feature regarding their preferred medication or let the doctor decide.

In addition, patients also can select a refill schedule according to their needs.

After completing this step, patients need to pay a $40 visit fee.

How does Felix Health work?

Step-3: Free and fast delivery to the doorstep

Once the physician approves the prescription, the pharmacy partner of Felix Health prepares the medication for shipment.

Furthermore, it also offers an auto-refill feature so that patients can never miss out on their medication.

In case the patients already have a prescription, they can transfer it to Felix Health free of cost.

2. Adopt the Transparent Pricing

Your pricing structure is going to define the financial success of your ePrescription platform.

So, make it transparent for the patient just like Felix Health.

Felix Health follows a ‘pay per visit’ pricing model which comes up with 1 year of refills.

Apart from that, the treatment cost depends on the needs of the patient.

And here is how it adds value to its pricing model.

  • Allows patients to choose treatment schedules at their convenience
  • Direct billing with the insurance provider

3. Offer Chat Options

The digital healthcare market is highly competitive.

To build a strong market presence, it's essential to add an extra layer of convenience to your ePrescription solutions.

And the in-app messaging feature is the best option for that.

Because it allows patients to get the all-in-one solution for their any healthcare needs.

This allows patients to easily communicate with the healthcare practitioner regarding their – health concerns, medication advice, and prescription refills.

4. Provide a Wide Range of Online Prescription Solutions

The more services you have the more flexibility you’ll have in attracting a larger user base.

For example,

Felix Health is not just limited to one solution.

It offers multiple ePrescription services such as

  • Five services related to sexual health
  • Four services related to daily health
  • Two services related to mental health

And remember, there is no boundary of the online prescription platform.

You can offer as many services as you want.

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A Technical Approach to Develop Prescription App like Felix Health

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, your app needs to be – faster, reliable, and future-ready.

So, here is the technical guide that is prepared by our healthcare-specific developers.

1. Choose Either Web or Mobile App or Both as per Your Need

Felix Health is a web-based app.

Meaning, a patient can use the app from any device, any browser.

What it requires is – a reliable internet connection.

Meanwhile, in a mobile app, patients need to download and install the app to use your online prescription services.

In case if you are confused about what to choose, here is the difference between a mobile and a web app.

2. Choose the Right Technology Stack

It is important to choose the future-ready and high-performing tech stack for your prescription platform Felix Health.

To select the powerful tech stack, you first need to evaluate some aspects such as

  • Business goals 
  • App functionalities 
  • Investment cap 
  • User interface 
  • Features

After that, select the tech stack that fits your exact needs and has future-ready capabilities.

For better understanding, explore our detailed guide on selecting the tech stack for healthcare apps.

3. Focus on User-Centric Features

We know that it is quite difficult to do it.

Thus, we have done a comprehensive market analysis of existing ePrescription apps in the market and created a list of top features.

For doctors:

  • Dashboard to manage prescription
  • Accept or cancel the request for a prescription
  • Secure and easy access to health records
  • Send prescriptions via SMS, email, or FAX (to patient and pharmacist)
  • Secure document storage
  • Telemedicine feature
  • Prescription history

For patients:

  • Book, cancel, and manage appointments
  • Medication and prescription history
  • Connect virtually with the preferred healthcare practitioner
  • Refill request
  • Medication reminders
  • Upload test reports
  • Check prescription
  • Payment options
  • Medicine details
  • Track and manage prescription orders

A Compliance Strategy for Developing ePrescription App like Felix Health

The online prescription platform saves, uses and shares the crucial personal, health and financial information of the patient.

And it’s important to protect those data from data breaches.

To do so, your app has to be compliant with data privacy and security regulations.

And these privacy laws vary by province and country.

For example, 

  • HIPAA applies in the USA
  • PIPEDA in Canada
  • PHIPA applies in the Ontario province
  • GDPR applies to all 27 member countries of the European Union (EU)

Talking about Felix Health – it is a PHIPA-compliant app as it operates its business operations in Ontario.

Why Build a Prescription Platform like Felix Health?

Digital prescription is the first step towards improving the patient care experience – and there is no doubt about it.

The security and convenience it brings – is what makes it the first thing to adopt in this era of digital health.

That’s the reason, its market is skyrocketing right now.

As per the Globe News Wire, “Global e-Prescribing Market is set to witness an exponential growth of 22% to reach $4 billion in the next 5 years!”

Meaning, it is a perfect business opportunity for you.

How Much Time and Cost Does It Take To Develop a Prescription Platform like Felix Health?

To be honest – there is no fixed time and amount to develop any healthcare app.

Because development is not just about doing coding all the time.

Other crucial aspects play a significant role in the development process.

It includes – discovery, documentation, UI/UX, QA testing, compliance audit, and maintenance.

Furthermore, several factors influence the cost and time it takes to develop the app such as

  • UI/UX and workflow requirements and its complexity
  • Features and functionality needs and its complexity
  • Time to market requirements
  • Compliance needs
  • The complexity of QA testing

Meaning, it depends on what you want in your app.

Thus, without knowing your exact requirements, we don’t want to give you random numbers and mislead you.

So, just tell us your requirements. We'll create a personalized quote and share it with you!


Want a Powerful, Secure, and Future-Ready App? We’ve Been Developing It for the Past 8+ Years!

We are an Ontario-based healthcare IT company.

What makes us distinct from the rest is that – we only entertain healthcare IT projects.

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In case you don’t want to develop a custom app due to less time to market and low capital to invest, we have something for you.

Our White-Label Telehealth App!

We recently launched a white-label telehealth app.

It's a ready-to-use app that we customize as per your unique workflow and branding requirements.

CTA admin demo

Following are its credentials.

  • Username: 
  • Password: Admin@123 
  • OTP (2-factor authorization code): 123456

So, if you have only ePrescription requirements, there is no need to acquire the entire telehealth product.

Just tell us your ePrescription needs and we’ll remove the video consultation part and implement your workflows as per your needs.

This way you can skip 80% of the development time and costs.

For a better understanding, here are the real-screen images of ePrescription features.


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