How To Create a Fitness App like Wahoo To Avoid Mega Gym Quebec Like Outbreak?

1 year ago

From here, 

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The change was sudden. 

And now,  with no hope of getting back to the COVID-free world anytime soon, fitness enthusiasts are ready to invest more for gym-at-home. 

They have already found the alternative. The alternative is nothing but the fitness app. 

The fitness apps in Canada are not just about online fitness training or online fitness programs. 

It also virtually connects people with dietitians and nutritionists via secure video call, chat or voice call. (Just like a telemedicine app!) 

And it is also about the eCommerce platform for fitness enthusiasts. 

The Wahoo Fitness app is the best example here. 

According to the World Economic Forum, fitness apps grew nearly 50% during the first wave of the pandemic in 2020. 

Because, at one point, people are finding fitness apps more affordable, flexible,  reliable and safer than visiting the gym. 

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How COVID-19 has affected the gym business in Canada? - The Quebec Gym Outbreak Story 

The pandemic has been very difficult for Canada’s fitness club industry. 

The government ordered to keep gyms and fitness centers closed amid the rising COVID-19 cases linked to several gym outbreaks. 

Recently a Quebec-based gym attracted the attention of regional health authorities after 141 COVID-19 cases linked to that gym outbreak. (CBC News)

And a week after, that infection number linked to the Mega Gym outbreak reached 419 and one of the gym members died because of COVID-19. (CBC News)

The Mega Gym outbreak in Quebec is indeed the cause of concern for all fitness enthusiasts and government authorities. 

According to CTV News, almost two-third of gym members have either paused or cancelled their gym membership as gyms fail to offer an infection-free environment. 

So, to survive and keep earning even though gym doors are closed, many Canadian gym owners are now offering online fitness programs using the fitness app or website. 

And due to its endless benefits, more and more people are joining virtual gyms. 

If Mega Gym 24H had adopted a fitness app, they would have avoided the mega outbreak of 2021

So, certainly, COVID-19 has been challenging for fitness centers - but not for those who adopted fitness and workout apps. 

And fitness app is going to be the future of the Canadian fitness industry! 

How fitness apps let fitness businesses & startups keep earning while gyms are closed?  

Think by yourself. When gyms and fitness centers are closed, where fitness enthusiasts are heading? 

Must be toward fitness and workout apps! 

So, if you as a gym owner or entrepreneur create a fitness app or workout app, you can keep earning money without actually running the gym. Here is how: 

  • Individual Online Fitness Programs 

The way an individual fitness trainer trains the gym member in the gym, the trainer can also offer online fitness training to the individual app user. 

You can run such a program by either charging a fixed amount per month or adopt an on-demand model where the app user hires the fitness trainer for hours and pays on an hourly basis. 

  • Virtual Dietitians and Nutritionists Consultation 

Using your fitness app, users can book appointments with dietitians and have video consultations with them. 

This requires telemedicine integration with your fitness app. Telemedicine integration with your fitness app can take your app to the next level. 

You can charge the users on a pay-per-visit or consultation basis. 

  • Pre-Recorded Workout Sessions 

App users can watch the pre-recorded videos of workout sessions and do workouts at home. 

Here, you should follow the freemium model in which users have free access to some of the videos. To watch all videos of workout sessions, they have to buy a subscription. 

And the reason people would buy this subscription is that it is more affordable than a gym membership. 

This subscription also gives them access to exclusive workout sessions which they only find in gyms. 

So in other words, you are offering them what they are looking for! 

  • Live and Group Yoga Sessions 

From your fitness app itself, you can offer live yoga sessions to the members which they can either join live or watch the recorded videos later on. 

  • Master & Family Membership 

You can offer a master membership to users which includes individual fitness training, access to all pre-recorded workout videos, access to live yoga sessions, access to dietitians and nutritionists and access to all other premium services. 

Whereas the family membership allows multiple members of a family to get access to all these premium offerings. 

  • eCommerce For Dietary Supplements and Gym Equipment 

You can enable your app users to order healthy food, groceries and other supplements from the app itself. 

You can also sell gym outfits and gym equipment as people require basic gym equipment and gym outfits to work out at home. 

This way, you are generating multiple revenue streams with just a single app. (This is not possible with your brick and mortar gym.) 

The biggest benefit of a fitness app is that it offers you the entire Canadian market to cover as people from anywhere can buy subscriptions and join online fitness programs. 

Canada’s best online fitness training providers through app and web

See, you are not the first one. Many fitness studios have already implemented such an idea and experienced tremendous success! 

The following are a few of them. 

1. Wahoo Fitness 

Wahoo Fitness offers an Android and iOS fitness and workout tracking app. 

Using the Wahoo app, users can, 

  • Use the phone to record running, cycling, or cardio workouts with GPS.
  • Combine the app with Wahoo sensors to track heart rate and stride rate data. 
  • Connect app with workout equipment such as cycle and fitness band to track indoor and outdoor activities.  
  • Get the most accurate calorie burn count. 
  • Stay informed with audio alerts of pace, distance, calories etc.
  • Track the journey toward a fitness goal  

2. All Day Fit

This is a Toronto-based virtual fitness center. It virtually runs several fitness programs. You can try the first 3 sessions for free. The master membership costs $149 per month. 

3. Common Ground 

This is another Toronto-based fitness studio. It provides personal training, group training, corporate wellness, as well as nutrition advice. Its 4-week online workout program costs $150. 

4. R Studio 

Based in Halifax and Dartmouth, R Studio offers virtual training. It costs $8 a day or signs up for an unlimited virtual membership for $29 per month. 

5. Barre Belle

It offers on-demand virtual training. The workout videos provided by Barre Belle can be played any time on a mobile, computer or even on TV. 

It offers 7 days of a free trial. After the free trial, the user can sign up for a monthly plan which costs $25 per month. 

After reading so far, if you are thrilled to create a fitness app or workout app, here is the step-by-step guide. 

How to create a fitness app or workout app in Canada? 

Developing the app isn’t the task. It is the process. 

And a process only leads to success if you follow all steps in the right order and without skipping anything. 

So, the following is the 16-step process we have been following which helped us to create more than 20 successful fitness apps. 

Step #1: Finding the Target Audience

Step #2: Understanding & Evaluating Their Requirements 

Step #3: Finding Top Competitors

Step #4: Carrying Out Competitive Analysis

Step #5: Defining the Business Model

Step #6: Defining the User Journey

Step #7: Creating a Feature Set

Step #8: Carrying Out the Technical Feasibility Study

Step #9: Designing Wireframes

Step #10: Code the Frontend of the Fitness App or Web

Step #11: Code the Backend of the App/Web

Step #12: Testing the App/Web

Step #13: Carrying Out Compliance Audit 

Step #14: Launching the App/Web

Step #15: Taking User Feedback

Step #16: Update the App/Web

Don’t ignore this expert advice: This can change the fate of your app!   

To generate multiple revenue streams and dominate the market as a new player, you have to follow these 2 simple strategies

  • Integrate telemedicine capabilities with your fitness app. With this, users can talk to dietitians and nutritionists directly from the app. 
  • Integrate eCommerce capabilities with your fitness app. With this, you can sell different supplements, gym outfits and gym equipment from the app. 

If you need to understand the entire business model of the fitness app we are talking about, watch this video of India’s fastest growing fitness app - Cure. fit. 

How can we help you to execute the idea of fitness app development? 

We are Ontario-based healthcare and wellness-focused app development company

With our in-house app developers, app designers, business experts, and compliance experts, we develop the best fitness app that Canadians have never used before. 

We can help you with ideation, planning, execution and support. 

With our earned knowledge of the Canadian healthcare and wellness industry, we prepare engaging workflows and design the next-gen mobile app or website. 

Our in-house compliance experts will ensure that your app will address all privacy laws of Canada. 

This way, working as a team and with prior experience, we will make a fitness app within deadline and within your budget. 

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