Prescription Renewal Solutions: A Path to Make Prescription Refill 10X Faster

6 months ago

We both are familiar with how a prescription renewal is essential for the patients to not run out of medication.

However, the process needs massive technology adoption in order to help both patients and care providers in the same environment.

Thus, this blog will cover everything you need to know about productive prescription renewal ideas in Canada and the USA.

But first, we need to understand why technology adoption is must require in prescription refills. So, let’s discover that.

What are the challenges in the prescription renewal process?

The traditional prescription renewal process is long and time-consuming for the patients.

Why? They must go to the pharmacy store to renew their prescriptions, and in some cases, a prescription validation from a healthcare professional is required for the same.

For instance, a patient first needs to visit the care provider for a prescription validation and then travel to the pharmacy to collect the prescription (medication).

Pharmacists also struggle with the prescription renewal procedure as of the manual workflow such as reviewing prescriptions, data entry into the Kroll system and filling the prescription.

This makes the prescription renewal process complex with the high possibility of medical errors.

That’s the reason, the traditional prescription renewal process is tedious, time-consuming, and costly for the patients.

Hence, it’s essential for the healthcare industry to adopt adequate prescription renewal ideas to deal with the patients' prescription refills concerns.

So. Let's explore those ideas in detail.

Game-changing prescription renewal ideas to avoid the prescription refill mess

Quality patient care experience along with a clinical value is the primary aspect that counts in the healthcare ecosystem.

As a healthcare IT company, we understand each positive or negative ins and outs of the healthcare industry.

Such an insightful knowledge of the healthcare ecosystem enables us to find robust technology solutions that can be beneficial for both the healthcare industry and patients.

So, here are some of the ideas for the prescription renewal procedure.

1. Prescription renewal using SMS:

Let’s understand this with a simple example.

A patient called Maya wants to refill her prescription and has every information that the pharmacist needs such as the access code and DIN (Drug Identification Number).

Here is the process for prescription renewal using SMS.

Step-1: Maya needs to message the pharmacy store.

Step-2: There is a chatbot on the pharmacy side that requests a pharmacy access code from Maya.

Step-3: After receiving the access code, the chatbot requests the DIN (Drug Identification Number) which is mentioned in Maya’s prescription renewal note so she just needs to send the DIN in the message.

Step-4: The pharmacy system identifies and accepts Maya’s prescription renewal request.

Step-5: The pharmacy store sends the prescription to Maya’s doorstep.

This entire process not only saves valuable time but also automates some of the manual tasks for the pharmacy system as the chatbot is communicating with the Maya on behalf of the pharmacist.

What makes this prescription refill idea remarkable is that patients can request a prescription renewal at any time, from anywhere.

2. Prescription renewal over the call:

Prescription renewal over the call performs the same as the SMS prescription renewal idea.

The difference here is that Maya needs to provide prescription renewal information over the call.

3. Prescription renewal marketplace:

As we discussed earlier, in some cases, a patient must require a medical note from the healthcare professional to collect or receive the prescription from the pharmacy.

For that, a patient needs to visit the care provider which makes the prescription renewal process time-consuming and tedious.

To decode that concern, you can build an online prescription renewal marketplace or platform that seamlessly connects patients with their care providers.

So, how does an online prescription renewal marketplace work? 

Let’s understand this with a quick example.

Step-1: The patient opens an online platform for prescription renewal that contains a wide range of healthcare specialists.

Step-2: Patient just needs to select the ideal healthcare professional for the prescription renewal.

Step-3: Now the patient needs to submit an online prescription renewal request using the platform.

Step-4: The healthcare professional can see the prescription renewal request from the dashboard and can accept or reject it before the due date.

Step-5: Once a doctor completes the pending request, the system automatically notifies the patient regarding the prescription refill approval via SMS.

Step-6: The patient can now download the prescription renewal note from their profile so he or she can submit that note at the pharmacy store.

For that, patients can either use prescription renewal using SMS or over-the-call solutions to avoid pharmacy visits.

But, if you still have confusion regarding the online prescription renewal marketplace, let’s explore a real-world case study.

Explore our case study of building prescription renewal solutions

Why we did it?

As a healthcare-focused IT company, we’re aware that when a patient requests a prescription renewal note over the call, SMS, or live-in person visit, things get messier for the healthcare professional due to the manual workflows.

The same concern one of our clients was facing and he had the solid vision to decode that mess for the care providers.

So, with our healthcare IT expertise, experience, and experts, we built a prescription renewal web app for our client as per their requirements and business goals.

What we did it?

We put our combined 200+ years of healthcare tech, business, and compliance experience under the same umbrella to make the online prescription renewal process streamlined, profitable, and secure for both patients and care providers.

What was the outcome?

#For the healthcare professionals:

  • Can list their services and charges
  • Can accept or reject prescription refills
  • Can receive payments
  • Can avoid the manual tasks and paperwork

#For patients:

  • Can explore healthcare professionals as per their needs
  • Can request prescription renewals
  • Can download PDF files of the prescription renewals notes
  • Can avoid the clinic visits