5 Alayacare Alternatives to Improve Home Health Care Business in 2023

1 month ago

AlayaCare is enough. But … 

AlayaCare is the best home care software. You can surely consider it for your home care needs. 

However, like every pre-built healthcare software, it works best in specific cases. 

If you have a long-term vision with unique requirements which can only be accomplished by custom development, you must look for AlayaCare alternatives. 

And the best alternative to AlayaCare in such a case is custom home care software development. 

But how do you define - whether custom or pre-built? 

Here is the evaluation matrix 

Deciding between custom or pre-built home care software is overwhelming. So, let us help you. 

The following is an evaluation matrix. 

Evaluation matrix 1

You need to prioritize the things which matter to you by rating it on a scale of 0 to 10. Here, 0 shows its least value and 10 shows its highest value. 

For example, if your unique requirements are extremely high, fill 9 out of 10. And if you have very little investment cap, fill 1 out of 10. 

  • If the total is greater than or equal to 25 = Go for custom home care software  development 
  • If the total is less than 25 = Go for pre-built AlayaCare 

Let’s understand this matrix with two examples for more clarity. 

Example #1: Home care startup (A newly founded company) 

They have almost no unique requirements, very little investment cap and time window but want to have code ownership. So, the following is what they would fill out. 

Evaluation matrix 2

The startup must go for AlayaCare as their total score is less than 25. 

Here, it is worth mentioning that even though the startup requires code ownership, they cannot be able to get it because they first don’t have a high investment cap and large window. And secondly, they don’t require code ownership itself as their operational size is too small - as of now. 

Example #2: A nationwide home care agency  

They have a high level of unique requirements which need customization, a high investment cap and also require IP rights. So, the following is what they would fill out. 

Evaluation matrix 3

The agency must go for custom software as their total score is more than 25 - even though the scope for a time window is less than 5. 

Need an easy evaluation method? 

There is nothing easier than a simple comparison table. 

AlayaCare vs custom home care software

You can now easily evaluate whether you should go for AlayaCare or custom home care software development. 

If you choose AlayaCare, you can contact their team from here

But if you choose custom, first of all, we appreciate your vision and guts to choose something which is exclusively built for you.  

Still, if you don’t want to go for either Alaycare or a custom solution, check out the top alternatives and competitors to Alaycare in 2023.

5 Best Alayacare alternatives and competitors to improve the quality of home health care

Before you invest in any alternative to Alayacare, it’s important that you select the right one for your home healthcare needs.

However, it’s crucial to do it in the first place because there are tons of alternatives available in the market.

Luckily, we’ve done the homework for you! 

We’ve created a compiled list of the best Alayacare alternatives and competitors along with features, pros, cons, and pricing.

Let’s get started!

1. Our white-label home health care software – the best Alayacare alternative in the market

We said “the best” and we’ll prove it in the next 2 minutes.

First, it’s white-label software.

That means – we deliver the customized product as per your unique workflows and branding needs (which you’ll never get in any other Alayacare alternative).

Second, we’ve built it with the help of 20+ home healthcare business owners.

This will allow you and your team to easily perform point-of-care and back-office operations with best-in-class clinical experience.

Third and most importantly, it comes up with no-code functionality.

Meaning, you can configure the software workflows without any coding knowledge!

And last, solid features that come up with peace of mind!

  • Caregivers and client management
  • Client document management with expiry setup reminder
  • Real-time notification and reminders via SMS and email
  • No-code checklist maker
  • HIPAA authorization tool with eSignature and expiry reminder set up
  • Portal for caregivers, clients, and their families
  • HIPAA-compliant messaging app for clients and caregivers
  • Order and contract management
  • Client intake forms
  • Vendor management
  • Activity planning or task management
  • User permission management
  • Product management (for vendors)
  • Inventory management


  • It is HIPAA-compliant home health care software.
  • It comes up with no-code capabilities.
  • A multi-user architecture (means a separate web portal for the internal-external team and vendors)
  • Lifetime usage rights
  • Unlimited numbers of users can access 
  • Customization as per your unique needs


The base is already ready. However, it’s not ready-to-use.

We do customization on the top of the base as per your unique branding and clinical workflow needs.

Because we aim to deliver the topmost clinical experience and it is only feasible when you have software that perfectly fits your unique requirements.

And for that, we take a maximum of 60 business working days for customization.


The pricing model of our white-label home healthcare software makes it one of the best Alayacare alternatives in the market.

Because here, you don’t need to stick with the monthly and yearly fees hassle.

You just need to pay a one-time licensing fee and get unlimited user access for a lifetime!

In case you’re wondering, here are the real-world screenshots of our product.

(Note: These are not the final image of the software. This is what we have created recently. And we customize it as per the unique workflow needs of the clients.)

Alayacare Alternative GIF

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2. Alora Home Health

Alora Home Health

Alora Home Health is designed to fulfill almost every need of the home health care agency.

It includes – clinical, operational and financial areas of the ecosystem.

Meaning, it is completely optimized for improving the efficiency of administrative and clinical workflows.

And it is suitable for both skilled and non-skilled home healthcare agencies.

Top features of Alora Home Health:

  • Effective patient and caregiver scheduling
  • Simplifies billing and invoicing
  • Faster claims management
  • Mobile access
  • Electronic signature
  • Efficient care plan and patient record management 
  • Payroll management
  • Easy-to-use compliance management
  • Patient and physician portal


  • Paperless workflow
  • Works on any device
  • Faster and efficient billing
  • Easy documentation


  • High training required
  • Complex to understand in the first place
  • Low-grade notification and alert system


Its pricing starts from US $295/month which is suitable for a small home healthcare agency.

3. AxisCare

3. AxisCare

This Alayacare alternative is a combination of home health care software and EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) solution.

It offers point-of-care and back-office solutions in the USA and 10 other countries.

For instance – it allows you to track essential growth metrics, stay compliant, streamline cash flow, and deliver an extraordinary experience to patients and caregivers from onboarding to billing.

Top features of AxisCare:

  • Automatic invoicing and quicker payments
  • Make better decisions with business intelligence
  • Mobile app for caregivers
  • Portals for both clients and caregivers
  • Custom form builder
  • Customizable reporting
  • EVV solutions
  • Track and analyze the hospitalization data
  • Medication reminders
  • Effective scheduling


  • Sufficient onboarding and training program
  • Gives you flexibility in customization
  • Simple to use
  • Made by home health care owners


  • Complex to manage authorization
  • Forms and chat feature requires improvement


Its prices can vary depending on your needs.

However, as per GetApp (software review site), its pricing starts from US $150/month. 

4. MatrixCare


MatrixCare is one of the best Alayacare alternatives and competitors that is designed by clinicians, for clinicians – to improve the quality of home health care!

Its smart technology is perfectly suitable for home care hospice, skilled nursing facilities, private duty, and palliative care.

The primary focus of MatrixCare is to maximize compliance, enhance the quality of care, improve operational efficiency and simplify the billing process.

Top features of MatrixCare:

  • Efficient claims management
  • Easy activity planning
  • Hassle-free client and their records management
  • Streamline staff scheduling
  • Point of care system
  • Finance and compliance management


  • It has advanced scheduling technology.
  • High-level data security program
  • Powerful back-office tools
  • Provides home health-specific content to clients


  • No customizable templates 
  • Complex to learn and use
  • Time-consuming documentation process


Its pricing is not revealed by the vendor.

5. Axxess Home Health


Axxess' powerful home health care software is trusted by over 9000+ organizations worldwide.

And that’s why it is one of the top competitors and alternatives to Alayacare.

Its software offers a round-the-clock solution that aims to improve the quality of care and productivity of caregivers.

Top features of Axxess:

  • Client Case Study
  • Intake and Scheduling
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Electronic Visit Verification
  • Quality Assurance
  • Claims Management
  • Financial Reporting
  • Patient-Driven Groupings Model
  • Medicare Conditions of Participation
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Staffing solutions


  • Effortless scheduling process
  • Comes up with communication notes
  • Easy workflow
  • Simplifies billing process


  • Stressful readmission process
  • Poor training and support
  • Order management is frustrating


It comes up with a monthly subscription plan + you need to pay for the installation.

However, the pricing is not revealed by the company.

And we? Well, we are health tech masterminds! 

Based in Ontario, Canada, we plan, design, build, test and deliver robust and scalable health tech solutions that are comfortable in usage but lethal in ROI. 

When we say we, we are talking about our 50+ healthcare IT professionals who include healthcare developers, UI/UX designers, business analysts, QA engineers and compliance specialists. 

The home care industry is where we have been proactive since our inception in 2015. 

During the pandemic, we helped several Canadian LTC homes to ensure continuity of care and keep our seniors safe with the help of cutting-edge technology. 

We are always thrilled to work with healthcare startups and healthcare enterprises that have the level of madness we have for the healthcare industry!