A Guide on ePrescribing for Healthcare Professionals: What, How, Why, How Much?

2 years ago

Well, you must already have an idea, in fact, you must have already experienced how difficult it gets to manage paper-based prescriptions. 

Thus, we are not going into the problem. 

Because what you don’t know or know partially is the solution. So, let’s discuss the solution! 

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What is eprescribing?

Its name itself suggests everything. When a healthcare provider writes and transmits prescriptions electronically using either a mobile app, web app or computer software, the process is called eprescribing. 

While at first glance it seems a very simple process using any digital platform, there are a lot of things that happen in the background to create and transmit eprescriptions from doctor’s office to pharmacy. 

After all, the entire concept of eprescribing is to ease the prescription process while ensuring security and accuracy during a transition phase and zero medication error at the pharmacy front. 

The most basic resource you require to offer eprescription service

You must have this question and it is very crucial too. 

The most basic yet important resource you would require to write eprescription and send it to the pharmacy is the digital solution in the form of either a mobile app or web app or computer software. 

This digital solution is equipped with all features required to write an eprescription. It even allows providers to select medication from the list. 

Most importantly, this digital solution is integrated with the pharmacy management system (PMS) of pharmacies to directly share eprescriptions with pharmacies. 

How does eprescribing solution work? - A workflow 

New Prescription Workflow: 

Step #1: The doctor signs up or logs in to the eprescribing solution. 

Step #2: Drug directory API is integrated with an eprescription solution that enables doctors to ‘drag and drop’ the type of medication. 

Step #3: The doctor digitally signs the eprescription. (Authorized eprescription automatically gets stored under each patient’s profile.)

Step #4: Thanks to the integration with the pharmacy management system, the pharmacy receives the eprescription directly to its to-do list on PMS. 

Prescription Refill Workflow: 

Step #1: Pharmacy sends prescription refill requests to the doctor on behalf of the patient. 

Step #2: The doctor receives a refill request on its eprescribing software. 

(Doctors cannot receive it on their EMRs as EMRs lack capabilities to receive and share information outside of a fixed facility. The solution is a health report manager!)  

Step #3: The doctor validates the refill request and sends it back to the pharmacy. 

Step #4: Pharmacy receives it on its PMS with doctor’s confirmation which they now can refill. 

Have you noticed here there is no paperwork? Everything you do is recorded online automatically for future needs. 

And most importantly, there are easy sharing capabilities between PMS and eprescribing solutions! 

What are the benefits of eprescribing software?

Well, if it did not deliver any value, we would never have invested our time writing a blog on it! 

The following are the top eprescribing benefits. 

  • No faxing to pharmacy 

Still, many providers send faxes of prescriptions to pharmacies.  

This not only wastes the time of providers but also adds burdens on the pharmacy as the pharmacy needs to properly manage and add the medication data printed into a fax to its PMS, all manually. 

But with eprescribing software, every prescription gets shared with the pharmacy automatically and electronically. 

  • No medication error 

When a pharmacy receives prescriptions by fax or email, they need to manually enter data into PMS. 

And here is where there is a high chance of medication errors as data entry is a very tedious and error-sensitive task for humans. 

But in the case of the eprescribing solution, it automatically adds medication data into the pharmacy’s PMS with the highest ever accuracy. 

  • Patients’ medication history 

Considering the fact that having medication history of patients helps providers to treat patients with enhanced patient outcomes, it is crucial to have an easily accessible medication or prescription history. 

However, you really can never be able to generate and manage the medication history of patients if you manage prescriptions on paper. 

But with eprescribing software, it is easier than ever as it automatically saves each newly generated prescription under the patient’s profile which every authorized user can access. 

How much does eprescribing cost?

It totally depends on the type of eprescribing platform you use. 

For instance, 

If you use 3rd party tool: 

It charges you either monthly or yearly based on either per prescription or fixed fee. 

And in return, they let you use certain features of their eprescribing platform while platform ownership still remains theirs. 

If you build your own platform: 

You need to hire a healthcare IT company to build an eprescription solution as per your requirements and clinical workflows. 

Here, you enjoy full platform ownership and you don’t have to pay anyone as monthly fees. 

Most importantly, it satisfies your precise needs as it is dedicatedly developed for you as per your requirements. 

Here is how we can help you build your own custom eprescribing solution integrated with PMS

We're an Ontario-based healthcare IT company. 

You can also call us an IT company only serving the healthcare industry. 

In the last 7 years, we have worked with several healthcare organizations, providers, nursing homes, and pharmacies to build digital solutions for their needs. 

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Talking specifically about eprescribing, our dedicated healthcare developers, designers, business analysts and compliance specialists can brilliantly build an eprescription platform that is compliant with all privacy laws and standards. 

Our healthcare integration skills make it a piece of cake for us to integrate eprescribing software with the pharmacy management system for direct sharing.  

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