“A New Pandemic”: Healthcare Staffing Shortage in Ontario

2 years ago

Healthcare staffing shortage is the new pandemic!

And here is the proof!

The situation is hazardous!

  • “The entire system is breaking down” 
Ontario staffing shortage news

70,000 hospital workers are demanding to fix the staffing shortage as emergency rooms are forced to shut down.

The OCHU (Ontario Council of Hospital Unions) and SEIU Healthcare have sent a letter to Premier Doug Ford to take necessary actions such as raising wages and offering financial incentives to speed up the hiring process and encourage existing workers.

  • “Tens of thousands of nurses on the sidelines”
Ontario staffing shortage news
  • The situation is exhausting 🤯
Ontario staffing shortage news
  • Ontario's largest multi-site hospital is looking for hope!
Ontario staffing shortage news

The entire healthcare ecosystem is collapsing as of the flawed impact on patients and healthcare workers

Healthcare staffing shortage is becoming a prominent headache.

It is poorly influencing the patients' care experience, outcomes and medical costs.

What’s more important is that the existing healthcare professionals are under immense pressure because,

  • Tremendous workload
  • Not able to provide ideal care solutions at the right time
  • Failing to focus on a patient's needs due to repetitive tasks
  • Frustrated and disheartened due to the old-age care system
  • Mentally and physically exhausted

As a result, the burnout rate is rapidly rising among healthcare professionals.

In fact, many healthcare workers are ending their journey in a healthcare career.

It’s a simple thing, who wants to work in an intense healthcare environment with a tremendous amount of workload, health risks, violence possibilities and not getting paid enough! 

And if the situation remains the same, you’ll see the signboards in every healthcare entity like, 

We are closed

But how to overcome the healthcare staffing shortage in Ontario?

There are two feasible solutions here.

Solution-1: Speed up the hiring process

Forgot the old-age hiring process. Adapt something new that delivers experience in the true sense.

Here are a few ideas for it.

  • Promote work-life balance. Not just a job
  • Offer flexibility in scheduling
  • Financial incentives
  • Ensure an ideal and pleasing work environment

However, as per the current scenario, it’s not easy to hire new healthcare workers.

Means, focus on the existing staff in order to not let them experience the same exhausting situation.

But how to do it?

Solution-2: Implement health tech solutions

It offers positive results in the true sense.

Using robust tech solutions in the healthcare ecosystem helps in,

  • Reducing the workload for the healthcare professionals
  • Faster, reliable and efficient care solutions
  • Streamlines the workflows that save time and costs
  • Ensures operational efficiency
  • Enables to focus on improving the care experience of the patients
  • Lowers the burnout of the healthcare workers
  • Improves the work-life balance of the medical staff
  • Enrich physical and mental well-being

In fact, it helps you in retaining the new healthcare talent as you are offering more than just a job.

So, here is the list of the outcome-driven health tech solutions to put a full stop to the healthcare staffing shortage not just in Ontario but the entire Canada and the USA.

#1: Automation

Healthcare professionals almost spend 80% of their time on repetitive tasks such as data entry into EMR/EHR.

This process is tedious and complex, especially at the point of care. In fact, there is a high possibility of medical errors.

Using healthcare software automation, you can eliminate the need for manual data entry which directly helps in reducing the work burden on the medical staff while at the same time improving patient safety and care experience. 

#2: Integration

Integration opens a wide range of solutions to reduce medical staff burnout and retain more talent as it enables,

  • Streamline data of flow
  • Eliminates the paperwork
  • Saves operational time
  • Reduces repetitive tasks for the staff

EMR integration, medical device integration and IoT integration are the most common integration solutions.

#3:Patient education platform

The patient education platform is the thing that most large-scale hospitals avoid. But it holds the potential to reduce the workflow of the medical staff.

For instance, it eliminates the medical staff’s need to focus on patients’ medication management, nutrition requirements and many more other key responsibilities as patients can be able to self-care effectively.

#4: Remote patient monitoring

What makes it a special tech solution is that it enables the healthcare entities to improve patients’ care experience and optimize the workflows for the medical and administrative staff.

Remote patient monitoring offers flexibility and transparency without any hassle.

#5: Patient intake

Patient intake apps or software give peace of mind to the entire healthcare ecosystem.

As it eliminates – waiting in the waiting room for patients, manual data entry, and hassle of the data collection.

#6: Healthcare staffing app or software

A solution to register a victory against the healthcare staffing shortage crisis!

It enables healthcare organizations to hire on-demand healthcare talents hassle-free.

For instance, the BookJane app is fulfilling the real-time staffing requirement of the care facilities.

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