How Can You Get Patient Data Through Kroll Integration?

1 year ago

Trust me. 

This is going to be the most simplified blog, answering your questions about patient data access through Kroll integration. 

So, keeping my promise, I’ll skip the fancy intro and come to today’s agenda itself. 

Is it easily possible to access patient data stored in Kroll through 3rd party app/software? 

Yes, it is. But not easily! 

Kroll is an ecosystem that stores a pile of patient & drug data in a well-organized way.

Many of these data are so valuable that they are capable of enhancing patient outcomes dramatically.  

For instance, Kroll stores all ongoing/previous prescriptions and allergies of patients which are valuable data to define personalized care plans or make clinical decisions. 

Meaning, if you or your users have access to this data through your app/software, the clinical value of your app/software would increase by 10X. 

But how to get patient data that are stored on Kroll PMS?

Though Kroll integration! 

Yes, to access Kroll’s patient data through a 3rd party digital solution, you have to integrate Kroll PMS with that 3rd party digital solution on which you want to get patient data stored on Kroll.

But what is Kroll integration? (that gives you access to patient data stored on Kroll) 

Kroll integration is the process of connecting Kroll API with your healthcare digital solution. 

However, it is not as easy as it seems. It includes several tasks around Kroll API access, licensing, development, interoperability, and compliance. 

Most important! Kroll integration needs to be ‘Kroll-to-your-app/software’ directional 

There are two major types of Kroll integration. 

  • Uni-directional 

Such a type of integration either goes from your app/software to Kroll or Kroll to your app/software. 

If your use case is to automatically add prescriptions received through your app/software to Kroll PMS, you must go for your ‘app/software to Kroll’ integration type. 

But here since you want to access data stored on Kroll, you must go for ‘Kroll-to-your-app/software’ directional. 

  • Bi-directional 

If you execute bi-directional integration, both Kroll PMS and your app/software can communicate with each other. 

Meaning, bi-directional integration can enable direct entry of prescriptions received through the app/software to Kroll and data access of Kroll from your app/software.

What’s more? Kroll Integration not only gives patients data but also offers more benefits.

  • Increased Efficiency:

By integrating various processes and systems, Kroll integration reduces duplication of effort and increases efficiency. This can result in cost savings and faster services.

  • Improved Communication: 

As it promotes the sharing of information and resources, Kroll integration improves communication between different departments and teams within an organization.

  • Better Data Management: 

Kroll integration helps organizations in managing their data more effectively by consolidating information from multiple sources and making it easier to access and analyze.

  • Enhanced Decision-Making: 

Kroll integration provides better operational insights to organizations, allowing them to make more informed decisions and quickly adapt the changing circumstances.

  • Increased Agility:

Kroll integration helps organizations become more agile and responsive to market changes and customer needs by streamlining processes and enabling faster decision-making.

Overall, Kroll integration can help organizations become more efficient, productive, and profitable with a strategic and coordinated way of bringing different systems and processes together.

Already excited? Don’t be, at least for now. Because the major requirement is still unanswered

Yes, there is a very crucial requirement. 

Imagine, you have integrated Kroll with your app/software successfully and tested that Kroll is successfully responding to data access requests. 

But how would you capture that data shared by Kroll?

Or in other words, how would you see that patient data shared by Kroll with your app/software?  

You surely need a front end here. A frontend, from where you can easily see the data of patients as an outcome of successful Kroll integration. 

And thus, you need UI/UX designers and developers to design and build the front end. 

Another challenge popping up here is - efficient and accurate patient data access

You have to make sure that there is a perfect working mechanism between your software/app and Kroll PMS. 

For instance, if you request a patient’s age, Kroll should share only the patient’s age data and not the patient’s birthday. 

And in the next step, your app/software should capture it accurately and show it to you on the perfect tab of the front end.

Otherwise, data access efficiency and accuracy issues would arise. 

To avoid such issues, workflows play a major role. You must define a workflow for the entire communication channel between Kroll and your app/software as well as workflows for micro-communication channels. 

Based on these workflows, you can prepare test cases and based on test cases, you can verify whether efficiency and accuracy are in place or not.

Okay. These are the patient data that you can get through the Kroll integration 

The only condition is, Kroll integration needs to be done as per standards! 

  • Patient name 
  • Address
  • City
  • Email
  • Phone number 
  • Birthday 
  • Age
  • Gender 
  • Language 
  • Height 
  • Weight 
  • PHN 
  • Health plans 
  • Allergies 
  • Medical conditions 
  • Prescriptions 
  • Family details 

Wait! You need Kroll API access and it is not accessible to all

No, we are not saying getting Kroll API access is impossible. 

We are saying, you need to go through a process to get access to Kroll API as it is not accessible to all.

You need to submit your use case to the Kroll team and then the Kroll team evaluates your use case to decide whether to give you Kroll API access or not. 

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Don’t worry. You’re accompanied by us and we’ve been dealing with Kroll integration for years   

Rather than telling you who we are, let us tell you who we aren’t! 

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  • We are not an IT company that helps you as per contract terms. (We help with everything - workflows, documentation, integration, UI/UX, QA, training, and compliance.)
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