How to Sell Home Health Care Products Online Like Shoppers Drug Mart?

7 months ago

Let’s start with a dose of motivation. 

How did Murray Koffler founded Canada’s biggest retail pharmacy chain in 1962 (without the Internet!) that was valued at more than $12 billion in 2014? 

He created the Associate Concept and provided individual business ownership to local pharmacies under his brand which is Shoppers Drug Mart.  

So, in a true sense, the Associate-Owners fueled the Shoppers Drug Mart’s success. 

With changing times and market demand, they moved online and found new fuel to push forward their business. 

What we are trying to show here is that any home healthcare services or products business requires fuel in terms of people or technology as it boosts overall business growth. 

Technology as Growth Fuel for Your Home Health Care Products Business and Home Health Care Services

Like this Garden Snail, you can step up and reach beyond your limit - but only with the right technology!

To step up, you need to sell home health care products online like Shoppers Drug Mart. 

For that, you only need technology as growth fuel. 

With it, you can have a health care e-commerce platform including a mobile app and website. 

You already know the benefits of mobile apps and websites as you are already using many. So, let’s talk about real business.

A Mobile App or Website for Selling Health Care Products Online or for Home Health Care Services - A Business Perspective

Whether a mobile app will let them take advantage or a website. (Your advantages also matter!)

Mobile or web app?


Both mobile apps and websites have pros and cons. 

So now, you need to take user behaviour into account. 

A user never uses the Uber website to book a ride - he always uses the app. 


A user uses both the Amazon website and mobile app for shopping essentials. 

So, in any e-commerce business, you need to have both a mobile app and a website. 

How Shoppers Drug Mart Sells Home Health Care Products Online? 

Short Answer: 

They follow the trend and serve the way customers want while keeping ‘convenience’ in mind! 

Long Answer: 

They call themselves the retail pharmacy. 

But actually, they are the fusion of retail pharmacy, online pharmacy, online beauty store, online grocery store, and online health care product store. 

They sell everything a customer requires to look after his health & beauty - from medicines to healthy food and sun lotion. 

Imagine the customers they can attract with this many products! 

It is worth sharing that Shoppers Drug Mart sells almost everything online you can see in their retail stores (showcased in the following video). 

We also noticed that they are pushing customers to land on their website to use their mobile app for buying products under pharmacy, food, and home categories. 

Shoppers Drug Mart mobile app has the typical user interface of an e-commerce mobile app. 

However, it enables customers to manage their prescriptions and refills. 

They are also selling home health care products online under their different brand named Wellwise by Shoppers Drug Mart. 

However, Wellwise by Shoppers Drug Mart is more focused on selling COVID-19 products, fall prevention products, ostomy products, and incontinence products. 

News Regarding Shoppers Drug Mart 

To further expand, they started the first managed primary care and family practice clinic in Toronto. 

More importantly, it is a technology-driven clinic with online appointment booking and virtual care options through Medeo - the virtual care solution provider. 

Belonging to the same industry and helping health care providers with virtual care deployment as a technology partner, we must say that Shoppers Drug Mart will rule the primary care industry. 

Coming back to the business. 

3 Steps to Sell Home Health Care Products Online like Shoppers Drug Mart

Step 1 for selling home health care products
Step 2 for selling home health care products
Step 3 for selling home health care products


Anything, even the rarest one, that is stopping you from selling home health care products online is answerable to us. 

We use technologies as boosters for your business growth. 

But as a healthcare IT company, we always come up with more profitable business ideas.

And here is one for you.

Start Home Health Care Services in Canada and the USA

The home healthcare agency market is skyrocketing right now!

The global home healthcare market size was valued at USD 345.6 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 634.9 billion in 2030.

Home healthcare demands are rising at a rapid pace.

This means healthcare is the perfect business opportunity to start home healthcare services.

Here is a step-by-step guide for that.

1. Create a business plan

2. Register your home health care agencies

3. Obtain all certifications/licenses

4. Hire talent as per the needs

5. Attract customers with an effective marketing plan

6. Implement robust tech solutions to focus more on the quality of care

7. Remain compliant 

8. Create a retention program

How Technology Can help You Improve Your Home Health Care Services with 10X Speed?

About 1.2 Million Canadian adults obtained home health care services in 2021!

Of these, 

  • 26% had their needs unmet
  • 10% had their needs partially met 

Lack of tech solutions is the prior reason behind that.

For instance, here is the scenario without technology solutions in home healthcare agencies.

  • Time-consuming and inefficient workflows
  • Lower operational efficiency
  • High operational costs
  • Miscommunication between caregivers and administrative staff
  • Poor quality of care experience

But with the following robust health tech solutions, you can avoid this entire mess.

1. Home care scheduling software to reduce the scheduling headache

2. Elderly care platform to manage everything in one place

3. Remote patient monitoring to retain more customers 

4. Medical billing automation to save time, costs and resources

5. Healthcare CRM to enhance patient engagement effectively and efficiently

The Top 21 Home Health Care Agencies

  1. Bayada home health care
  1. Preferred home health care
  1. Medicare home health care
  1. Henry ford home health care
  1. Comfort care home health
  1. Amedisys home health care
  1. Community home health care
  1. Elite home health care
  1. Accent care home health
  1. Kindred home health care
  1. Angels home health care
  1. Serenity home health care
  1. Premier home health care
  1. Edison home health care
  1. Well care home health
  1. Alegre home health care
  1. Compassionate care home health
  1. Addus home health care
  1. Horizon home health care
  1. Interim home health care
  1. Heartland home health care

So, if you have any roadblocks that are restricting you from starting a healthcare service business or selling home health care products, we hold a unique ability to break them.

We are Canadian Health Tech, Business, and Compliance Masterminds!

Based in Ontario, we are a healthcare-specific IT company.

We have been breaking the hardships of healthcare startups, organizations, and enterprises for the past 8+ years.

Home health care is our personal interest as we strive to improve the lives of senior adults.

We have a 50+ team of healthcare IT professionals who only aim to decode the modern health tech, business, and compliance needs without adding any complexity.

It includes UI/UX designers, web and app developers, business analysts, compliance specialists, RPA experts, and AI & ML specialists.

So, let’s have a productive talk about how we can support you in elevating your home healthcare business to the next level!