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Out of all, the following are 9 most-asked and crucial questions and their answers related to telemedicine app development in the USA.

But before that, we would like to share our most recent case study on telemedicine app development.

Question 1: How much does telemedicine app development in the USA cost?

The cost to build a telehealth app in the USA depends on the type of app you want to develop.

For instance, the custom app costs you around $80000 and a white-label telemedicine app costs you around $25000.

This blog will clear all your doubts: Actual cost of telemedicine platform

Question 2: What’s the difference between the custom and the white-label telehealth app?

On paper, the difference is huge. But on-field, they both work the same way!

The following is a quick comparison.

Telemedicine App
Custom App
Development CostIt costs less than $30,000.It costs around $80,000.
App Delivery TimeIt can be delivered within 5-10 days.It requires at least 90 days to deliver the app.
App ComplianceGenerally, white-label telemedicine apps are HIPAA compliant.If your hired development agency lacks the compliance knowledge, you need to hire a compliance consultant separately.
App CustomizationIf you have any new ideas, a white-label app can easily be customized, without increasing the development cost significantly.Customization increases the development hours, and development agencies charge at least $40 per development hour.
App FeaturesIt accommodates all the important features. And since it is customizable, you can add missing features later on.App development agencies charge you based on the complexity and time required to add features.

Question 3: In which cases, should I opt for a white-label telemedicine app?

The deciding factors are cost, app delivery time, compliance and app features.

A white-label telemedicine app is the best option when you want to test the market with little investment.

Once successful, you can add a few more advanced features in the app and expand the business reach.

It is also the most suitable solution for healthcare providers such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, insurers and nursing homes as they generally have basic requirements.

Acquiring a custom app is similar to paying a huge amount to the apple farm owner to cultivate the apples dedicatedly for yourself and waiting until apple seeds transform into apples.

Whereas, acquiring a white-label app is similar to buying already cultivated apples instantly.

In both cases, the output remains the same. Only the acquisition process is different which you should not care about!

In case you’re thrilled to know more about white-label telehealth apps, here is everything about our white-label telemedicine app.

Get Live Demo of Telemedicine App

Question 4: How much money do I need to invest to start a telemedicine app business?

With a white-label app, you only need around $35000 to start the telemedicine app business.

The areas where you need to spend the majority of your capital are,

Question 5: What will be the operating cost of a telemedicine app?

After interacting with our several clients who have developed telemedicine apps recently, our business experts found out that the major percentage of their revenue goes into API fees and customer service.

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Question 6: Can I ask users to pay for televisits?

If the user is covered by any healthcare plan and it includes free televisits, the app should not ask users to pay for the healthcare services.

Let’s understand this with a few scenarios.

Medicaid is a federal healthcare plan for people with limited income. Medicaid supports free televisits.

Meaning, a user who is covered by Medicaid is not liable for the televisit fee. The government pays the televisit fee on behalf of that user.

Another such healthcare plan is Medicare - for people aged more than 65. This plan also supports free televisits.

People generally prefer healthcare plan-covered telehealth apps.

Question 7: Which are the API integrations required for the seamless working of the app?

We can easily achieve app functionalities i.e. video calling, SMS through third-party API integration. These include,

  • Video/Voice Calls API Integration
  • Chat API Integration
  • SMS API Integration
  • In-App Notifications API Integration
  • Payment Integration

Question 8: Which are the top telemedicine apps in the USA?

This list will help you to carry out competitor analysis if you are already planning to go for telemedicine app development in the USA.

App Name



LiveHealth Online

  • No Appointment Needed
  • Virtual Doctor Visit in Multiple Languages
  • Extensive Health Insurance Plans Support
  • Can’t Download Sick Note from Smartphone
  • Limited Options to Connect with the Doctors


  • Patients Can Choose their Own Doctor.
  • Online Pharmacy Support
  • Free Sign-Up
  • Higher Fees
  • Appointments Only Last About 15 Minutes.

Doctor On Demand

  • Clear Pricing Information
  • Extensive Health Insurance Plans Support
  • Therapy and Psychiatry Services
  • Additional Fee to Extend the Call
  • No Option to Text or Email with Your Doctor
  • No Instant Access to Doctor


  • Urgent Appointments
  • No Call Time Limit
  • Therapy, Dermatology, Sexual Health Services
  • You Can’t Choose Your Doctor.
  • No Clear Pricing Information


  • Affordable Fee
  • Talk to Your Preferred Doctor
  • Three Minute Wait Time
  • No Appointment Option
  • The Call is Just 10-Minute Long.
  • Limited Communication Methods

Question 9: What are the top healthcare laws in the USA?

A healthcare entity as well as a healthcare startup stores and shares many important financial and personal information of the patients and their family members.

To make patient data security the ultimate priority of healthcare providers, the government has imposed many healthcare laws and guidelines.

There are major four healthcare laws in the USA which you should be aware of.

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act)
  • Federal Trade Commission Act (FTC Act)
  • FTC’s Health Breach Notification Rule

Read our dedicated blog to know which healthcare laws apply to your telemedicine app and its requirements.

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