Explore Canada’s Best White-Label Virtual Care Solution (Real Screenshots)

3 years ago

After relentlessly understanding and learning clinical workflows and on-ground requirements, we finally rolled out our white-label virtual care solution last year during the peak of the pandemic

Since we are well-aware of the Canadian healthcare system, we aimed to address all real and unattended requirements and challenges of healthcare providers. 

First of all, it is HIPAA/PIPEDA/PHIPA/PIA compliant and also compliant with other data privacy laws of Canada. 

It is also customizable - in case you have unique needs. 

It also supports health card-covered televisits with a built-in OHIP, MSP, AHCIP billing feature. 

It can be integrated with any EMR/EHR to get instant access to patient data. 

It is a mobile app and web-based virtual care solution.  

It is equipped with an online referral system. (This is very useful!)

Oh, wait! Are you already finding this game-changing? 

Let us share everything in detail along with its real screenshots or app screens. 

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Revealing Canada’s best white-label virtual care solution 

These are the real screenshots. But not the final ones. We customize the app's UI and features based on your requirements and clinical workflows. 

1. Home Window

From here, users are able to select healthcare services by medical specialists and later book the virtual appointment. 

2. Appointment Window

Here, users can explore all their past and upcoming appointments. Users can also inform the healthcare providers that they need a sick note. 

3. Health Card Details 

Since our white-label virtual care app actualizes health card-supported televisits, users have to add their health card details which get verified by the app itself. 

4. Notification Center 

Users get all notifications related to appointments, messages, payment, etc to keep up to date. 

5. Easy Referral 

For more specialized care, the primary care provider can refer the patient easily with just a few clicks. 

These are only 5 of the app screens out of 60+ screens. (Because it is not feasible to share all screens here!)

In case you are interested to explore all screens and want to see this in action, we can provide you with a free live demo. Just let us know your interest.

Let’s now talk about its compliance and privacy features 

Being a Canadian company, we understand the gravity of compliance. 

We always make sure that any healthcare product we build must be compliant with all data privacy laws. 

Our virtual care solution is compliant with all federal and provincial data privacy laws and equipped with all necessary security features. 

These security features include, 

  • 2-factor authentication for patient & physicians
  • Administrative controls
  • Encrypted PHI

And in case you come across any compliance-related issues, our in-house compliance consultants will help you technically and operationally. 

Now, this is the best part! 

Our white-label virtual care platform is free from all security and privacy vulnerabilities. 

Because we have carried out TRA (threat and risk assessment) on it which is the proven method to identify privacy issues of digital solutions. 

And once TRA revealed the privacy issues, our tech team has solved all those issues and made our solution the most secure one! 

We also integrate top EMR/EHR with virtual care app for easy access to patient data 

By integrating top EHR/EMR such as Telus PS Suite, Oscar EMR, Accuro EMR, Cerner EMR, PointClickCare EHR, MED e-care EHR, we enable physicians to get instant access to crucial information of the patients from the virtual care app itself.

And yes, there are several useful API integrations for a feature-rich virtual healthcare platform 

Not to mention, we are aware of the fact that the API you integrate with virtual healthcare platforms must also be compliant with Canadian data privacy laws.

Thus, we only integrate compliant APIs.  

  • Video Integrations with Mesibo, Twilio 
  • Chat Integrations with Sendbird 
  • SMS Integrations with Vonage 
  • In-App Notifications Integrations with Amazon SNS 
  • Payment Integrations with Strip

What we are most proud of is our built-in online referral system 

Canadian healthcare system works in a unique way. 

The patient first needs to go through a primary care provider and a referral letter is required for specialized care from a secondary care provider. 

Thus, a referral system is very important for ultimate collaboration between primary care providers and secondary care providers. 

With a built-in referral system, we enable primary care providers to generate referral notes, attach all important clinical information of patients and send it to secondary care providers. 

This system or feature is semi-automated. 

Meaning, the primary care providers only need to write the referral message. All other information is added by the platform. 

This reduces the workload of primary care providers and scope of errors. 

OHIP, MSP and AHCIP-covered televisits are possible with our virtual care solution

Virtual care or telemedicine in Ontario, Alberta and B.C. is covered under OHIP (Ontario health card), MSP (B.C. health card) and AHCIP (Alberta health card). 

Meaning, if patients have any of these health cards, they are not liable for the fee. Instead, the government pays for them. 

But to claim reimbursement from the government, healthcare providers should submit the claim using any billing software. 

But in the case of our virtual care platform, healthcare providers can provide health card-covered virtual care and submit the claim from the platform itself. 

How will we deliver you our white-label virtual care platform? 

First of all, you will be the only owner of the source code. And we will be with you from ashes to beyond your journey to glory!

Now, let’s talk about the onboarding process. 

The process has been divided into 3 steps while ensuring your success at every step. 

Step #1: Setup 

  • We assess your specific needs and use cases.  
  • We build customized structure/workflow to suit your virtual care needs. 
  • We assess the privacy laws in your province and billing codes structure. 
  • Our tech, design and compliance teams customize our virtual healthcare solution based on your needs, workflows and use cases. 

Step #2: Training 

  • We provide you with a working demo of a virtual care web and mobile app. 
  • We demonstrate workflows and features. 
  • We answer your questions to eliminate all of your queries. 

Step #3: Success 

  • We provide ongoing technical, business and compliance consultation for any issues you face. 
  • We help you to upgrade the platform to suit your changing needs and workflows. 

That’s all. We now have the simple question for you. 

Are you in? 

If yes, we are READY!