How Electronic Caregiver Raised $42.5M as the Top Digital Health Startup in Mexico? Revealing 4 Similar Business Ideas

2 years ago

The numbers are incredible!

“The global digital health market size was valued at USD 216.7 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach USD 1.5 trillion by 2030.” (Source)

Increasing demand for remote patient monitoring and telehealth for chronic care management are the primary factors behind this booming market.

And if you want to dominate this market, first, it’s important to crack the right digital health needs!

However, if we look around – not everyone can accomplish it properly.

Because it requires years of clinical research and powerful digital health infrastructure.

So, if you want to save around 5 years of time and a huge investment for your digital health startup idea, this blog is for you.

We have picked some of the top inspirations from the Mexico-based startup Electronic Caregiver which recently raised $42.5 million in recent funding.

What is an Electronic Caregiver?

Electronic Caregiver is the top digital health startup in Mexico.

It offers health devices and telehealth solutions for remote patient monitoring, chronic care and infectious disease management.

But what makes it special is that – its 3D virtual caregiver and advanced medical alerts.

So, let’s explore top business ideas from it.

Idea-1: Cover more than one healthcare areas

Electronic Caregiver has a strong vision – to transform the way of care delivery and management.

And for that, it has covered almost every area of healthcare such as –

  • Corporate health and wellness
  • Small, medium and large health practices
  • Elder care communities
  • Home and hospital care
  • Infectious diseases

They know that offering more than just one solution can help in attracting more patients – at the same time boost revenue.

In fact, with this recent funding, Electronic Caregiver is planning to expand its customer base in Mexico and beyond.

Idea-2: Offer a powerful care plan

It is the perfect way to win over the modern needs of both patients and their care providers.

Therefore, Electronic Caregiver provides a patient-centric care plan that comes up with 24/7 care support and comprehensive security.

And here is a glimpse of it.

  • Premium care plan:

It includes a pocket-size smart health device and an emergency wrist pendant that helps in 24/7 emergency response, care plan reminder, activity monitoring and locating patients’ geographical location.

Premium care plan of Electronic Caregiver
  • Pro Health:

It is an advanced care plan which makes remote patient monitoring effortless and outcome-driven with integrated connected devices and voice technology.

This care plan helps users 24/7 (vital monitoring, emergency response and medication reminders).

Remote patient monitoring device

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Idea-3: Offer a 3D virtual caregiver

This is one of the most promising business ideas for digital health startups.

Because it is a completely new concept in the market with high potential (in terms of revenue and user base).

With this, you can offer 3D animated virtual caregivers for patients, in-home caregivers and providers.

(Just like Electronic Caregiver is offering).

A 3D virtual caregiver helps in –

  • 24/7 Voice-driven interaction
  • Memory stimulation exercise
  • Rehab solutions
  • 24/7 emergency response
  • Mental health support
  • Vital sign monitoring

Idea-4: Offer mobile integrated health and disease management solutions

The path to success in digital health startups is – to help patients and their caregivers in every possible way.

And offering a healthcare mobile app is the best way to achieve it.

Thus, as a digital health startup, Electronic Caregiver offers 3 mobile integrated apps for health and infectious disease management which include – 

Wallpass: Locating the real-time location of the user for vital monitoring purposes

AdditionPass: Pre-screening and health management solution

Protector Initiativen platform: It helps the authorized person to view and manage – vital sign alerts, screening and clinical data in order to minimize the potential risk of infection in the workplace and beyond.

Market potential for a similar concept like Electronic Caregiver

As a telehealth startup, Electronic Caregiver is solving the real issues for caregivers.

It's helping them in providing and managing patient care with fewer efforts and frustration.

And if you have the same fascinating idea to help the caregivers behind the doors, it’s important to first look at the market possibilities.

First, there are only a few startups in the market that follow the concept like Electronic Caregiver.

Second, the rate of caregiver burnout is rising at a rapid pace in long-term facilities, in-home care services and residential care facilities.

In which – high work burden and lack of technology solutions are the prior reasons behind it.

But telehealth and remote patient monitoring are proven as the best way to reduce the work burden of caregivers.

Because it gives peace of mind to caregivers by allowing them –

  • Improving their work-life balance
  • Flexible schedule 
  • Reduce travelling time
  • Streamline workflow with real-time data
  • Better communication with healthcare providers

With this much of benefits, you can target those care facilities and can gain a larger-scale user base for the platform like Electronic Caregiver.

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