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4 years ago

We’re a dream team of business experts, software engineers, app developers, healthcare compliance consultants and cloud experts working for the Canadian healthcare industry to enhance patient outcomes while reducing administrative burdens on healthcare workers.

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The Urgency for Healthcare Software in Canada

Our business experts have collected many eye-opening data from trustworthy sources serving on the frontline. They’ve revealed,

  • Canadians have timely access to care for emergent problems such as heart attack and cancer. But when it comes to primacy care, Canadians have to typically wait weeks and months.
  • Canada’s ageing population is adding pressure to an already overwhelmed healthcare system.
  • Canada has the best healthcare infrastructure in its major cities. But far from urban areas, many citizens struggle to get rapid healthcare services.
  • Not only patients, but healthcare workers are also facing many challenges such as work overload, extensive paperwork, lack of mentoring, limited access to technology, and lack of advanced training.

Strengthening Our Healthcare System With Custom Healthcare Software Development

The only way to strengthen our healthcare system is the adoption of technology and innovation.

Far before Canadians could understand the need for custom healthcare software, we’ve started our practice with an ambition to build a digital work environment for healthcare professionals to eliminate the manual time-consuming processes to provide quality care.

In the last 6 years, we’ve mastered custom mobile and web-based healthcare software development.

Mobile-Based Healthcare Software
Web-Based Healthcare Software
Ease of Access
It is very easy to use because of the mobile UI & the high availability of mobile devices.To use web-based healthcare software effectively, you need access to a PC or laptop.
Ensuring security requires more effort as
users are using it in mobile phones which
are more vulnerable.
Ensuring security requires the same effort as one should not give a cold shoulder to security in any case!
The cost depends on many factors. But in
ideal condition, the cost would be between $10,000 to $25,000.
The cost depends on many factors. But in ideal condition, the cost would be somewhere between $5,000 to $30,000.
You need to follow all applicable healthcare laws.Like mobile-based software, you need to follow all applicable healthcare laws.
Access Speed
Mobile-based healthcare software is faster.It isn’t as fast as mobile-based healthcare Software.
Development Time
It takes a minimum of 30 days to develop mobile-based healthcare software.It is faster to develop web-based healthcare software.
The time-to-market is high due to the approval process of Google PlayStore and Apple App Store.It does not require any kind of approval.

Our Mastership Is Extensive. We Develop Several Types of Healthcare Software.

Telemedicine/Telehealth Solution

  • Appointment Booking
  • Doctor Virtual Visit
  • e-Prescribing
  • EHR Integration
  • Support for Low Bandwidth

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Healthcare CRM Solution

  • Reports Generation
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Existing Applications Integration
  • Customer Query Management
  • Patient Communication

Medical Imaging Solution

  • MRI/CT/PET Scans Processing
  • 3D Model Designing
  • Human Anatomy 3D Modeling

Online Appointment Booking Solution

  • Doctors Availability-Based Appointment Booking
  • Automatic Reminder / Cancellation
  • Automatic Notification
  • Team Scheduling
  • Calendars

Hospital Management Solution

  • Workflow Management
  • Staff Interaction & Payroll
  • Insurance Claims Processing
  • Financial Control and Tax Planning
  • Patient Data Management

Medical Inventory Solution

  • Equipment Tracking
  • Low-Stock Alert
  • Automatic Order and Invoicing

Medical Database Solution

  • Secure Data Storage
  • Data Comparison
  • Recovery Plans Creations

Medical Diagnosis Solution

  • Manual/Automatic Data Entry
  • AI-Based Diagnosis
  • Self-Assessment

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Mental Health App Solution

  • Self-Monitoring
  • Customized Therapy
  • Reminders
  • Therapist Connection
  • AI-Enabled Assistant

Health Tracking Apps

  • Food Tracker/Calorie Counter
  • Gamification
  • Step Counter/Pedometer
  • Water Intake Tracker
  • Sleep Tracker

Pharmacy Management Solution

  • Dispensing Workflow Management
  • Clinical Information Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Reporting
  • Pricing and Billing

Our Role-Based Healthcare Software Solutions Are For:

  • Dietitians

Develop a mobile-based or web-based platform to interact with your patients, suggest personalized meal plans, track their progress and make real-time suggestions.

Read our dedicated blog to know more.

  • Veterinarians

Develop a telemedicine platform for pet care to provide online veterinary services related to pet health, pet behaviour, pet care and pet nutrition.

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  • Psychiatrist

Develop a mobile or web-based platform to treat several mental illnesses online such as anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, somnipathy, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders.

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  • Physiotherapist

Develop a telemedicine platform to deliver physiotherapy services online using telecommunication technologies such as voice calls and video calls. The outcome would be high productivity, reduced paperwork, rapid care, remote care, desired patient outcomes, automated tasks, fewer errors, and personalized care.

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  • Pharmacist

Develop a pharmacy delivery app to let users order medications from the comfort of their homes.
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  • Physicians/Nurses

Develop a telemedicine platform or custom appointment booking solution to reduce your administrative burdens and provide rapid, remote and quality care.

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We Practice Cutting-Edge Healthcare Technologies.

Our Custom Healthcare Software Development Lifecycle

Which Healthcare Laws Apply to Your Custom Healthcare Software?

We’re a top custom healthcare software development company for a reason. We even accommodate healthcare compliance experts who ensure that your healthcare software is HIPAA/PHIPA compliant and you don’t face any healthcare law violations charges.

You can read the case study which talks about the way we helped a development company to fill 47 security gaps in a healthcare app.

The following are the top healthcare laws. However, the healthcare law which applies to your custom healthcare software depends on the location where you want to launch your healthcare software.

  • PHIPA:

PHIPA is imposed by the Ontario state government. Meaning, it applies to you if you want to launch your healthcare software only in Ontario, Canada.


PIPEDA is imposed by the Canadian federal government. Meaning, it applies to you if you want to launch your healthcare software anywhere in Canada including Ontario.

  • HIPAA:

HIPAA is the major law imposed by the USA federal government. Meaning, it applies to you if you want to launch your healthcare software in the USA.

The USA has many other healthcare laws as well. You can read about all of those laws here in our dedicated blog. (Which Healthcare Law Applies to Your Healthcare Software in the USA?)

Success Story of Our Most Recently Developed Healthcare Software

Recently, we guided an Ontario-based healthcare startup named Writi through telemedicine software development complexities. We provided consultation, prepared the business plan and even developed the telemedicine platform.

The telemedicine platform enabled many LTC homes to survive COVID-19 very effectively. Due to the massive impact of Writi, it has been officially added in the list of best Ontario-based innovative tech companies by the fastest growing tech conference of North America – Collision.

Top Features of Writi:

  • Electronic Prescribing
  • Patient Management
  • Order Management
  • Virtual Visits
  • Collaboration
  • Patient Medical History
  • Task Assignment
  • Billing report

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