HIPAA compliant Project Management Software: Acquire Our Solution with Your Own Branding

3 months ago

Based in Ontario, we are a healthcare-focused IT company.

We an ideal solution to HIPAA compliant project management software.

And in the next 3 minutes, we are going to share everything about it.

From its features and functionalities to architecture and pricing.

But before jumping into that, let us share some real-screen images of it.

HIPAA compliant project management software

A Little Introduction to HIPAA Compliant Project Management Software

It is a web-based HIPAA-compliant project management solution

Meaning, you can access it – from any device, from any browser.

It is developed by our healthcare-specific developers (who combined hold 300+ years of experience).

Besides, if you have unique requirements – you can also customize it.

And this is something that makes it the best HIPAA-compliant project management software.

Top 8 Features of HIPAA Compliant Project management software

There are multiple features in our project management solution.

But here, we are listing the most important ones.

1. Internal and External Team Management

It allows you to create, edit, and manage all the profiles of an internal and external team in one place.

Apart from that, you can perform various tasks like –  managing user permissions, communicating via chat, managing documents along with setting up expiry dates, etc.

Internal and external team management

2. HIPAA-Compliant no-code Checklist Maker

This feature is an all-in-one and easy-to-use solution to manage all your clinical tasks.

It includes – daily checks, a medication tracker, patient health data recording, follow-up meetings, patient onboarding and discharge, inventory and asset management, and document management.

checklist maker

Because it has no-code capabilities, you can easily configure the tasks as per your needs without any coding knowledge.

For example, you can configure a new task or checklist in just 6 simple steps as shown in the below screenshot of HIPAA-compliant project management software.

Task management feature

3. Document Management

Under each patient and internal and external team profile, you can upload and manage their essential documents.

To do so, the following are the steps.

  • Click on “Add New Document”
  • Give it a name
  • Select the type of document
  • Add tags to find documents easily
  • Set up expiry date and expiry notification
  • Attach document

You can also track every activity performed on each document. 

Document management

4. Notification Management

This is something that makes our solution the best HIPAA-compliant project management software.

You can easily set custom SMS and email notifications with your own content for several different events.

Those events work as triggers for those reminders.

Triggers are nothing but an activity performed by your internal and external teams.

For instance, you can set ‘medication refill requested by the patient’ as a trigger and configure the notification types and content.

Notification management

5. User Permission Management

By using it, you can add, edit, view, and delete the permission for each feature as shown in the below image.

User permission management

6. HIPAA Authorization

Our solution to HIPAA-compliant project management software is equipped with the eSign feature.

It allows you to send a consent form to users that he or she can access, eSign it, and submit it.

But what makes this feature special is that – it allows you to set the expiry notification so that it sends automatic notifications before the past consent expires.

7. Communication and Collaboration

We have added a HIPAA-compliant chat feature that allows your internal and external team members to communicate and collaborate easily and securely.

Moreover, the software also sends an automatic notification via SMS and email for each action performed by the team members – to all the associated team members.

The best part is that – the receiver can reply directly from the email itself, which automatically reflects into the software.

Healthcare communication and collaboration

Read our useful resource on: HIPAA compliant texting app

8. Task Management

Using it, you can easily assign, edit, and manage the tasks of your internal and external team members.

And there is a dashboard from which you can see all the tasks you have assigned to your team members and their status.

In fact, there is a chat box from where your team members can communicate in case of any doubt regarding tasks.

HIPAA-compliant task management
Live demo CTA

How Do We Guarantee Data Privacy and Security in our HIPAA-Compliant Project Management solution?

Being a healthcare-specific IT company, we prioritize data privacy and security over any other tasks.

And here is how we offer a high level of security in HIPAA-compliant project management software.

  • It is hosted on a HIPAA-compliant cloud.
  • An extra layer of security with two-factor authentication.
  • HIPAA-compliant chat messaging app for patients, internal, and external teams.
  • The third-party APIs we have used are also HIPAA-compliant.
  • User permission management to control usage access of patients, healthcare professionals, vendors, etc.
  • Performed penetration testing (also known as pen testing) to identify and fix all the vulnerabilities 
  • HIPAA compliant documentation

What Makes Our solution to HIPAA Compliant Project Management Software the Best in the Market?

The reason is – its functionalities.

And here, we have listed the most important ones.

1. It is customizable software

In case you have customization requirements (be it features, workflows or functionalities), you can also customize our solution.

2. It is specifically designed for the healthcare industry

Unlike other software in the market, our solution is not a jack of all trades.

Because in healthcare, such general-purpose products (SaaS solutions) don't carry out the value that an organization strives for.

3. It comes up with multi-user architecture

Means, separate portals for the master admin, his/her internal team members, external users and their associates too. 

For a better understanding, explore the below image.

HIPAA compliant project management software architecture

The Unspoken Truth behind the Pricing Structure of Third-Party Project Management Software

As a healthcare IT company, we are familiar with how SaaS products are stealing money from healthcare organizations.

They follow pay-per-user on a monthly and yearly based pricing model.

And this business model costs healthcare settings a lot of money.

At the same time, it doesn't fulfill their respective operational needs.

(For example, they charge a minimum of $10/month/user for basic features. So, if you have a team of 20+ healthcare professionals, you’ll end up paying $200/month for simple features).

In fact, it is like Netflix. 

The moment you stop paying – the next minute you’ll not be able to use their product.

But Our Pricing Model for HIPAA Compliant Project Management Solution Delivers Peace of Mind (and yes, the Highest ROI too!)

We want our clients to enjoy the solution. Do not be stuck into the monthly or yearly pricing loops.

With us, you’ll acquire HIPAA-compliant project management software without a subscription!

You just need to pay one-time licensing fees.

And with that, you’ll get lifetime usage rights.

Above all, there is no restriction on the users. An unlimited number of users (patient, caregiver, provider, admin staff) can use it.

How Do We Reduce the Time-to-Market of HIPAA-Compliant Project Management Software?

If there is no customization need:

The solution is ready.

You just need to fill up the contact form.

We’ll give you a live demo of the solution within 2 to 4 hours along with its cost.

If there is a customization need:

You just need to mention your requirements in the contact form.

We’ll connect with you over a video call with an execution plan.

And the developers who have built this product will work as your extended team.

They will do customization on top of the solution base – as per your needs.

And since the product is ready, it’ll not take weeks to perform it.

Talking about customization cost, well, it’ll be nominal hourly-based development fees. 

The end result will be – you’ll get the product (that is customized) within a few days.

Besides, complete control over the software as we host the software on your own server!


FAQs about HIPAA Compliant Project Management Software

1. Are there any hidden costs associated with the solution?

There are no hidden costs, plans, or packages. Just ultimate transparency.

Because we don’t believe in selling solution.

Instead, we strive to sell clinical experience and peace of mind (whether it's about features or costs).

2. Can I purchase the source code?

Yes. Why not!

But, the source code ownership will cost you nearly around custom development.

So, we recommend you first try the product for almost 6 to 9 months.

Because it’ll help you evaluate the performance and outcome of the software.

And if it suits you, you can purchase the source code in the future. 

For now, we will host the solution on your server so that you will also have a certain level of control and peace of mind. 

3. What is the importance of HIPAA-compliant project management software?

It’s become more important than ever to perform both clinical and business operations securely and efficiently.

Otherwise, you’ll be trapped in the endless loop of legal challenges – and hefty fines too!

To avoid such a mess, it is important to use HIPAA-compliant project management software.

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