Dental Practice Management Software: Features, Pricing & Demo

1 year ago

We are a healthcare-specific IT company.

We have been entertaining the healthcare industry for the past 8+ years.

And if you are planning to make your dental practices faster and more efficient with high ROI, this blog is for you.

We have an ideal solution as dental practice management software.

It is a ready-to-use solution that you can customize as per your unique needs.

And in this blog, we have shared everything about it.

But before jumping into that, let us share the real-screen images of it.

Dental practice management software

An overview of dental practice management software

It is a web-based or cloud-based practice management software for dentists.

This means – no installation is needed. You can use it from any device or any browser.

Apart from that,

  • It is HIPAA, PHIPA and PIPEDA-compliant dental practice management software.
  • It comes up with no-code capabilities.
  • It has multi-user architecture (a separate portal for patients and your internal and external team).
  • You can also customize it according to your needs.
  • It has a HIPAA compliant chat messaging feature.

The unique functionality of our solution to dental practice management software

Our solution is similar to ready-to-use software.

The only difference here is – you can customize it according to your needs.

And there is no limitation to it. 

In other words – you have 360° freedom over its customization.

These unique needs may include,

  • Features and functionality
  • Branding 
  • Compliance 
  • Workflow and usability
  • UI/UX

What are the no-code capabilities of dentist practice management software?

In simple terms – you can configure the workflow of the software as per your need.

And you can perform it without any coding knowledge.

For a better understanding, let us give you an example.

Imagine a scenario where you want to create a medication tracker for a patient, provider and caregivers.

The purpose is to – let each of them manage the medication plan (including refills).

With our solution to dental practice management software, you just need to follow 6 simple steps.

In the first 5 steps, you just have to select preferences and add information.

Once it is done, the final step is to validate all the information as shown in the below image.

Configure new checklist in dental practice management software

This entire process takes less than 5 minutes – thanks to the no-code capabilities of our solution to practice management software for dental offices.

Top features of dental practice management software

From patient to your finance practices, you can get everything in one place.

However, here, we have listed some of the most important features.

But if you want to explore all of them – just fill up the contact form.

We’ll get back to you in less than 6 hours with a live product demo.

So, let’s explore its features.

1. HIPAA compliant document management

You can add and manage all the documents related to your patient and internal and external staff.

But what’s more important – you can set an expiry notification for each document.

This helps patients and team members to never miss out on upgrading important documents.

HIPAA compliant document management

Besides, you can also view the complete activity logs regarding each document

Document activity logs in our dentist practice management solution

2. Manage internal and external user task

This feature simply lets you create, assign, and manage the task related to your practices such as –

  • Medication tracker
  • Patient onboarding and discharging
  • Document management
  • Asset and inventory management

Besides, it also allows you to collaborate with the assigned task member which initially helps you improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Manage internal and external user task

3. Faster and secure communication

This is one of the best features of dental practice management software.

What’s so special about it is that – it is HIPAA compliant.

Means, you don’t need to worry about the data privacy and security of the communication.

Faster and secure communication in dental practice management software

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4. Internal team allocation for patients

You can allocate an internal staff to your patient in just one simple step.

You just need to select the ideal staff member from the list of available team members.

Besides, you can also input some additional information related to it.

Internal team allocation for patients

5. Notification management

You can set an automated notification for almost every – upcoming, completed and need-to-be-done event or activity.

It may include –

  • Medication reminder
  • Contract expiry
  • Document expiry

But what makes it unique is that – you can set your own content for the notification.

Notification management

6. Inventory management

This is another feature of our solution for dentist practice management software.

You can literally view and manage your assets and inventory from one single place.

Explore its features in more detail with our guide on – hospital inventory management software.

Inventory management

Apart from that, the following are other features of it.

  • Patient portal
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Service and product listing
  • Advanced permission management
  • Online appointment booking
  • Calendar and scheduling
  • ePrescription and medical notes
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Vendor management
  • Contract management
  • User management

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Why is our solution best compared to custom dental practice management software?

No doubt, custom solutions give total flexibility over the product.

Because it is built from the scratch as per your requirements.

However, it requires almost $100,000+ investment and a minimum of 4 months of time-to-window.

So, not every dentist can invest such time and money.

But with our solution to dental practice management software, you can acquire such flexibility for 70% less investment.

Because the product is ready.

You can start your dental practice management right away.

But in case you have customization needs, we just need to do some coding on top of the ready-made base.

And it’ll take a few days. Not weeks.

Thus, it’ll cut down almost 70% cost and time-to-market.

This way, you’ll get practice management software for dental offices with flexibility like a custom.

How does our solution for dental clinic practice management software outsmart third-party solutions?

There are multiple loopholes in SaaS products such as –

  • You are not the owner of the software.
  • No flexibility in customization
  • No surety whether it is compliant or not
  • They don’t offer you the software with your branding.
  • You’ll get a product that is built for everyone. Not for you.
  • It gives you zero flexibility and transparency in usage.

And the biggest drawback is – its pricing.

They follow a monthly and yearly-based pricing model.

Such a pricing structure is affordable for the short term. Not for the long term.

Besides, it works like a Netflix subscription plan.

The moment you stop paying – the next moment you’ll lose software access.

On top of that, you have to pay extra for each feature you want to use.

But with our solution to dental practice management software, you’ll not get stuck in such loopholes.

The unique pricing structure of our solution to practice management software for dental offices

This is something that we are proud of.

Because, unlike third-party software, we don’t follow a monthly and yearly pricing structure.

Here – you just need to pay one-time licensing fees.

Yes. Just one-time!

With that, you’ll get –

  • Lifetime usage rights
  • No limitations on users. You can use it with unlimited users.
  • We’ll host the software on your own server.
  • Your own branded practice management solution.

Talking about customization, well, you can do it with your own in-house development team.

But in case you don’t have technical experts, we are here for you.

The developers (who have built this product) will work as your extended team.

And the development fee will be nominal.

Rather say – you’ll need to pay a development fee based on the number of hours – our team will spend on coding as per your customization needs.

You can integrate our dentist practice management solution with any of your preferred health tech software

Integration is the key –

  • To improve operational efficiency 
  • To streamline workflows
  • To lower the repetitive task
  • To enhance patient safety and overall care experience
  • To save time and cost

You can integrate any tech solution you want with dental practice management software.

It may include – 

And that’s the best thing.

Because it helps you improve the performance of your dental practices along with ROI.

However, this integration is complex, especially for those who are not healthcare-specific IT professionals.

Because they are not familiar with how to achieve interoperability standards.

It is the ability of the two systems to exchange or transfer data precisely and seamlessly.

Means, if there is any lack of interoperability, it will result in high numbers of manual errors.

But with us, you don’t need to worry about it.

We have a dedicated team of integration experts who have been performing health tech integration since the first day of their professional careers!

How does dental practice management software improve clinical practices? 

A traditional practice comes up with tons of paperwork that consume a lot of time and effort.

Furthermore, with a manual process, there is a high possibility of errors which is costlier for you and life-threatening for the patients.

But with dentist practice management software, you can avoid the hassle of paperwork and errors.

What’s more, you can easily manage several administrative and business-related tasks in one place.

For instance, 

From patient and provider management to communication and inventory management, you can manage every small task just using a single software.

This way, it saves your valuable time and ensures high operational efficiency.

Want to know more about our solution to dental practice management software? Here is the process!

There are two ways.

You need to follow these steps if you have no customization needs.

1. Fill up the contact form.

2. We’ll reach out to you in 2 to 4 hours with a live demo on a video call.

3. We’ll tell you its pricing.

4. If it suits you, we’ll host it on your server.

But in case, you have customization requirements – you just need to follow the below steps.

1. Fill up the contact form by adding your requirements.

2. We’ll review it and connect with you in 2 to 4 hours.

3. We’ll give you a timeline of the customization along with a cost estimation.

4. Our team will perform the customization.

5. Once it is done, we’ll perform QA testing and a compliance audit.

6. Before hosting it on your server, we’ll give you a live demo of it.


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