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9 months ago

You should know this,

  • 80-90% of apps launched in App Stores are uninstalled just after a single-use
  • 77% of users who install an app uninstall it within the first 3 days of usage

No, we aren’t trying to scare you.

As a mobile app development company in Toronto, we are trying to warn you.

You may also be stuck in such a miserable situation if you choose just another tech expert for mobile app development in Canada.

So, in this blog, we have shared everything you need to know about mobile app development in Toronto and Canada so that you can select the best tech experts for your app idea.

What is An Ideal Definition of Successful Mobile App Development?

Theoretically, an app that offers unique value, superb usability, excellent performance, and accessibility is more likely to succeed. 

But practically, the app with great UI/UX, easy navigation, hand-picked feature set, military-grade security, reliable workflow, simplicity, and sustainability is more likely to be successful. 

Remember, we do not want you to focus on development but

  • Think about the users
  • Think about the compliances
  • Think about the regular app updates with new features

And most importantly, think about the mobile app milestones!

Once you accomplish it, there is nothing that can stop you from becoming successful.

Why is Security a Primary Concern For Your App?

Secure apps are what users and governments want! 

Mobile app security statistics

A secure mobile app is nothing more than the app itself with strict app access control and data security measures. 

However, its implementation is highly difficult to perform, but not for a mobile app development company in Toronto like us!

We accommodate a dedicated team of security experts who carry out a security audit to determine the app’s security loopholes and help the development team implement the right security solutions. 

Why Should You Address Mobile App Development Laws? How Do We Help With That? 

Compliance is one of the biggest challenges.

Because if you see, most developers are generally unaware of the applicable laws, rather say –  they lack the expertise to develop an app that obeys all compliance laws. 

Talking specifically for Canada, all mobile apps that collect, use, or disclose the personal data of the users should adhere to federal law, PIPEDA, imposed by the Canadian federal government.  

PIPEDA governs data collection, usage, and sharing practices and ensures data privacy. 

If your app is found non-compliant with PIPEDA, you will be liable for a fine of up to $100,000. 

Talking about us, well, we do not consider ourselves the top mobile app development company in Toronto.

However, accommodate the team of compliance experts who can be part of your app's success by helping developers decode the mobile app laws and regulations and implement those in the app.

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The Huge Importance of Small Observations and Thorough Testing in Mobile App Development 

Users first install the mobile app and then use it for a specific purpose. 

And there are multiple factors that impact the user engagement time and overall app experience.

For example, 

The precise app UI helps users satisfy their objectives very conveniently. 

However, a poor app UI makes it very difficult for a user to navigate app pages or find the app features he is looking for. 

As you can see in the following image, the first example of app UI does not drive the user journey forward because of reading and understanding the menu options. 

Simultaneously, the second example of the app UI facilitates users to perform tasks conveniently with a straightforward menu options view. 

Mobile app development UI

The following are other great examples of the best mobile app UI that is designed by our highly-skilled UI/UX designers for telemedicine apps.

  • Home page 

We designed it in such a way that most 3 possible purposes of the users can be satisfied instantly. 

These 3 purposes are – search for telemedicine services, appointment management, and ePrescription solutions.

Telemedicine app home page
  • Profile page 

Here, a user gets most of what he is looking for.

From appointments to document management and education to real-time chat support.

Telemedicine app profile page
  • Activity tracker 

Our white-label telemedicine app has an in-built daily health and activity tracker.

This helps patients to be aware of their overall health and stay motivated.

Activity tracker in telemedicine app

Take a Look at the Success Story of Three Mobile Apps in Toronto

The following are some of the Canadian-made successful mobile apps.

1. Transit App: 

This is one of the best public transit applications available in Canada which is known for its simplicity and accuracy. 

The way it shows multiple information about several transit options on a single app screen even with the large fonts is the perfect example of a precisely-designed app UI. 

Few reasons behind its success

  • Excellent app UI 
  • Real information with high accuracy 
  • Solve the real problem 
Transit App

2. Flipp

Flipp was designed with a single goal, to make shopping fun again. 

The most unique feature of the Flipp app is that it allows users to search local flier deals and coupons by item, brand, or category. 

It also claims that users can save up to 20-50% on items using its app. 

Few reasons behind its success

  • Transparency 
  • User-centric 
  • Feature-Rich 
  • Offer value 
Flipp App

3. 1Password 

1Password is a very useful app in today’s era when individuals have multiple online accounts on different websites with different passwords. 

The app helps users to manage their multiple passwords in one place.

It stores all passwords in a secure place and with tags available, users can easily find the password of any of their online accounts. 

Reason behind its success:

  • Security Promise 

Top Five Trending Mobile App Development Ideas in Canada

As a mobile app development company in Toronto, we thoroughly understand every ins and outs of the mobile app market.

Because we have a dedicated team of business analysts who keep their bull eyes open on this highly fluctuating market.

Following is the list of trending mobile apps in Canada.

1. Mental health app

In any given year, 1 in 5 Canadians experiences a mental illness! (Source)

Mental health illness is rising not in just Canada but also the USA.

However, a mental health app has the potential to bring peace of mind to patients with mental health illnesses.

From emotional wellness and addiction recovery to meditation and therapy, mental health apps are truly helping patients with any mental health needs.

Talkspace, Headspace, Hapify, and Maple are a few examples of mental health apps in Canada.

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2. Telemedicine app

Telemedicine is rapidly growing in almost every market.

Be it North America or Europe, it is truly making healthcare accessible for everyone.

Because it allows patients to connect with qualified healthcare providers over chat, voice, or video conferencing in real-time.

And that’s the reason, its market is booming right now.

As per Grand View Research, its market size was valued at $83.5 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $455.3 billion by 2030!

CTA for telehealth

3. Automotive repair app 

The automotive industry has the least number of successful mobile apps. 

Meaning, there is very little competition and it is easy to reach break-even points quickly. 

An automotive repair app aims to automate tasks related to repair auto shop management. 

It is equipped with useful features such as point of sale, invoicing, estimation, and history of the automobile. 

4. On-demand handyman app 

People nowadays seem fond of on-demand services. 

This unique model of service delivery costs less and offers convenience to the people. 

The on-demand handyman app connects handymen with users who want to get some work done in their homes. 

Furthermore, the user can book an appointment, chat with or call him, and pay the service charges very painlessly from the app itself. 

5. Uber for trucking 

There is cutthroat competition in the logistics business and thus, it is crucial to get a competitive edge. 

The Uber for Trucking app streamlines the majority of processes in the logistics industry, especially the sales process. 

It enables individuals or companies to book the logistics service, track shipments, and make payments. 

Moreover, it also helps logistics companies to increase efficiency and productivity, eliminate manual work, and track & monitor every small movement of the trucks. 

How to Make Money From the Mobile App?

The app monetization strategy largely relies on the app type and market. 

However, there are three major ways all apps make money. 

1. Freemium Model 

Freemium is the most widely used mobile app monetization model. 

Under the freemium model, users can access a limited number of app features for free and need to pay a fee for using other premium services and features.

2.  Subscription Model 

Under the subscription model, users select any subscription plan according to their preferences and pay a fixed weekly, monthly, or yearly fee whether or not they use the app. 

3. In-app advertising

Advertising is the most basic yet commercially successful monetization strategy. 

Under this strategy, the app sells its online space to other companies that publish their company ads on the app. 

However, it severely affects the user experience in case you put a large number and irrelevant ads.

How Do Mobile Apps Automate Business Processes?

As you see, most of the businesses perform their day-to-day operations manually.

A manual process doesn’t just longers working hours but also increases errors which eventually affect customer experience and overall business performance. 

But with mobile app development, you can automate many business processes with its ability to perform repetitive tasks automatically rather say – helping employees to speed up time-consuming business operations without worrying about manual errors.

A successful mobile app can automate, 

Automation in mobile apps

For example, the doctor appointment booking app can automate the entire appointment booking and management process for both patients and doctors.

Using it, users can book, rebook, and cancel the appointment with a single tap. 

What’s more, the app gives automatic reminders via SMS and email for upcoming appointments. 

Businesses can also manage their appointments from a single dashboard. 

This is how it eliminates the manual appointment booking and management process. 

If you want to automate complex business processes, we have a highly skilled team of app developers and RPA engineers.

They have extensive experience and expertise in elevating automation with a mobile app to the next level with the use of – robotic process automation, AI, and intelligent process automation. 

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Successful Mobile App Development is not Just About Coding!

Yes, You read it right.

Multiple other crucial aspects also need close attention just as coding.

Technologies, security, compliance, business model, feature set, market research and marketing plan are some of the zero-tolerance areas for successful mobile application development. 

Any small goof-up here can spoil your entire business plan and dream!

We are not only a mobile app development company in Toronto but we also eliminate business and compliance concerns like no one else can do.

Our team studies the market assesses your requirements and prepares detailed technical and business documentation for your app. 

The technical documentation includes, 

  • Technologies your app should work on 
  • Platform your app should be developed on
  • App workflow  
  • App security measures 
  • Feature-set implementation 

The business plan includes, 

  • High ROI best practices
  • Profitable business model 
  • Market research 
  • Feature-set 
  • Top user groups and their characteristics 
  • Marketing strategy 

Your Decision Might Hold On to A Question: How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile App in Toronto?

Now you know that mobile app development is not just limited to the coding part.

Similarly, its cost is also not limited to one factor.

There are several segments that not just influence the cost but also time.

It includes,

  • Technologies requirements
  • Mobile or web app
  • Number of features and their complexity
  • Workflow needs
  • Compliance requirements
  • Design requirements

Meaning, it fully depends on you that what you like to offer and how much you like to offer.

Hence, rather than just giving random numbers, we don’t want to mislead you.

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