How to reduce paperwork in Ontario long-term care homes to free up overburdened frontline warriors?

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For family members of LTC home residents, we are terribly wrong at defining the priority! 

According to the National Post, Canada is closing in on 50000 known coronavirus cases and more than 2700 casualties. But the heartbreaking real claim is that long-term care homes account for 79% of deaths.  

One of the ways to reduce the number of coronavirus deaths in LTC homes is to free up staff members by reducing paperwork so that they can give more hours to senior care. It is the mutual responsibility of both the government and LTC homes.  

Canadian government response to LTC homes and LTC home staff

Though countless reports including a report of Canada’s National Observer claim that politicians woke up late to the LTC home problems, the government has recently aided LTC homes and LTC frontline warriors exceptionally. 

  • Recently, the federal government has released a guideline for LTC homes. This is the voluntary guideline that includes limitations of visitors and proactive screening of healthcare workers working in LTC homes. You can read the full guideline here
  • Marguerite Blais who is responsible for seniors and informal caregivers in Quebec announced $133 million as the added funding for LTC homes. 
  • The Ontario government is spending $243 million on screening, personal protective equipment, and infection control measures in nursing homes. 
  • Recently, Doug Ford announced that they are giving $4 premium on frontline warriors’ pay for the next 16 weeks to thank them. 

Long term care homes response to LTC staff 

After working closely with many Ontario-based long-term care homes, I strongly believe that  If anything LTC homes can do for LTC staff, it should be centralized to the most challenging task of the staff – paperwork! 

Here is the complete guide to reducing paperwork in Ontario long-term care homes.  

The simplest, fastest, and affordable way to reduce paperwork in Ontario long-term care homes is to modernize or digitize the LTC home facility. 

However, LTC home modernization is not a process, it is a journey in which you have to travel along with IT experts, trained staff, residents, IT tools, and the most fundamental one – the Internet. 

➣ Destination 1: Hire IT experts 

It is a rational idea for LTC homes to not shoulder the additional burden while they are already overwhelmed due to COVID-19. 

Instead, they should hire an IT management and consulting firm which plans, designs, deploys and manages the modern LTC IT infrastructure. This practice saves LTC home’s time and money. 

➣ Destination 2: Deploy the virtual care tool 

The virtual care tool plays an important role to reduce paperwork. It brings physicians, nurses, DOC, residents under the same roof, virtually. 

From medical history to the status of senior care tasks, everything can be saved and accessed digitally. A virtual care tool also enables virtual visits between physicians, residents and their family members. 

However, a virtual care tool should be PHIPA compliant to ensure the data privacy of residents. 

Read our dedicated blog to know more about the virtual care tool. 

🠮 Destination 2.1: Train the staff to navigate new technology 

The benefits of an LTC home can derive by modernizing the facility depends on how well staff can navigate new technology. Thus, staff training is vitally important. It is hired IT experts’ call to provide on-site or virtual staff training. 

➣ Destination 3: Ensure the uninterrupted Internet 

The Internet is the foundation of modern LTC homes. Without high-speed Internet and uninterrupted access, all IT elements are useless, and online senior care operations remain a fantasy. 

Setting up a robust network infrastructure in LTC homes includes many networking hardware, its proper configuration, and a workable remote network establishment strategy due to the visit ban in LTC homes. 

Here is the complete read to know, how to set up Wi-Fi remotely in Ontario LTC homes.  

➣ Destination 4: Maximize the uptime 

LTC home staff should downgrade to offline paper-based processes if the network shows errors and the LTC home lacks the resources to fix it quickly. 

Here is where the network support team plays its role. This team has only one job to perform – monitor the network to ensure the high availability of networking hardware and solve the errors quickly to maximize the uptime. 

Let’s connect to build an army of tech-enabled frontline warriors 

We are Ontario-based one of the top IT management and consulting firms. Along with my teams of network engineers, security experts, and developers, I have been solving the challenges of many LTC homes.  

The collaborative approach between government, LTC homes, and IT experts should flourish during this ongoing healthcare crisis. We as the IT experts help the government indirectly to put their declared funds to good use in LTC facilities. 

Let’s schedule a virtual meeting to find out new purposeful ways to reduce paperwork in LTC homes or utilize the discovered technologies to rapidly reduce paperwork. 

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