Increase Human Productivity and Machine Uptime by 67% With IT Services in Toronto

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This is going to be an eye-opening experience. This will reveal where you lack and where your competitors win. 

What Is the Secret of Business Success? 

Let me share two real business stories. 

There was a local entrepreneur who bought 5 different cars and started a taxi business. To run his 5 taxis, he hired 10 drivers. He kept a major resource-sensitive task – vehicle maintenance – on his shoulder. He ended up experiencing negative growth. 

There was another entrepreneur who started the same taxi business but mastered the resource management and kept major resource-sensitive tasks on drivers’ shoulders. As a result, the company focused more on core business and experienced hypergrowth. 

Resource management is the secret of success for any kind of business!

How to Master Resource Management? 

By offloading time-consuming and tedious tasks to experts, enterprises can free up hours for their staff which they can put on core business. This practice starts showing results from the first month. Benefits include high productivity, high uptime, low human-resource costs,  and ultimate customer satisfaction. 

We are one such Burlington-based IT experts who enable you to attain productivity and system uptime goals. In other words, we make you master IT resource management. We address each of your IT requirements with a dedicated team that provides on-site and remote support. 

List of Our IT Services in Toronto: IT Resource Management Made Easy 

Considering the different IT needs of different organizations, we provide many IT services in Toronto. 

1) IT Management 

This single IT service eases your multiple IT pains. A dedicated team oversees all issues related to IT operations and IT resources within your organization. 

This team includes Hardware Technicians, Network Administrators, Business Analyst, IT Project Manager, and System Engineers. 

The major responsibilities of this team are, 

  • Computer System Deployment & Management
  • IT Operations Planning, Execution and Evaluation 
  • IT Staff Management 
  • Plan and Implement Policies and Procedures 
  • Creating Backup Systems
  • Planning and Execution of Security Tactics 
  • Problematic Areas Identification and Solution Discovery 
  • IT Budget Planning and Handling 

2) Server Deployment and Maintenance 

To ensure high data availability and security, servers play an important role. But server deployment and its maintenance is a major pain. Our dedicated server engineers assess your requirements and then design, setup & maintain cloud, on-premises or hybrid servers. 

  • Server Assessment & Planning 
  • Server Hardware and Software Purchasing
  • Server Deployment and Structured Wiring 
  • Server Security
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Data Backups 
  • Server Monitoring and Maintenance 

We support multiple server types such as Windows & Linux Server, Office Networking Server, Office Collaboration Server, Business Email Server, and VPN & Remote Access Server. 

3) Network Deployment and Monitoring 

Uninterrupted internet access is a fundamental requirement for any organization. However, setting up an enterprise network is much different and complex than setting up the home network! 

  • Network Assessment
  • Wired & Wireless Network Setup 
  • Network Setup for Data Centre
  • Remote Access VPN and Site-To-Site VPN
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Content Filtering 
  • Guest Access 
  • Network Firewall Deployment 
  • Wireless Mesh Network 
  • Software-Defined Networking
  • TLS (Transparent LAN Service)
  • Network Monitoring & Support 

4) Cloud Services 

Organizations are switching to cloud infrastructure to gain a competitive edge and derive multiple benefits related to costs, scalability, reliability, business continuity, and flexibility. Our cloud services include, 

  • Cloud Infrastructure with IaaS, PaaS, SaaS Delivery Models 
  • Cloud Networking 
  • Cloud Migration 
  • Cloud Backup 
  • Cloud Security 
  • Hybrid Cloud Setup 
  • Cloud Monitoring and Maintenance 

You can know more about our cloud services by visiting our dedicated page on cloud managed services

5) Endpoint Management 

An organization has multiple endpoints (laptops, PCs, mobile phones).  Managing these many endpoints while ensuring the security of each endpoint is the major concern for organizations. We simplify endpoint management with the Unified Endpoint Management technique. 

  • Endpoints Assessments 
  • Endpoints Installation and Configuration 
  • Vendor Management 
  • Ongoing Endpoints Support 
  • Endpoints Security 

6) Business Collaboration Infrastructure 

It is a need of the hour to own a proper business collaboration infrastructure that brings all remote teams, stakeholders and even in-house teams under one roof virtually. Sending and receiving faxes seamlessly is also an urgent requirement of any organization. Our business collaboration service takes care of, 

7) On-Demand or Ongoing IT Support 

IT systems can anytime start behaving abnormally. In such a scenario, the sudden maneuver is needed. IT Support Engineers act quickly and professionally in the event of system error to ensure high system uptime. 

We provide, 

  • On-Demand IT Support 
  • 24/7 IT Support 
  • 9-5 IT Support 
  • Instant Phone Support 
  • On-Site IT Support 

What values are we delivering to our customers in Canada? 

To know what we have delivered based on our values, you can read our case studies that will make you feel confident about our services. 

  • Unique Solution for Each Customer 

We work with the firm belief to develop a unique service delivery solution and plan for all customers as a common approach does not fit everywhere. 

  • Dedicated Expert for Each IT Challenge 

We don’t try to be the jack of all trades. For every IT challenge, we accommodate dedicated IT  experts. 

  • On-Site and Remote Service Delivery and Support 

Our headquarter is an hour’s drive away from downtown Toronto. Thus, we are able to provide on-site service delivery and support as well as remote service delivery and support. 

  • Cost-Effectiveness 

We’ve tied up with both premium and affordable IT vendors. This makes you able to choose your preferred delivery model according to your budget and requirements. 

  • Free Insightful IT Consultation 

We welcome you with free insightful consultation from one of the senior IT experts.

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