Canada’s Best Telemedicine For Cardiologist Web/App Solution

1 year ago

Dr. Eric, who is a cardiologist, attends the clinic on Friday afternoon. 

He goes into his office, turns on the tablet, opens the telecardiology app, and logs into it. 

The patient with chronic heart disease is waiting on the other side - from the comfort of his home

His patient does not need to take a day off from work or travel miles to the clinic. 

And most importantly, he is at the safest place (home) - considering the COVID-19 outbreak. 

These actually are the benefits of choosing telecardiology over in-person visits. 

So, are you in? Do you want to ensure continuity of care and zero chances of virus exposure? 

We can help you with our telemedicine for cardiologists mobile and web-based solution. 

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Revealing Canada’s best telemedicine solution developed by Canadian developers 

We are an Ontario-based healthcare-focused IT company. 

We proactively work only in the healthcare industry and with healthcare providers, healthcare startups and enterprises. 

After working closely with cardiologists and understanding their clinical workflows, we have earned a mastership in developing a telemedicine mobile and web app for virtual cardiology. 

The following are the screenshots of our white-label telemedicine app for hospitals which we customize according to the unique needs of cardiologists. 

White label telehealth app

Know pricing, features and other crucial information of our white-label telemedicine solution

However, we don’t just provide white-label telemedicine apps. We also develop custom and clone telemedicine apps of popular apps such Maple, Babylon, Akira. 

The working of our telemedicine for cardiologist app 

This is what matters the most as telemedicine for cardiology in 2021 should not be just about video calls! 

Telemedicine in cardiology

Following is how our telemedicine solution streamlines the entire patient care cycle. 

Appointment booking: 

  • The patient can book an appointment with the cardiologist (you). 
  • You can book the appointment on behalf of your discharged patient or new patient. 
  • The primary care provider refers his patient to you. 

(No matter from which medium you receive the appointment request, you can always find details of all appointments in one place - your dashboard.) 

Video consultation: 

  • On scheduled appointment time, you and your patient can join the secure video call with just a single click. 
  • You can prepare the personalized pre-visit questionnaire for the patient which they have to answer manually or select from pre-listed answers. 
  • You have access to all medical data of your patients due to EHR/EMR integration with the telemedicine platform you are using.  
  • To manage your multiple patients at the same time, you can create a virtual waiting room. 
  • You can write the medical note while having a call with your patient. 
  • You can invite a patient's primary care provider and caregivers on the same video consultation. 
  • You can write the lab or medical referrals. 

Prescribing the patient: 

  • You can search for the drugs from the built-in drug directory. 
  • You can write the ePrescription within the app itself. 
  • The patient can select the preferred pharmacy to get the medication. 
  • The patient can also select between pick up or doorstep delivery of medication. 
  • The prescription gets stored automatically under the digital bundle of individual patients. 
  • Authorized persons including patients and their family doctors can anytime download prescriptions, medical notes, referral notes etc in PDF format. 


  • If a patient has a valid health card, you can submit the claim with billing code and diagnostic code to the health ministry from the app itself. 
  • If a patient is uninsured, he has to pay you. He can make payments from the app’s payment module using several payment methods. 

In case, you still have doubts, watch this video. 

How does our telecardiology app help cardiologists?

American College of Cardiology writes in one of its articles, “We have to get away from the idea that the only way to take care of patients is see them in the office or in the hospital."

The following are the top benefits of telecardiology. 

  • Rapid care 

Within minutes, the patients can book a virtual appointment with the cardiologist and have a video consultation. 

  • Remote and safe care 

It eliminates the need for both patients and cardiologists to share the same roof. They can talk from anywhere in the world. And this reduces the chances of virus transmission. 

  • Affordable care 

Telemedicine saves many hours of waiting and the cost of travelling. And since telemedicine is covered under OHIP, MSP and AHCIP, it is free for patients covered by any of these health cards. 

  • Quick follow-ups 

Many times, follow-ups do not require a physical meeting. 

With automatic reminders for follow-up and easy access to patients’ medical records and medical notes of all previous consultations, telemedicine promotes patients’ journey to recovery. 

  • Easy cardiovascular diseases diagnosis 

Be it arrhythmias, aorta disease, coronary artery disease or pericardial disease, the cardiologists can easily diagnose the patients, thanks to the integration of an IoT-based heart monitoring system with a telemedicine app. 

  • Better coordination between GPs and secondary care providers 

Telecardiology provides diagnostic support for GPs. And if needed, GPs can refer patients to specialists with easy-to-generate and semi-automated referral notes. 

Specialists can provide virtual care to patients from the same platform and after seeing the patients, they can submit the report to the GPs from the telemedicine app itself. 

This way, it completely optimizes the referral-consultation process! 

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How does a remote cardiac monitoring system integrated with telemedicine apps benefit you? 

The major limitation of telecardiology is that it still requires some sort of physical contact while measuring the vital signs of the patient's heart. 

But if you integrate a remote cardiac monitoring system with your platform, that monitoring system measures the vital signs by itself and shares the data with your platform in real-time. 

So, with this, you can easily know the current status of the patient's heart without manually checking it or asking the caretaker to check it. 

The major benefit of such an integrated system is that cardiologists can also access historic heart data of patients and with this, they can easily find the patterns. 

This results in the early detection of many severe heart diseases. 

Canada’s top hospital based in NL is running a remote cardiac device monitoring program. Watch this video to know more. 

How can we help cardiologists? Know our skillset  with our telemedicine case study 

We recently helped a team of Ontario-based healthcare professionals who wanted to develop a telemedicine platform. 

Their major requirements were, 

  • A local technology company that can understand the Canadian healthcare system
  • A HIPAA/PHIPA/PIPEDA compliant telemedicine platform 
  • EHR/EMR integration 
  • OHIP-covered televisits 
  • Built-in online referral system 

We addressed each requirement with our earned expertise in the Canadian healthcare sector. 

We helped them with not only the development part. But with compliance and business too.  

Because, we are just limited to Canadian healthcare and with industry-specific knowledge, there is nothing in healthcare that is impossible for us. 

You can read the full case study here